Monday, February 22, 2010

Clay Aiken's TNT Stirs Excitement

TRIED AND TRUE EXCITEMENT - The banner by LovesClaysVoice trumpets the anticipation for Clay Aiken's March 12 PBS special taping and world premiere of songs from the TNT album. Press CTRL and click on photo to enlarge the banner in another tab.

PBS Special Benefits Inclusion Project

PBS Taping To Premiere 'TNT'

The fact that tracks from "Clay Aiken: Tried and True" will receive world premiere status in a live performance to be taped March 12 in Raleigh, NC, is naturally the lead topic on the singer's fan boards.

The much-anticipated PBS Special of the singer's upcoming album with Decca Records, nicknamed "TNT" by fans, is also a hot topic all over the Internet.

For example, Skope Mag ran this article last week:


Clay Aiken will hit the stage for a special one night only concert at the Memorial Auditorium in his hometown, Raleigh, NC on Friday, March 12. The singer is promising fans an exciting 2010 with this special one night performance being just the beginning.

The performer extraordinaire is gearing up for the release of his new album, "Clay Aiken: Tried and True." The special concert, which will be taped for television, is the world premiere live performance of his forthcoming album being released on Decca this Spring.

Among the many sites advertising the PBS Special taping are Go Go Raleigh, Wake County Local News, International Media on Facebook, countless blogs, even the National Inclusion Project.

Five VIP packages are being auctioned on eBay with 100% of the proceeds furthering the mission of the National Inclusion Project. In return, winning bidders will experience the taping's dress rehearsal, take a guided tour of the backstage area, have an exclusive Q&A with Clay, and receive two tickets to the live performance.

UPDATE: Bidding for the five VIP packages ended Tuesday and will yield $36,500 for the National Inclusion Project. The package finals were as follows:

1. $9,100.00
2. $6,700.00
3. $6,600.00
4. $6,700.00
5. $7,200.00

TOTAL: $36,500

General admission tickets for the March 12 taping of Clay's PBS special are on sale at Ticketmaster.

Although the Clay Aiken pages at Decca are still in the works, fans can stream videos from previous albums at the Media link.

TWWMAD Disperses Concert Tickets
It's important that I make a difference in some way. It's not necessarily how I make a difference, but I want to make sure that I do. - Clay Aiken

Inspired by the singer they follow, fans at The Way We Make a Difference have served as a conduit for dispersing donated tickets since 2004, enabling countless individuals and groups attend Clay Aiken events.

The organization's history and purpose are stated on TWWMAD website:

The Way We Make a Difference began with a simple idea - that of fostering the cause of inclusion with a donated concert ticket.

Thanks to your support, people with and without disabilities have been able to experience the joy of attending a concert together.

Among the organizations aided by TWWMAD include Best Buddies, Special Olympics, YMCA, The Arc of the United States, and Ronald McDonald houses.

Fans support the organization by donating extra tickets or funds to purchase tickets. To help make a difference, contact TWWMAD here.

I Was Here - Montage by LovesClaysVoice

Interwoven into the fabric of the man Clay Aiken and his entertainment career are his charitable endeavors for the children of the world.

LovesClaysVoice combined scenes from the singer's projects with the National Inclusion Project, which he co-founded in 2003, and UNICEF, for which he serves a celebrity ambassador. Performed by Lady Antebellum, the I Was Here montage can be viewed at YouTube and downloaded with this Sendspace link.

Golfing for Inclusion Tops $150,000

The Inclusion Project has announced funds raised at the 3rd annual Golfing for Inclusion on Feb. 1 topped $150,000. The complete story can be read at foundation link:

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Supporters of the National Inclusion Project helped to raise over $150,000 at the 3rd annual Golfing for Inclusion.

The event sponsored by Allianz Life and American Portfolios was held at The Country Club at Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on February 1, 2010.

The funds raised will be used to provide children with disabilities the opportunity to play, learn and grow side-by-side with their typical peers.

Special recognition is also extended to Osiris Fund for a generous contribution supporting inclusion.

The countdown is on. Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


TWWMAD is also featured in the current entry at the Clay Aiken News Network blog.


claysweetea said...

Thanks for such a great blog with detailed informative blog about Clay's Tried and True CD and the taping on March 12! The excitement is certainly stirred in the ClayNation.

gerra said...

Great blog! It's true. I am more excited about "Tried and True" than I have been for just about any other Clay release.

PaulaBear said...

I love the acronym "TNT" because Clay Aiken surely is dynamite!! I can't be at the taping, but I know this is going to be an amazing night for those who attend.

LovesClaysVoice said...

The excitement is building!! The Clay Nation is counting down the days until March 12th!! What an exciting time for Clay and his fans! I can't think of anything else!!!

Thanks Caro for including my banner and montage!

fgs said...

Really looking forward to the concert and the songs from his new CD to be released later. Nothing like hearing Clay sing "live".

ImGranny said...

Thanks for the great blog. You can feel the excitement building in anticipation of the release of Clay Aiken's new album. I think Clay is even more excited than we are, if that's possible. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

cathie - fb ClayNation group - a.k.a. scootieboots said...

thanx for posting your great blog at the fb ClayNation group...we love them, caro! it's a very exciting time in clay's world! it's wonderful to be apart of it.

Anonymous said...

It is exciting waiting for that cd to come out and Mar. is exciting..I wish Clay sooo much success! Thank u for your wonderful blogs!! Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

All excited for the upcoming events. I cant wait to find out what is going to be on the TNT CD. Really looking forward to the PBS special also. This is great publicity for Clay and its about time.

Love the banner and montage by LovesClaysVoice.

Thanks Caro for another great blog. I always enjoy reading your blogs and they sure help me to stay in touch with all that is going on.



SueReu said...

:) Looking forward to March and beyond!! Clay Aiken on stage - there is absolutely nothing in this world like it.

Thanks Caro!

chel4clay said...

Great blog Caro and "TNT" is going to be Dyn O mite!! I can't wait to see Clay Aiken singing live and soon!!

musicfan123 said... is always a treat to read your informative blogs. I love they way you give us so much information about many different things......but they all tie in together.

Clay fans certainly can feel the excitement. Is it 10 days from now??

I can't wait to find out the playlist. I am sure it will be wonderful!

Thanks again for this great blog!!

treenuts ~ said...

What a wonderful and informative new blog, Caro! And I really love the banner too. Great job, LovesClaysVoice! I hope everyone attending the concert has a great time. It surely will be a "once in a lifetime" experience.


Hi Caro. I'm back here. Happy to read your beautiful blog.
Thanks for the information on the new album by Clay Aiken and the event on March 12.
OMG I'm so excited about the good news.

katy said...

So much happening in the Clay Aiken fandom. Anxious for the album, Tried & True and that he is speaking at the HRC in Raleigh on 2/27.

IamMesmerized said...

Great blog, as usual, Caro and kudos to LCV for her montage!

Can't wait for this important date with Clay and you'll have to scrape me off the floor if he sings "Mack the Knife", my favourite from AI.

Have a great day all and hope to meet some of you there!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love this blog. Great job again. I'm loving all the Clay news. The concert taping in Raleigh..just wish I could be there. Its really hard not going. But at least we will get to see in on PBS and hopefully a DVD of it. The excitement for his new CD Tried and True is contagious. Hope he gets great promotion for it.

Great banner and montage by LoveClaysVoice.

For all that are going to the taping, give Clay lots of love from all of us who can't be there. We will be there in spirit.

Vickie (Walla)