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Clay Aiken T&T Album Buzz Builds

BACK TO BASICS - Clay Aiken photo by Vincent Soyez.

Aiken Fans Remember Yollie950

T&T Buzz on 20-Day Crescendo

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Twenty days from the June 1 Decca release of Clay Aiken's "Tried & True" CD, and the promotional buzz can only be described as a steadily building crescendo!

From USA Today to Etonline, the headlines herald the June 1 release of the singer's fifth studio album -- "Clay Aiken Goes Back to Basics," "Clay Aiken Sings 'Tried and True' Favorites," "Clay Aiken Comes Full Circle."

Never have fans observed such a well-planned promotion of a Clay Aiken album and event. In addition to the barrage of press releases, sneak previews of three tracks were played exclusively at Clayonline, the singer's official fan club site.

Facebook, MySpace, Feature Tracks

Clay's pages at Facebook and MySpace now feature full versions of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" and "Misty." Other sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Clay's page at Decca are among the many poised to post tracks or snippets from the CD any day now. (UPDATE: B&N previews are LIVE now!)

Snippets of all 11 tracks are available on iTunes. Pre-order the T&T album there and receive a bonus track, "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me."

Meanwhile, International Media's second upload of CLAY AIKEN: TRIED & TRUE - LIVE! today has gone over 10,000 views.


Fans play an important role in the promotional roll-out by watching the video at YouTube, rating it, and adding comments at the site. Here are three:
Invisible926: There is nothing like Clay Aiken live! I'm so happy that International Media and PBS will make it possible for more people to experience the magic that Clay's fans have enjoyed for 7 years.

hoganna: Clay is one fantastic singer, performer and true humanitarian. I'm glad I discovered him on YouTube in time for 2010!

Suereu: Thanks for capturing the magic!

Below are opening graphs of four press stories. Link to these sites -- and others listed below -- to read the complete release and leave a comment.

Etonline: Clay Aiken Goes Back to Basics: New Album Details

Clay Aiken is making a musical comeback with a new album, and ET has all the info on his fifth studio album, Tried and True!

Clay chose the title Tried and True because the album will be filled with timeless classics.

"There are a lot of elements to this album that are about me returning to what I'm comfortable with," he says. "To me, older songs are more melodically appealing and beautiful. So doing this album was an opportunity to just be myself."

USA Today: Clay Aiken sings 'Tried and True' favorites
Clay Aiken is releasing his fifth studio album, Tried and True, on June 1. The new CD is comprised of songs Clay grew up listening to, from the '50s and '60s.

Tried and True is the title because Clay feels the songs have stood the test of time, says the release. "To me, older songs are more melodically appealing and beautiful," he says. "So doing this album was an opportunity to just be myself."

Highlights include: Can't Take My Eyes Off You, made famous by Frankie Valli; Misty, the Johnny Mathis hit, and a soulful rendition of Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds.

MSN Music News: Clay Aiken Goes Back to Basics

Clay Aiken is making a musical comeback with a new album, and ET has all the info on his fifth studio album, Tried and True!

Clay chose the title Tried and True because the album will be filled with timeless classics.

"There are a lot of elements to this album that are about me returning to what I'm comfortable with," he says. "To me, older songs are more melodically appealing and beautiful. So doing this album was an opportunity to just be myself."

The album will include old-time favorites such as the swinging album opener "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," made famous by Frankie Valli; "Misty," the Johnny Mathis hit, and a soulful rendition of Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds." The album also features two songs Clay sang while on "American Idol": "Mack the Knife" and "Unchained Melody."

Tried and True is set for release June 1.

SKOPE: Clay Aiken Comes Full Circle
Clay Aiken has never sounded more at home than he does singing the lushly arranged classics on his fifth studio album Tried and True — the international pop phenomenon’s first album for Decca Records.

Showcasing Aiken’s powerful voice and considerable interpretive gifts, the new CD is comprised of songs from the ’50s and ’60s that Aiken grew up listening to as a child. The platinum-selling artist and idol to many has arguably never sounded better. Tried and True will be available everywhere on June 1st.

Other sites featuring the release include:

Just Jared

ZAP 2 It

The Insider

Pop News Daily

Idol Gossip

LALate (scroll down)

No doubt many more sites will feature Clay's Tried & True CD release during the roll-out of the next 20 days. Daily checks at
Google and other search engines will provide fans a list of sites to visit and leave positive comments.

In the past, many Not.Just.Us or casual fans have caught the "Aiken fever" through comments at websites and YouTube. The "Tried & True" Aiken fog is not far away!

On My Way Here/I Survived You - Cancer Tribute
Montage by Yollie950, vocals by Clay Aiken

Fans Mourn Loss of Yollie950

Sunday night the Clay Aiken family lost a very special member when Yollie950 (Dorian Limon) lost her battle with cancer and passed away quietly with the same grace and dignity she has shown during her nearly two-year struggle with the disease.

When her doctors gave her little hope a few weeks ago, she made the decision to abandon therapy and asked for prayers that she pass peacefully.

Yollie will be remembered for her compassion for others and her talent in creating montages. Constantly amazed that her YouTube Channel brought joy to Clay fans around the world, Yollie delighted in the entire process of creating montages, and she faithfully responded to those who commented at her site.

According to close friends, her loves for dance, music, and theater are reflected in her personal favorites among the many montages she created:
Rudolph Nureyev-Dedication-In Memory of a Great Dancer, a pictorial piece accompanied by Clay singing "Lover All Alone," and In Memory of Patrick Swayze, a dance video backed by Clay's "Broken Wings" track.

A CA fan since American Idol, Yollie originally supported Ruben; but by the end of the series, she was pulling for the North Carolinian to win. She had hoped to attend a Clay/Ruben "Timeless Tour" concert this summer, but that was not meant to be.

A good friend, ymarie, shared these thoughts about Yollie:

Yollie was well-loved by everyone. She set a good example: live your life with passion and caring, don't sweat the small stuff, try to make someone else's life better. Fight the good fight; but when the fight is over, let go with grace and dignity and, hopefully, leave the best part of you behind in the ones who loved you.

Memorials, Donations Honor Yollie

Memorial messages abound at the
Yollie950 YouTube Channel, as well as message boards throughout Clay Cyberspace.

Fans are also lighting candles and writing remembrances of Yollie on the Gratefulness site. At noon Tuesday there were 100 candles from seven countries burning. Candles only last for 48 hours, and Internet friends may want to repeat the condolence messages for her family.

Among the special messages sent to Yollie's family are remarks from Clay's mother, Faye Parker:

Thank you for sharing your mom with the world too. She has been an inspiration to the fans of my son. Her beautiful montages have touched a lot of hearts. I truly appreciate her support over the last seven years.

It is people like your mom who make a difference in the lives of others. It is people like her that are not known nationally but are "Winds Beneath the Wings" of her family and loved ones and of the Clay Nation. She will be missed by many. May God give you strength and support during this time of sadness.

Yollie is at peace now. Friends like to think she has a front row seat for all upcoming concerts. Still, the Clay Nation will miss her friendship and artistic gifts, both of which she freely shared.

Have a special week, Clay Nation!


to Lia, #1 on 5/13/10!

Graphic by ABeautifulMind


Cindy said...

Thank you for the wrap up of all the exciting Clay news, Caro.

I'm very sorry to read about Yollie's passing. I didn't know. My condolences to her family and indeed the whole Clay Nation family on the loss of a wonderful member.

Stephanie said...

Oh no. :( This is the first I've heard of Yollie's passing. My prayers and thoughts are with her family. The Clay Nation has truly lost a wonderful woman. :(

katy said...

Such a loss in the Clay fandom and her family. She will be missed

ImGranny said...

The release of Clay Aiken's "Tried & True" is fast approaching. This is an exciting time for him and for us too!

I'm so sorry to hear about Yollie's passing. She will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Caro for another great blog. Just heard the full songs too and they are great.

So sad to hear of Yollie passing. I pray for her family and friends and all the Clay friends too who will miss her so much.



Anonymous said...

Very nice to include Yollie and liked reading about her and remarks , sorry we lost a friend in Clay!
A great blog and I thank U for just being U! :) Donna in WI.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

My Sympathy to Yollie's Family and Friends. Although I did not know her, I enjoyed her talents, the ClayNations suffers quite a loss, she will be missed.

Thank You for another wonderful blog and all the links.


Yvonne (ymarie) said...

Thank you for the nice remembrance for yollie. She was a personal friend and valued member of our local group. Her special wit and beautiful montages will be greatly missed.

macmom said...

What a nice tribute to Yollie, Caro. She is surely going to be missed by so many. Thank you for doing this.

SueReu said...

Caro, thank you for remembering Yollie on your blog. She will be missed, but she will live on in our hearts and through her beautiful creations.

We're under 20 days to the CD release! Can't WAIT!

clayam said...

RIP Yollie
Have heard the snippets of Clay Aiken's Tried and True on iTunes, can't wait to hear the whole album.

MissSally said...

Thanks for the links to Clay's incredible new music! I'm
over the moon!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Lia is just precious. So glad you added it.

I didn't know Yollie, bit do remember seeing her name often. The loss of any Clay fan is a huge loss. Lois

SueReu said...


So so so so so CUTE!! Hope she gets lots of cake all over that sweet little face :D

claysweetea said...

What a darling baby in that picture. So precious! She's a keeper. Congrats!

So sorry to hear about Yollie. My prayers are with her family in this difficult time.

T said...

Thanks so much Caro for all the exciting Tried and True snippets, articles, etc. I'm really looking forward to this album. Just hearing that voice gave me goosebumps.

On top of all the excitement, it is very sad to read about Yollie's passing. I remember her montages and all Clay fans are very grateful for the creative talent that she shared with us. She will be missed. My thoughts, prayers & sympathy are with her family.

Happy Birthday to cute Lia! I can't believe how fast time flies and she's 1 year old now. Beautiful graphic from ABM.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing all the latest news about Clay and the new CD in your blog, Caro.

My condolences to the whole fandom on the loss of Yollie.

And wishing your darling Lia a very Happy 1st Birthday!


Sandy said...

Thanks Caro for bringing to our attention all the media coverage on Clay's new CD. I know there are always a few articles that I miss, so it's nice to know I can "read all about it" right here!

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Yollie950. We have lost more than our share of good friends and fans of Clay this past year. She will be missed.

I read the comment by Bassist1 in your last blog and I can quite honestly say that after reading all his admiration he bestowed on you was the perception of exactly the type of person I knew you were!

Have a great weekend!