Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Photos Rock 'Clay Aiken T&T Live!'

THE BOOTH or THE JACKET - Clay Aiken photo by Vincent Soyez

Nashville Responds to Tragic Flood

Int'l Media Photos Delight Fans

International Media added three new photos to the Clay Aiken Tried & True Live! page Tuesday, boosting fan excitement to higher orbits. Celebrations continue, and message board posts filled with EEEEE's are naturally the norm.

Due to width limitations of this template, the panel reproduction below is different from the original at the Int'l Media's Clay Aiken Tried & True Live! site.

CLAY AIKEN TRIED & TRUE LIVE! - Panel of photos by Vincent Soyez
advertise the singer's June 1 Decca CD release and August PBS Special.

THE BOOTH PICTURE - Double click new photo of Clay to expand.

Internet fans wasted no time in nicknaming the above Vincent Soyez photo, now known in CA circles as "the booth picture" and/or "the jacket picture."

Tuesday morning I had the pleasure of sending the new photos to a few friends, one of whom responded, "Did y'all know it's hard to type from the floor?"

I wouldn't doubt this type of viral sharing turned into an all-day process as other Clay fans emailed friends and casual supporters the photos and link to the singer's International Media page.

Below is Cotton's clickable graphic of the three new photos:


Late Tuesday the Clay Nation received another treat, a radio spot advertising the July 26 Clay Aiken-Ruben Studdard Timeless Tour Concert at Ruth Echerd Hall in Clearwater, FL.

For a preview of "Mack the Knife," "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," and "Suspicious Minds," download the audio file with the "radio spot" Sendspace link above.

Fountaindawg combined the PBS pictures of Jim R. Bounds, the Soyez photos, and the radio spot to create the above video, which can be downloaded with this Sendspace link.

Clearwater's advertisement also links to SueReu's Best AI Season Ever - Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard, Timeless montage.

Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard, Timeless
Montage by SueReu

Link to YouTube for full page view.
Download video with this

Venues Set Timeless Ticket Sales

The popular "Timeless" duo of Clay and Rubin will again share the concert stage when they launch the summer's much-anticipated 17-city tour in Asheville, NC, July 23.

Ticket sales for the tour are underway at nine venues with the remaining eight scheduled to begin on the May dates below:

May 7 - Ruth Echerd Hall, Clearwater, FL (July 26 concert)
May 7 - King Center for the Arts, Melbourne, FL (July 25 concert)
May 7 - Club Nokie, Los Angeles, CA, May (Aug. 1 concert)
May 8 - Mountain View Plaza, Snoqualmie, WA (July 29 concert)
May 15 - American Music Theater, Lancaster, PA (Aug 8 concert)
May 21 - Caesar's Colosseum, Windsor, ON (Aug 5 concert)
May 21 - Horseshoe Casino, Hammond IN (Aug 13 concert)
May 28 - Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, WI (Aug 3 concert)

All 17 Timeless Tour concert sites are linked below. For up-to-date information on ticket sales, refer to Clayonline News, Ticketmaster, and the venue links.

Clay and Ruben at Lancaster, PA, site.

2010 Timeless Tour: Concert List

Jul-23 - Asheville, NC - Biltmore Estate (Tickets on sale NOW)
Jul-24 - Jacksonville, FL -
The Florida Theater (Tickets on sale NOW)
Jul-25 - Melbourne, FL -
King Center For Arts (Ticket sale: May 7)
Jul-26 - Clearwater, FL -
Ruth Eckerd Hall (Ticket sale: May 7)
Jul-29 - Snoqualmie WA -
Casino- Mountain View Plaza (Tickets: May 8)
Jul-31 - Reno, NV -
Silver Legacy Casino (Tickets: NOW)
Aug-01 - Los Angeles, CA -
Club Nokia (Tickets: May 7)
Aug-03 - Milwaukee, WI -
Potawatomi Casino (Tickets: May 28)
Aug-05 - Windsor, ON -
Caesars Windsor (Tickets: May 21)
Aug-06 - Chautauqua, NY -
Chautauqua Institution Amphitheatre (Tickets: NOW)
Aug-07 - Mashantucket, CT -
MGM Grand Foxwoods (Tickets: NOW)
Aug-08 - Lancaster, PA -
American Music Theatre (Tickets: May 15)
Aug-10 - Hampton Beach, NH -
Hampton Beach Casino (Tickets: NOW)
Aug-11 - New York, NY -
The Hammestein (Tickets: NOW)
Aug-12 - Verona, NY -
Turning Stone Casino (Tickets: NOW)
Aug-13 - Hammond, IN -
Horseshoe Casino (Tickets: May 21)
Aug-14 - Biloxi, MS -
Beau Rivage (Tickets: NOW)

Cumberland River flows through the streets of Nashville.

Epic Flood Strikes Nashville Area

Throughout the weekend's catastrophic flood in Nashville, TN, our family's home for many years and still very much a part of us, thoughts have been with friends and the tragedies suffered there. Our former home in Bellevue, a western suburb, was overrun by the flood waters Saturday and many in the neighborhood forced to evacuate.

In some areas, the torrential rain totals of May 1 and 2 were greater than 17 inches. The Cumberland River crested at 51.86 feet in Nashville, a level not seen since 1937. See May 2010 Tennessee floods.

President Barack Obama Tuesday declared four Middle Tennessee counties a disaster area so that federal assistance can begin immediately for flood victims. Metro Nashville schools have no projected re-open date. In addition to the above Tennessean link, see WSM-TV for videos of amazing rescues.

FB Friend Shares Flood Reports

Stephanie Morris DeKeyser, a resident of Hermitage, suburb on the other side of Nashville, has kept Facebook readers informed with links to local media reports, videos, and photos. Her Monday blog, The Flooding of Nashville, features excellent links, including photos of famous Music City landmarks such as the Grand Ole Opry and the Opryland Hotel, all under water.

Betty, a musician friend, sent word that the new Schermerhorn Symphony Center lost two Steinway grands and the $21.5 million organ console stored in the basement. The rising water stopped just before reaching the concert hall.

It is heartwarming to read how Nashville residents and relief organizations are offering assistance (the use of a pickup truck, pasture for horses, food, clothing) for those in need. To volunteer or donate, see Great Nashville Flood of 2010, as well as the American Red Cross.

The best news of the day arrived a little after 9 p.m. when my friend Judy sent an email that she is all right. Entitled "Water, Water Everywhere," the email arrived from Belmont University where she was able to sign onto the Internet. Normally a foot across, the creek behind my friend's house is presently 50-60 feet wide with a strong current.

Filled with the losses and challenges of friends and structures in the Bellevue area, Judy's report was was not without a grin:

Huge Sunday paper delivered itself! Floated from street past car, turned down sidewalk following current and right past the front door!

Sending prayers and good vibes to all Music City residents. Have a great week, Clay Nation!



Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Another AMAZING blog by Caro!! I LOVE "The Booth or The Jacket" photo, Gee, I love them all! Wow, has OMC grown up! Still a cutie.

Finally, a date for ticket sales for Lancaster, Penna......WooHoo, I can't wait! Ruben and Clay are going to be great, so happy to see them back together again.

SueReu's montage brought back such wonderful memories, she always does such a awesome job.

Is It June Yet???? Can't wait for that CD!! lol

Hope your having a great week....

Big Hugs,

SueReu said...

Good morning Caro (well for me it is, only 7:30 am)

Great blog packed with lots of information - some exciting and some pretty devastating.

Loving all the new photos!! Fountaindawg's video is very cool and Cotton's blend is yummy. Thanks for posting the Timeless video :D

Prayers to those in Nashville


Thanks Caro. I'm thrilled with the fragment of "Suspicious Minds" Clay Aiken sings beautiful this song, I can not wait to hear it complete.
About the photo of the jacket .... I have so much to say .... but I am without words (At least in English)
My favorite picture so far. Clay looks beautiful.

katy said...

We keep getting more goodies. Love the booth picture so much. Prayers for those in Nashville & other suffering areas.
I miss Clay Aiken!

MissSally said...

THE BOOTH/JACKET photo is my new favorite. Clay looks happy, relaxed, and oh so handsome! There is so much to look forward to, even for those of us who are not able to attend a concert; clack, pictures, stories shared and lots more. It's going to be a delightful summer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new pictures, Caro. Love the one with Clay wearing a half bang. Still can't get used to him with his hair back. Great blog. I don't know where we'd go, if it wasn't for you. Lois

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the Nashville shout-out, Caro. <3 It's just so awful, so much of our beautiful city has been destroyed. Even though my family and I are safe and our apartment was not affected by the rising waters, it's stressful and heartbreaking to see so much devastation around us. I haven't slept well since before the flood, I keep having nightmares. But we'll recover, and we'll be stronger than ever. <3

Thanks for the lovely Clay pictures! What a bright spot in my day. <3

Anonymous said...

Terrible floods, wish those ppl wishes of hope, wow!
And Clay certainly is looking good sitting at the booth! His smile is worth seeing:) Can not wait for the new music! Loved your blog! Donna in Wi.

Cathie (a.k.a. scootieboots) said...

caro ~ i always look forward to your blogs. i can always count on finding the most current information on our guy, clay aiken, here. i love the pictures, photographics and articles you have written. thank you so much! you're the best!

cathie (scootieboots)
fb ClayNation group

clayam said...

what great photos of Clay Aiken!, he looks so relaxed and at ease in that booth . I love his smile.

Anonymous said...

Those Nashville floods are just devastating. I can understand what they are going through..last Spring we had similar flooding. In my area, in Florida, we got a total of 22inches. Thankfully, I live in an apartment, so it didn't affect me.

I love the "Booth" picture. He is so handsome. It is my favorite. Loved the Ruben Clay Montage. They are certainly great friends..and that is good to see.

anaturegirl said...

Thanks Caro for your blog today. What a week this has been so far. Love the new Clay Aiken photos and the promo spot for T&T.
Prayers to the people in Nashville. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I was ama yesterday so I missed the new pictures of our guy. That booth picture makes Clay look a little like Kenny. They are all gorgeous. I can't wait to see the buddies in concert.

Thanks for the up date on Nashville. Our vacation is under water! My DH and I have 4 days of tickets for there 5/20 to 5/25. So I don't think we will be going.

Awesome blog.Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Hugs Margaret

ImGranny said...

Thanks for posting the great pics of Clay Aiken. He is a photographers dream IMO.

The destruction that is being caused by the Nashville floods is terrible! what a shame! Thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected!

Lisa said...

Caro, loved this blog! I especially love being able to see the larger pictures of Clay. :)

I still cannot believe the flooding in Nashville. I lived in that area from 2003-2005 and worked at the JCC which is right near Bellevue. Apparently is was/is being used as shelter for many people. My mom sent me a few pictures that were sent to her from our former neighbors...two people were canoeing through the neighborhood! I couldn't believe it. :( I'm glad to know that so many people are helping out. Anyway, thanks for the blog and keeping us up to date as always!