Friday, May 28, 2010

New Clay Aiken Website Rolls Out

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Tried & True Coming June 1

Fan Club Site Opens Without Me!

Wouldn't you know the new Clay Aiken Fan Club site rolled out Thursday just as I completed spring music lessons ... and I have yet to gain admittance to what sounds like a wonderful showcase for the singer and meeting place for him and his fans!

Everywhere I read -- Twitter, Facebook, and 3-4 message boards -- almost all CA fans are having a blast settling into the new digs, befriending each other, listening to a trio of Tried & True tracks, including "Unchained Melody," the song I will play first when I purchase the CD on June 1!

I understand the three full tracks originally playing on the new site have reverted back to snippets. While I'm happy for Clay friends, it has been painful reading all the adjectives, exclamation points, and "squeees" describing songs I couldn't hear.

Even as I deleted Temporary Internet files/browsing history and tried every trick imaginable to log in with either IE or Mozilla, my email box was receiving requests for assistance getting into the site, posting a new avatar, and whatnot.

Clickable cap of new Clay Aiken website. (Thnx to SueReu!)

Ground(ctrl) Hosts

Hosting is an impressive group over at ground(ctrl. Clay's new web masters have been nothing but courteous, personable, and very helpful to anxious fans with access problems. For some, all it takes is a phone call or an email and they are in. Below are US/international/web support contact info (M-F, 9 am - 5 pm. PT):

U.S. Support 1 (877) 463-2975
International Support 1 (916) 443-9205

For those of us still riding the caboose, the new Clay Aiken fan club home will happen in due time. According to a tweet from Team Clay on Thursday, "the new site needs to propagate throughout the Net." This can take between 24 and 72 hours.

Definitely the WORD OF THE DAY for CA fans, propagate means "to cause to spread out and affect a greater number or greater area." For a better understanding of what many are experiencing, see What is DNS propagation and why does it take so long? by Rich Smith.

Before leaving for the Memorial Day Weekend, ground(ctrl) personnel provided active users with login problems an alternative for entering the site:

If you are still experiencing problems logging in to the new Official Fan Club on with your old OFC email and password, PLEASE use the new password clay2010 along with your OFC email address to log in. Once logged in, quickly reset your password in your Account Settings.

All day I was seriously wondering which would come first -- Clay's website or his new Tried & True CD. Right after uploading this blog, 24 hours into the new roll out, I finally crossed the Cyber threshold into the singer's new digs.

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!


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Thanks Caro. I Hope soon you can access the new OFC,
It is wonderful. I liked it!.



MissSally said...

Thanks for the "through the keyhole report", Caro.
Hopefully we'll all be promptly properly propagated .

Anonymous said...

Not good yah can not get in....Thanks Caro! Hope U like it when U do...being much computer savy than I, U will... Have a good week end! Donna in Wi.

Sandy said...

I just "REJOINED" the new fan club!
After a long absence, I just couldn't resist to be part of the fanclub again!! I have a new name though...Sass42 so if and when you get access Caro please look me up to add me as a friend! So far I like what I see and hopefully I can navigate around this new site quite easily once I get the hang of it.

Looking forward with excitement to the all the Clay sightings and the launch of the new CD next week! It's going to be a fun week!

Have a wonderful weekend Caro!


anaturegirl said...

I was getting so frustrated last night and this morning because I couldn't get on to the new OFC that I finally called for help. Those guys are wonderful. In 5 mins I was in and trying to find my way around and trying to find my friends. Love the new site. QUALITY is the first thing that comes to mind. And Clay deserves the best.

CCOL4HIM said...

I hope you access the site soon. It took me a while-no luck yesterday and part of the day-either got the old site or no site later. Finally got in today after clearing my cache the 2nd time in 2 day. Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

ImGranny said...

It took me some time to get into the new site, but Ground(Ctrl), the hosts, have been right on top of things. They have helped as many as they can, as fast as they can and IMO will work diligently until everyone's problems have been addressed. How refreshing!!!!

I think Clay Aiken and his team picked a super outfit to host the fan club!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro. I am still trying to get in the site. I will try clearing cache but keep trying and it wont work. But still not giving up.

I know I am in there because you saw me. I am just not IN there yet. Heee. Something like that.

Love you ((HUGS)) Kathy/Aspiegirl

Anonymous said...

I hope as you get this, that you managed to get into the fanclub site. I haven't been there yet today, but I'll look for you. The easiest way to find people is through thier blog, so put one in as soon as you get there. Hope to see you there today. Lois