Saturday, December 30, 2006

Aiken Fans Greet New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR -- Ambassador of Love helps the Clay Nation celebrate the birth of a new year with this beautiful graphic.

With Look Back at 2006

Aiken Fans Greet New Year

This weekend we not only celebrate the coming of a new calendar year; but, traditionally, the departing season receives countless retrospective looks back in many arenas of communication -- media outlets, blogs, even conversations among family, friends, and associates.

This blog's recollection features the 2006 edition of My Favorite Things by Suz4, a.k.a SmartyPantsSuz, an overview of the special moments fans shared with Clay Aiken this past year. Below this wonderful montage are clickable versions of the video's 12 photo grids.

Many thnx to SmartyPantsSuz for providing an amazing reminiscence for CA fans everywhere. You are welcome to leave comments for Suz here and at You Tube where members can also rate the video.

My Favorite Things 2006

These are the 12 clickable photo grids from My Favorite Things 2006:

Shock 'n Awe at AI5 Finale

David Foster Gala

Clay and Jay Leno

The Clay-Jimmy Kimmel Show

ATDW Talk Show Circuit

The King of Controversy

Hot Clay-Tyra Chemistry

Aiken Home Tour

Joyful Not a Tour

Clay Sings on 'Days'

From Head to Toe

Humanitarian Clay

More Special Moments

For those who haven't seen the first My Favorite Things or would like a review, here is SmartyPantsSuz's original montage commemorating many special moments since Clay's initial appearance on American Idol 2:

My Favorite Things

Wishing the Clay Nation a Happy New Year ... and lots of fun bidding 2006 a fond farewell!


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1 comment:

Vox Vixen said...

I also chronicled the year in my blog and featured the MFT montage. Suz really did an excellent job. I love that you posted all the picture grids.

Happy New Year.

Looking forward to a fantastic year with Clay and CV.