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'Aiken Fog' Captivates with Clack Overload

TULSA VIDEO -- Spotlightlover's video preserves the opening banter of Clay Aiken's Summer Tour Concert in Tulsa, during which he covers many topics, one of them his interpretation of the "airplane attack."

Caro on Clack Overload

'Aiken Fog' Captivates Fans

Waiting patiently for this corner's show to get on the road, LAP (Laptop) and LACIE (Lacie External Hard Drive) finally held a meeting late Sunday afternoon, the minutes of which are shared here ...

LAP: Look, we know the routine -- new blog every three days no matter what. You can almost set your clock by our schedule. We know Monday is the day, the Summer Tour and Tulsa Toegate the topics; but we are beginning to think the Aiken Fog has incapacitated Caro, along with the rest of the CA fandom.

LACIE: Yeah, the Clack has been flowing steadily since Wednesday. I bet the new files have gobbled up five gigs of my memory, and that's just the first three concerts. Of course, she has duplicates and triplicates of some songs, like Lover All Alone from every single concert!

LAP: Heck, she's barely turned either one of us off. I think we could even sing those songs without word sheets, Clay Aiken!

LACIE: So we've been thinking -- she's taken decent notes, jotted down some links, and saved a ton of pictures along with all the video/audio Clack.

LAP: In other words, we're going to try to keep this blog on schedule since the Fog has knocked Caro our of commission. Bear with us while we get organized.

LACIE: To begin with, you have to wonder what criteria the media is using to determine "real news." Wasn't the focus of global warming with a 24-hour, seven-continent "Live Earth" concert bringing together more than 100 musical acts and reaching more than two billion people a big enough story?

LAP: So Clay Aiken falls asleep on a flight to Tulsa, his foot inadvertently touches the armrest of the female passenger in front of him, and World War 3 breaks out. The woman got up out of her seat and began hitting the sleeping singer in the chest. As he did in his latest blog, Clay talked about the airline drama and what he considers "real news" in this story at Etonline.

LACIE: And, of course, he's a topic on ET and The Insider, as well as a whole slew of other entertainment/news/talk shows.

LAP: Many AP reports have picked up much of the Etonline article. An example is USA Today: Clay Aiken Promises to Keep His Foot To Himself. Great picture from the Frisco concert, btw.

Bloggers, Media Report Airline Incident

LACIE: Fans on the same plane were eye-witnesses to the assault and are quoted in reports at Clay's Daily Double. Not to mention, they were officially interviewed by the FBI!

Other excellent blogs with the scoop include the ConCLAYve: "Leaving on a Jet Plane"; There Was a Man: "The King of Controversy and the Unfriendly Skies"; and Something That Really Happened: "Clay Aiken Assaulted on Airline."

LAP: When we went to press, 300 news sites featured the story under a variety of heads. We will link one because, you know, HTML codes can be a pain; and these say much the same thing. Very interesting that by 9 p.m. Sunday, the word "apparently" had finally edged its way into the story and headlines: Clay Aiken Apparently Involved in Airplane Spat, this from CNN.

LACIE: Some of the earlier headlines included Clay Aiken Involved in Airplane 'Disturbance' ... Aiken Involved in Air Rage Row (This editor loves a little alliteration!) ... Clay Aiken Part of Mile High Altercation.

LAP: Of course, the minute the story hit the wires, we knew the King of Controversy would include it in his Tulsa show Saturday night. The fact that he did, as you can see in the video above, garnered this sentence in many news stories: "Concertgoers said Aiken joked onstage about being beaten up by a girl earlier in the day."

LACIE: That's not all; television covered the story Sunday night. Singer Man can't take a breath without being big news.LAP: I just cruised through the Summer Tour photo folders filling my coffers -- we like alliteration, too! -- so here comes a sampling from the Tulsa Concert.

LAP: Of course, the minute the story hit the wires, we knew the King of Controversy would include it in his Tulsa show Saturday night. The fact that he did, as you can see in the video above, garnered this sentence in many news stories: "Concertgoers said Aiken joked onstage about being beaten up by a girl earlier in the day."

LACIE: Radio, TV, and print media have outdone themselves covering this minor story. Singer Man can't take a breath without being big news!

LAP: I just cruised through the Summer Tour photo folders filling my coffers -- we like alliteration, too! -- so here comes a sampling from the Tulsa Concert.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: These clickables are among the many pictures taken by Clack goddess photographers at the Tulsa Concert. Thank you to dc4clay, 1, 3, 5; and Jtgranny, 2 and 4.

Multiple Tabs Aid Clack Gathering

LACIE: We just checked, and the Fog is still camping out here with the first three concerts on constant replay. I should know; the files are stored in my vault.

LAP: Only CA fans would believe how many tabs the ole girl has open for message boards, photo albums, and other web sites. A great example is Clayversity. Not only is the main thread available at all times, but she can -- and frequently does -- switch to the Paint Shop Pro Forum, the Tulsa tour thread, the "Clack Alert" thread, and her PM inbox. No way is she going to miss a stitch of new Clack!

LACIE: Before the concert videos began rolling in, she had assembled some really special experiences from Houston and Tulsa concertgoers, which we will pass along.

Fans Impress Restaurateur, Usher

Texwriter: During the Houston pre-party, my husband got acquainted with the manager of the restaurant. This guy was very impressed with the fans and the fact that there were two parties going on for Clay Aiken. Evidently that doesn't happen for other artists who perform in Houston.

He also had good things to say about Clay, even remembered him riding in on the horse on Jimmy Kimmel Live and told DH that when Clay comes back to Houston, he would throw a special "cast party" for the fans. I don't know what that involves, but it sounds way cool.

As we were exiting the auditorium, the sweetest little lady usher stood in the doorway and told us she hoped we'd enjoyed the show. I stopped and asked her how she enjoyed it. She just gushed about how wonderful Clay was and said she hadn't even known who he was before, but thought he was sensational and hopes he comes back again "real soon."

Bamintx: In Houston, my sister was seated next to a symphony regular. Before the concert started, she told my sister, "This sure is a different crowd than we’re used to here." The woman had never seen Clay before. Well, she loved him ("What a great entertainer!"), really got into "the classics,” TV medley, etc., and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Houston Musicians Enjoy Show

Sunnydays: The Houston orchestra seemed much more stoic than Tulsa, but I had to walk back into Jones Hall after the show and passed by one of the members saying, "That was so much fun. It was really funny!" I wanted to stop and talk to him, but was in a big hurry. Unfortunately, he was gone when I came back through.

I flew out of Tulsa International Sunday morning, and it didn't hit me until I was going through security that this was "the airport." After pushing my carry-on through, there was a delay because of my laptop, which I had to power up. My iPhoto was open with all the pictures from this week, and immediately the security guy said, "That's him!" A woman came rushing over and said she wanted to look at my pictures. She also recognized Clay as "that guy."

On the shuttle, the driver told passengers how crowded the vans were (two were needed at 5 a.m.) and how busy the hotel was this weekend. He added, "And we had a celebrity in our midst, but he left already. Good guy though."

Security: 'Are They Controllable?'

JaMar: At the Tulsa concert, a fan interrupted Clay's banter, saying she had brought a water bottle that he gave her three years ago so he could autograph it. Quiana jumped into the discussion to make sure the woman is not still drinking from said container because that's not safe.

For the handshake afterwards, we were among the first 25 people in the parking lot; and Jerome was a hoot. When he came out and said he was gonna try to work something out, the local security guy asked, "ARE THEY CONTROLABLE?" Jerome replied, "Oh yeah; just watch" and then proceeded to tell us to move, where, and how (holding hands in line) -- which we did.

A couple of little kids were in front of me, and they got a hand touch from Clay and were all excited. Of course, we were, too. He looked another shade of incredible going down that line.

LACIE: Below are clickables of the photos by Jtgranny and Invisibleson that are providing video links in this blog at the OFC. We think we've about got her blogging routine down, LOL!

Tulsa Toegate Continues

LAP: Reckon that catches us up for another three days. Tulsa Toegate still seems to be on the media's radar. A Google search Tuesday morning yielded 487 stories.

LACIE: For the most part, the comments at the Drudge Report and the Huffington Post question the newsworthiness of this piece; and I think that's really good for Clay.

LAP: HEEEEE, I read at the Clayboard that Singer Man is spending his 10-day break walking to Philly, the next venue. It's safer.

LACIE: You know, I think the entire Clay Nation is downloading and watching Clack. We probably could have waited another day on this blog.

LAP: Sheesh, we might as well join 'em. From the Houston Concert, this is Clay singing "Lover All Alone," for which he wrote the lyrics. We really like the way he performs the song in profile so that the cello soloist shares the spotlight.

'Lover All Alone' from Houston Concert -- Video by Spotlightlover

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


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