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Fans Tune Into Taping Via Cellcert

Clay Aiken sings during Orlando concert. -- Photo by Toni7babe

'Fifth Grader' Cellcert CliffsNotes

Clay Competes for TBAF Camps

Clay Aiken's episode for the Fox show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" was taped Tuesday afternoon. For those unable to attend the taping in Los Angeles, a CA message board was the place to be.

Clay's winnings have long been earmarked for The Bubel/Aiken Foundation project entitled "100 Let's All Play Camps in 2008." Prior to the singer's appearance on the show, the foundation sponsored a "Fifth Grader Challenge" in which supporters pledged money for each of Clay's correct answers.

Pledge donations are being accepted here. At 2:30 p.m. Friday, the "Challenge" pledge total was $85,250.97 with an actual donation total of $10,522.50.

After teaching a couple of violin lessons Tuesday, I tuned into at least five "spoiler" threads to follow the happenings in California. Thankfully, there were no oaths of silence for studio audience members.

However, if you don't want to know the final result, skip out after the photo interlude. Countdowns in the Clay Nation are already ticking off the days until the show airs during November sweeps week.

Per message board protocol, emoticons dot this CliffsNotes version of Internet fans receiving reports from Tuesday's AYSTAFG taping ...

Looks like we have a while to wait, but I'm ready for the spoilers any ole time they start rolling in.

I'm so nervous, can't wait till we have some news.

We might be getting some live news any minute.

I hope so. The cellcerter is four rows from the stage.

Thank God for modern technology and the geniuses who know how to use it!

I believe she said she is in her purse now, the phone that is.

Yep, it entered the building in her bra.

If those attending are sworn to secrecy, do you think they could at least give us a "thumbs up" sign to let us know he did okay?

But that would be ambiguous -- would "thumbs up" mean he did okay or he looked great?! We should have organized a list of hand signals:

Left thumb up: Answered almost everything correctly.
Right thumb up: Answered almost everything correctly and was funnier than Foxworthy.
Both thumbs up: Won a million ding-dang dollars.
Both thumbs up and a fist pump: Won a million bucks and looked REALLY cute.
Both thumbs pointing toward waist: PANTS!
Finger tap, left side of nose: Wearing glasses.
Finger tap, right side of nose: Wearing NEW glasses ...

How about rubbing their hand over their heart if they still love him?

Twenty-four more minutes. Go, Clay, Go!!!

They are playing music, and it's "Yeah" by Usher. I wonder if Clay is in the Green Room dancing ... or singing.

Anything going on yet? Spoil me, spoil me!

True or false question for $2000. Correct!

For $4,000, how many times does the letter "r" appear in "error"? He answered correctly!

I think I'm going to be sick -- this is the way I felt during AI2. You know, I lost weight during that show worrying every week.

Clay's 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Armstrong, is there. The teacher said she is so proud if him.


He just picked another subject. "What is the official bird of New Jersey?"

Oh, Lordy, this is giving me a nervous breakdown.

It's the eastern goldfinch! Google is my friend.

[Fans proceed to post all the state birds. Very educational afternoon!]

He got it right!!!

OMG, this is nerve-wracking. Did he use his "save" or one of the "cheats"?

Don't 5th graders look up everything on the Internet now? Why do people have to know facts?

He got it right! WOOHOO!!!

I'm afraid we won't get anymore information. They have sequestered the entire audience and are keeping them captive until November. Actually, we lost the cellcerter.

Even if we were getting a blow by blow description of the questions, Clay's reactions, his answers etc., I would still be waiting very impatiently for November so that I can see it on TV for myself.

Almost 300 in this cellcert thread -- you would think there was a concert going on!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Anyone who doesn't want to know the outcome of Clay's "Fifth Grade" appearance before November should bail during this clickable intermission. Included are Summer Tour graphics and photos by Amazing_CA, photo by PinkCocoa, 1; Scrpkym, Tampa photo, 2; Toni7babe, Orlando photo, 3; AnAmeraikenInTX, Tampa photo with a sepia tone, 4; and Amazing_CA, photos by Tasapio, 5.

On to the Big Finish!

He won $300,000!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awww, he done good! The $500,000 question -- he said that he thought he knew the answer but that he could set up 30 camps with $300,000 and he didn't want to risk it. WTG, Clay!!!

Turns out he knew the answer, and it was a tough one. "Who wrote the Federalist papers with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay?" The answer was James Madison.

Awww ... he's doubly smart. Smart that he knew the answer and smart that he didn't risk the money. $300,000 for TBAF is incredible!!!

If you add in the money from the pledge drive, then TBAF is going to receive close to $400,000.

Smart men turn me on!

I expect TBAF will get another round of donations when the show airs in November, as Clay will have a chance to talk about the foundation to a national audience. This will be really good exposure for TBAF!

Can't wait to see the show! Nine out of 11 questions answered correctly, and he knew when to stop!

Yay!!! Now my family can eat!

I was planning to stay a "Fifth Grader" virgin, but life's too short.

Something just occurred to me: Clay Aiken just brought "Brainy Back!"

And if he did have to admit he wasn't as smart as a 5th grader, I bet he was cute doing it.

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and a silly ole grin on my face thinking, "Ladies, we certainly did pick a winner, didn't we?"

Did I mention how proud I am? Off to up my pledge amount to TBAF!

Even though he chose to stop, Clay gets the full amount (11 answers) from me for appreciating the "bird in the hand."

Post Show Recap Notes

It was great TV. Clay hammed it up thinking out the answers but did not drag it out. He was playful especially when he made a production about the math question. It basically boiled down to how much is 8 * 8, and he had himself so psyched and spooked that he started to doubt his answer and even figured it out again adding 8 plus 8 plus 8...... too funny!

"Mr. Christmas" got to answer a holiday-related question. Who wrote "A Christmas Carol"? Hint -- it is not Mark Twain! That was his helper's answer. In the next question for the Federalist papers when he was thinking about relying on this kid, Clay joked with the kid that "the Mark Twain answer kind of freaked him out." Again, big laughs.

Jeff Foxworthy, the host, seemed amused with Clay and said great things about him at the end: "I admire what you do onstage, but I admire you even more for what you do offstage." He said Clay is a "top quality human being." Then he looked him in the eye and told him, "You are a man of character." We all applauded madly as tears ran down my face.

Clay came across as very secure with his knowledge, very smart but not conscious of it. It was clear he knew or reasoned out the answers rather than guessed. He clearly played this game for TBAF and not for himself. When he was weighing whether to quit or keep going, he said, "Thirty camps... 2.5 camps... no question!"

At the end of the segment, two "suit types" clearly sought Clay out and embraced him. We were told they are the show's producer and executive producer, one of whom is Mark Burnett.

Other celebrities taping "5th Grader" segments Tuesday were singer Kellie Pickler, who won $50,000 for charity, and Regis Philbin, $175,000.

The children are picked for two questions each to help the celebrity. The contestant could ask the child what his/her favorite subjects are. Clay asked one little girl what she liked; and she said, "I like you."

When Clay hugged her later, her leg bent up in the back a la "Princess Diaries." It was so cute. She was over the moon.

She is not alone.

Below is a clickable of the opening photo by Toni7babe:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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