Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clay Aiken Fans Mark August 16

SINGER TURNED CAMERA MAN -- Clay Aiken joined the clack gatherers during the Ft. Myers SRHP Concert. Graphic by cindilu2, photos by toni7babe and scrpkym.

SRHP Memory for the Ages

Clay Videos Clack in Ft. Myers

August 16 is a day many Clay Aiken fans remember exactly where they were and what they were doing in 2007. Those of us from a certain generation can give you the same run down for 1977, the day Elvis Presley died.

My husband was on the road with the country singer David Houston when news of the death of Elvis Presley hit the airwaves. I, on the other hand, I was glued to the TV coverage in our Nashville, TN, home.

In 2007 I was not in the arena for the famous Fort Myers SRHP Concert. The next best thing, however, was listening via cellcert to the hilarious shenanigans Clay employed as he dealt with a series of unusual occurrences.

To this day, fans agree the circumstances of 8/16/07 evolved into one of the funniest concerts ever in the annals of Clay ...

Scrpkym's photo links to YouTube video.

Ft. Myers 07 a Hoot from Get-Go

The Ft. Myers SRHP concert of Aug. 16, 2007, was Clay Aiken doing what he does best -- sharing his incredible pipes as well as his amazing comedic, improvisational skills.

After scrunching around on his stool imitating a videographer's gyrations for "making sure the clack doesn't skip around," Clay borrowed the front row camera and gathered footage of his backup musicians.

The fan didn't miss a beat and pulled a backup camera out of her bag to continue filming the show. "She's got a whole Radio Shack in her purse!" Singerman exclaimed to the audience.

Clay Aiken Takes His Own Clack captures the scene as videoed by the singer and Scarlett, one of this fandom's most revered "clack goddesses."

Photo by Fivegoldens links to YouTube video.

The Ft. Myers lighting person must have been a Claydawg or a Claymate because the spot followed the headliner wherever he went. After several attempts to keep the light on Quiana for her solo, appropriately titled "When the Lights Go Down," Clay finally sat on the stool behind his backup singer so she could be seen.

According to Wandacleo, Quiana had to put up with Clay's constant tickling throughout. It was only fair (and funny as heck) when his hand appeared from behind burlesque style to appeal for more audience applause. Not that it was needed!

Another fan favorite from the Ft. Myers concert was Clay's performance of "Measure of a Man." Here is Canfly172's video of MOAM on YouTube.

The Ft. Myers Slide Show below features pictures by photographers LynninNJ, SmartyPantsSuz, FiveGoldens, and Scrpkym. The photo links to a show with a choice between gallery and revolving views.

Photo by LynninNJ connects to Ft. Myers Slide Show

In her concert recap, SmartyPantsSuz reported that Clay impressed several of the venue's ushers, who said they really enjoyed the show.

One woman in particular -- "she's a goner!" -- gladly shared her address so Suz could send her DVD's of other shows. As usual, the venue staff was amazed with the enormity of the bus line following the concert.

Grandson Kai tests water in apartment pool.

Out west, an important camera's digital connection has been revived, thanks to Amazon ... and Grandma. For those in Kai's "fan club," here are some shots of him enjoying the pool.

Playing the park, keeping cool in the pool, and finding new adventures daily have filled the summer calendar of Kai, who will be two next month.

Next time -- catching up with baby sister Lia!

Clickables of Kai at the pool.

A Distinct Difference

No image, but I wouldn't doubt this "word picture" will be succinctly sufficient. I take my evening meds with dinner. When I went to the grocery store, I bought a small bottle of vinegar instead of the large one I usually store in the refrigerator.

After nuking last night's meal, I grabbed what I thought was a bottle of water and quickly returned to the movie I had been watching in the den. The pills and accompanying gulp from the bottle were followed by a record dash to the fridge. Water never tasted so good!

Below is a clickable of cindilu2's opening graphic:

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


Another blog celebrating the 2007 Ft. Myers Concert is Clay Aiken News Network.

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Ashes said...

OMG! Caro what an awesome blog, you made me laugh again!
Except of course for remembering August 1977 & Elvis. I was vacuuming with the radio turned up loud when I heard the breaking news.

Ft. Meyers was a hoot! I was so grateful for the cellcert & was laughing and clapping so loud, the neighbours thought I was having a party! Which I was, along with you and oodles of other fans :)

Kai! Wow, he's so big! Cuter than ever too. Thank you for sharing♥

Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at your vinegar cocktail..even though I'm puckering up just at the thought of it, LOL.

Thanks for your visits and comments to Clay the Man!!

SueReu said...

Kai is such a cutie pie!!!!

so is Clay Aiken - Ft. Meyers was another GREAT concert during the SRHP tour!!!

Thanks Caro!!!

VoxLvr said...

OMG - Caro what a blog! You really have a gift for writing, as well as a comedic streak in you!
Brought a huge smile to my face.

Your "Grandson Kai" is adorable,
so are the Clay photos! hee.

Thanks so much for sharing!

LovesClaysVoice said...

Great blog Caro! Thanks for the great SRHP tour memories! Your grandson is adorable!

PaulaBear said...

Awesome memories of an awesome Clay Aiken concert!! I wasn't there, but the amazing clack made it feel like I was. That concert had some of the funniest moments. I love the way Clay just goes with the flow and makes every situation a memorable one!!

And that little Kai!! What a cutie patootie!!

T said...

Love your blog Caro! From the beautiful opening graphic to the hilarious Ft. Meyers clack of Clay to your own unexpected pucker experience. Oh my, I had a chuckle when I was reading through.

A very nice surprise to see Kai's recent photos. He's grown! Still adorable and very cute! It's so good to see his latest photos & hopefully we get some photos of Lia in your next blog.

Great blog! Thanks so much & cheers!

Tripster said...

GREAT BLOG...made me smile big time! You grandbaby is so sweet, he's so squeezeable!!

Thanks for all the info and the Clay pictures!

barb 55 said...

Caro, you've done it again with another amazing blog!

The Fort Meyers video was one of my favorites. Leave it up to Clay to come up with such a clever idea to take a fan's camera and start filming himself. LOL He's so entertaining and funny.

I can't believe how much Kai has grown! He's still just as cute as he ever was. Love the pics!

Love and hugs,


barb 55 said...

Oops! I just read my comment after I posted it again. It sounded okay when I previewed it but the way I worded the second sentence in the second paragraph sounds like Clay was filming himself. I meant that he was filming. Oh well....hope you know what I meant. LOL Sorry about that!


fgs said...

I loved the concert at Ft Myers. One never knows what to expect next at a Clay Aiken concert. He witty and fun making every concert different.

Nice pix of your grandson. He looks like he is enjoying himself!

Sandy said...

So many great memories of the shananigans of Clay! That was what made going to concerts so much fun...we never quite knew what was in store for us! And Clay always delivered, both musically and comically!!

I was at work when we heard the news of Elvis's passing and one of the girls at work let out a loud shreik as she had tickets to see him in Syracuse which was coming up soon. Needless to say she never did cash in her tickets.

Kai is a real little cutie! What a beautiful smile he has and I am sure this smile is the way to grandma's heart and he melts it every time...RIGHT!!!

Have a great week!



Eyequeue said...

Thanks for the chuckles; one can get caught up in the daily drama of life, it's blogs like yours that make us smile and realize the priorities in our personal lives should be adhered to.

Thank you for sharing, your grandchild is a darling.

Anonymous said...

You do such a good job , love the memories. Clay did good for Elvis memories too, in concert! Clay is so fun in concert,always. He is a joy to watch! Loved your blog!! Your g.son is a cutey! Thanks! Take care, Donna in Wi.

claysweetea said...

Another great concert to remember from SRHP.

What a cute grandbaby you have!!!

musicfan said...

Caro........I really enjoyed your blog today. I am a bit late in reading my favorite spots as I have my grandbabies visiting!!

I thought it was a kick that we shared so much in our blogs. Ft. Myers was worth more than one look back!!

Thanks again for the great information.

gerra said...

Kai is just the cutest, sweetest baby.

I was at that concert in Fort Myers. The whole Florida 4some was absolutely fantastic.

Sydney said...

You're so funny! Thanks for the laughs.

On a sad note though, yes, I remember where I was when I heard the news that Elvis passed away.
I was in Guatemala at the time studying, I was on the upper level balcony and a teacher came outside to tell us the news...Everyone was upset.

Chez Clay said...

You are such a hoot! Hysterical. Clay is such a funny goof too, he has a quick whit - too funny - I love to see him on concert!

Feet Should Have Fun - Mismatched Socks said...

Thanks for the fun! I love the pictures of Clay, he's so hysterica in concert; actually in interviews as well. What a quick,
snarky, person he is. You're a laugh and a half!

Clacking in the USA said...

I LOVE KAI!! What a sweetie! You are too hysterical
for words gal,I need to "potty" before I read your blogs so that there is no chance of needing my "depends" LOL.

Thanks for all the info - I do remember where I was when Elvis passed away. School. They interrupted the daily classes with the information. We were so shocked !

Thanks for a great blog AGAIN!

PalpatatinClay said...

Terrific blog! You are a nut case, and I'm loving it...GREAT pix of Clay...he too is a nut case (so quick on the mark to respond with his usual flare of whit. I love to see him in concert ~ there's no one like him.

Thanks again!

PBC said...

That was such a fun Clay Aiken concert. But then, they all are!!

Beam Me Up Clay said...

I loved the Soft Rock & Hard Place Clay tour! I was fortunate to see all the California concerts, it was incredible!.. NO ONE is like Clay Aiken in concert - he's too funny for words!!

Pal Of Clay said...

I was at the Pala concert, Clay was so quick on his feet - his backup singers were hysterical too. It was fun to watch the orchestra laughing while Clay was on stage, they probably hadn't seen anyone quite as funny when it came to a full-blown orchestral concert before. He was in excellent form (he always is though) !!

Thanks for the great memories!

Sheila said...

LOL. Hysterical blog. [Your grandson Kai is darling!]. I loved the SRHP tour, Clay was in prime
form with his fast talking whit, the audience was in stitches.

I love that you brought back so many great memories of the tour.

claysweetea said...

Thanks, Caro, for all the memories! Love this blog. Clay Aiken is a real piece of work (I love that saying from another fan).

Stephanie said...

I just saw this video where Clay takes clack himself, and I rolled! What fun. :)

Excellent to see you're in Nashville- we just moved to Hermitage from Illinois. :) Are there lots of Clay fans in the area?

And what a cute grandson you have! :)