Thursday, August 20, 2009

Postscript to Clay Aiken SRHP Tour

FINAL CURTAIN - AmazingCA's design highlights scenes from the Orlando SRHP Concert. Photos by Invisible926.

Icing on FOURIDA Concerts

NC Fans Fly Home with Clay

Final notes of the inspired performances by Clay Aiken & Company still echoed through Hard Rock-Orlando, site of the Soft Rock Hard Place Tour finale, when a delightful, little known postscript unfolded for three North Carolina fans.

All aboard the Virtual Tour Bus for a spin back to August 2007 ...

Icing on the FOURIDA for three North Carolinians arrived seconds before take-off when Singer Man bounded onto their Delta flight home. This is the story of three fans -- Cindydoe, NCClayfan, and MAL -- who politely allowed Clay much-needed space but still managed to express their appreciation for the summer tour.

Once home, Cindydoe and NCClayfan told their tale in back-to-back posts at Clayversity. Minus the emoticons, here is their commentary:

CINDYDOE: Clay was on our flight home!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

As we sat on the plane, NCClayfan had just said to me, "As long as that door is open, there is still hope." Ten seconds later, there he was! Of course, we didn't say anything, but he had to notice the difference in cabin pressure as the three of us gasped for breath at the same time.

I'm sure I'll have a bruise on my arm and leg tomorrow from the two Mary Ann's. He sat four rows behind us and across the aisle with Jamie. He was in the window seat. We did not turn around to stare; and that was hard

Trio Sends 'Off the Chain' Note

When the stewardess arrived with drinks, the excited fans quietly asked if they could have Clay Aiken's cup. She said, "So that was him? I thought it looked like him!"

We wondered if he would be at the baggage check, what we should say to him, if anything. We decided we would get off the plane as usual and give him his privacy. But, we did write a note on our Delta napkin:

"Thanks for the tour. It was OFF THE CHAIN!"

We got off the plane and asked the stewardess if she would give the note to Clay; she said she would. We got to where he couldn't see us, and peeped though a tiny window and watched as he stood in the door of the plane and read "our note."

Yes, we are 12 years old!!! That was certainly the icing on our sweet cake of a weekend!!!

NCCLAYFAN: He was on our plane, he was on our plane!!! We breathed the same air for two hours!!!

One ticket to see Clay Aiken -- $100.00
Four days of Clay in Florida -- Over $1000.00
CLAY AIKEN on your return flight home -- PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking through the tiny peep hole giving a play by play. "He's in the doorway ... She handed it him ... He's reading it!"

After Clay read the note, he looked up, and I am pretty sure I saw a smile. He held the note in his hand as he went over to claim his bag on a rolling cart beside the plane. As he headed to the awaiting car, he still held our note in his hand!

As Clay enters the Universal Decca era, fans are counting the days until new music, concert tours, and memorable postscripts come their way again.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Featured in this clickable interlude are graphics by AmazingCA. Photographers include fivegoldens, 1, 2; Invisible926, 3; dc4clay, 4; and xxx4clay, 5.

Cousins Present Summer Recital

Last Monday three of my students -- two pianists and a violinist -- presented a special summer recital for their grandmother, mothers, uncle, and a little brother. Counting the teacher, that was nine of us in the close quarters of a studio-practice room.

The program featured Disney, pop, and patriotic favorites, hymns and folk tunes, accompanied by the teacher. There were at least three video cameras running throughout, so there is bound to be clack. Most special, however, were the grandmother's audible compliments for each performer after every song.

The final selection, a simple unison arrangement of "Merrily We Roll Along," was planned by the cousins, who also designed their final bow. Standing in the middle, the violinist played the first verse. She was joined on the next stanza by her brother on the piano an octave higher. Their cousin added a lower octave on the third verse.

When they finished, the trio turned toward their mothers' video cameras and bowed as one. What the teacher wouldn't give for a screen cap of that!

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!


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Anonymous said...

Loved the story of the fans who gave Clay his privacy yet let him know in a subtle way that he was appreciated. The blends of Clay are beautiful.

LovesClaysVoice said...

Caro, what cute stories of those fans on the same plane as Clay! That must have been exciting for them! Great graphics too! Thanks again!

PaulaBear said...

I remember this story!! What fun for those fans and how nice of them to be so respectful of Clay and his privacy.

anturegirl said...

What a tour that was! I remember the airplane story and giggled while I read it. I would have done the same as those 3 fans. I am sure he was greatful for the privacy they gave him. They loved him enough to let him rest.

Love the blends.

claniac24 said...

First time I've heard the delightful fan story. What fun!Thanks for bringing it us, Carolina.

Anonymous said...

OMG I remember reding about the FOURIDA and their recap back in '07. I recall thinking what a special fandom this and that they handled themselves perfectly. Even for 12 year olds! :o)

That story brings back such good feelings and I can't wait until we can get those kind of recaps again!

Ashes said...

I remember reading these accounts of the girls being on the plane with Clay Aiken! I was so excited for them, and a tad envious too.

Your little recital sounds like it was fun, I'd love to see some clack of it!

Thanks for the great blog..and memories :)

Anonymous said...

Love the story of the woman! Thanks for sharing that . And I think you do a awesome job at the blogs ! Thanks so much . Donna in Wi.

PalpatatinClay said...

Love the story of your three students (I studied music as well, I use the term "studied" loosely);
my mom was UP for any photo op possible...sounds like great time. I adored the tale of the airplane, this bit was specifically memorable to me "When the stewardess arrived with drinks, the excited fans quietly asked if they could have Clay Aiken's cup. She said, "So that was him? I thought it looked like him!"

Why? Because I kept a milk glass (with milk still in it) in my closet for years - it was Paul McCartney's LOL...even though I met him and he eventually knew my name (thanks to Robbie Robertson of the SF Chronicle), I still held on to that damne milk glass for years (ewwwwwwww in the top of the closet)....

Great time for the 3 fans; great time for the 3 students, and great fun to read -- thank you so much!

VoxLvr said...

How great for your students! Had to laugh about the "stage moms" getting that perfect shot..

Also, love the story of the Clay fans on the airplane. They showed remarkable restraint (I would hope I would react in the same manner).
I was privy to an after show get together with Clay (San Diego - SRHP concert/Not a M&G thing) and I'm glad to say I kept my cool and actually was able to talk okay (out of body experience - that's what I attribute it to!) even kept the drool from becoming visible until he left the "tented" area. HEE.
Great times, and more great times to come!

MisBehaving said...

What a fun blog! So many memories!
I love the clickable pictures you posted, thank you so much, I love PAH's of Clay, they each are unique and interesting revealing Clay's personality in different ways. Congrats Clay on your newly signed Decca/Universal label!

"Soon" and "Yet" said...

LOL ~ I love your blog, I stop by here at least once a day...too funny and always uplifting. I loved this part "Thanks for the tour. It was OFF THE CHAIN!" LOL, it's probably something the Clay fans are familiar with as far as concerts go, it is too hilarious! I love "concert Clay" - undescribable... glad the three fans were able to have a con-nec-tion with him...made my day; I have a huge grin on my face !
Thanks again for an insightful and many times hysterical blog!

barb 55 said...

Caro, how exciting it would have been to have had the opportunity to be on the same plane with Clay! Some people have all the luck. I think I would have had a hard time not looking back at him, just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. LOL

Thanks for sharing the beautiful graphics from the talented artists. I always enjoy seeing their new creations.

Love and hugs,


SueReu said...

Thanks for the blog and the beautiful blends Caro! I always love visiting here.

I love that story about the fans on the plane with Clay Aiken - so much fun!!! I'm sure that note made his day :)

MissSally said...

Great blog Caro!
I don't think there's a Clay fan who wasn't a bit envious of the gals on the plane, I know I was.

I also enjoyed PalpatatinClay's comment about Macca's milk glass. lol


Eyequeue said...

Always love your photo interlude, just found out they were "clickable" so I could enlarge them before I right click and save - thank you so much!

Chez Clay said...

How hysterical! Had a great laugh about three fans returning on the same airplane (a!!). Also your three students.

Funny gal you are!

Clacking in the USA said...

LOL. Funny blog. Great way to start my morning. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY! The tale of the three Clay Aiken fans on the airplane with Clay is hysterical.
Also congratulations on your three students !

Love this blog!!

Mr. Rogers said...

This blog is hysterical, you have a gift for comedic writing, thank you for sharing the stories about your three students as well as the three Clay Aiken fans attempting to get his glass !! LOL

Miss Devine said...

Incredible blog, I laughed my way through it (also love the pix interlude of Clay Aiken, I've always found him attractive).

musicfan said...

What a fun story of the fans on the plane....they were so kind to give Clay his space but still let him know he was appreciated.

Thanks for the great blog. I always enjoy reading here.

Sandy said...

Another summer tour of memories are now over! Thanks so much for all these tour not only keeps the memories alive but keeps us coming back for more!

Eight more weeks to the Gala...who's counting anyways! LOL! Everything has fallen into place, airplane reservations all done and hotel booked...LOOK OUT NORTH CAROLINA!!!!

Have a wonderfuf week!



Cruella said...

Hee Hee - such a funny blog! Loved all of it (esp the clickable pix of Clay Aiken!!) ~ thanks for sharing the story of your three students and also the tale of the airplane...too funny!

Pulled Pork said...

What a funny story about the 3 fans on the same airplane! Also, loved your sharing about your 3 students. Always love the photos on your sight, Clay Aiken is truly handsome plus I love his music too!

Madam AL said...

What great stories! Thanks for sharing. I love to come to your blog because of not just the comedic talent you have, but because it always has great pictures and videos! Thanks for the clickables, they are gorgeous.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Very nice job, love that you keep Us up and excited. As we wait for music, Clay is enjoying his summer, hope he is singing his heart out too....couple mos. to go maybe....thanks! for the nice blog, was fun to read! ~Donna in WI.

gerra said...

What a wonderful blog. I love the stories. How did I miss the one about Clay on the same flight as the three fans? I know I will be back to read this again.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I don't think I could have had the control those three fans had, no matter how hard I tried. I fear I would have been turning around in my seat for a better view. I think they handled the situation perfectly.