Saturday, August 08, 2009

Clay Aiken Marks Son's Birthday

Parker's First Birthday - Montage by Yollie950

With 'Aunties' Around the World

Parker Celebrates First Candle

When Parker Foster Aiken was born at 8:08 a.m. August 8, 2008, the more artistic members of his father's fan base went into overdrive welcoming the new arrival with an outpouring of beautiful graphics and montages.

Today, as the son of Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster blows out his first candle, the celebration continues in rhyme, rhythm, and song with thousands of "aunties" around the globe marking the birthay milestone.

The opening montage -- Parker's First Birthday - Yollie950 -- features his father singing "Look What Love Has Done" and a charming birthday poem by ymarie that closes with these verses:

You're a precious little boy,
The source of so much pride and joy.
You not only made their wishes come true,
You have thousands of aunties who love you, too.

We wish you the best on this special day
Congratulations again, Jaymes and Clay.
You done good!

Happy Birthday, Parker Foster Aiken!

PARTY TIME -- Clay and Parker. Graphic by AmazingCA.

The occasions of Parker's birth, his dad's first Father's Day, and the anniversary of his arrival have resulted in countless special donations to The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, now the National Inclusion Project, by members of Clay Aiken fan clubs and message boards.

Amazingly, the infant inspired generosity among his father's fans as baby showers held in his honor benefited local families and children in need. In most cases, gifts were contributed by those in attendance, as well as many who forwarded items. Below is a photo from one such shower.

Boston Baby Shower
Clickable by Sandy

Glimpses from occasional outings, publications, and TV appearances during this little guy's first year have produced an amazing collection of photos, graphics, and montages by the fandom's creative "aunties."

The Father's Day montage by LovesClaysVoice is accompanied by Clay singing "I Will Be Here." Below are representatives from this blog's Parker photo album.

Beginning with August 2008, the first set includes graphics by Laura08, 1; Fountaindawg, 2 and 4; GMA screen cap of the family, 3; and AmazingCA, 5.

As Clay celebrated Father's Day, Parker crawled into toddler land. The graphic artists followed, and these clickable designs were created by cindilu2, 1; AmazingCA with photo by PermaSwooned, 2; Fountaindawg, 3 and 5; and AmazingCA, 4.

Wishing Parker and his family a very special birthday celebration! Happy weekend to the Clay Nation "aunties" around the globe!

Below is a double-clickable of AmazingCA's birthday graphic:


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LovesClaysVoice said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Parker! He is such a cute precious little boy! I am sure Clay and Jaymes are having a very special day with him today! Thank you Caro for your blog, beautiful graphics and Yollie's montage!

Kay said...

I loved your blog today. Parker is a very lucky little boy. I think he is absolutely beautiful.


Cindy said...

What a great blog - my face is sore from smiling so hard! Parker is adorable, as is his Daddy. His Mama's pretty special too.

Congratulations, Jaymes and Clay, and Happy Birthday Parker!

SueReu said...

Happy 1st Birthday Parker!!!

Thanks for the great blog Caro!! Love the sweet poem by ymarie, great montage by yollie and always the wonderful graphics.

Hope Parker, Clay & Jaymes have an amazing day

PaulaBear said...

Wonderful pictures of Clay Aiken, Jaymes Foster and their beautiful son Parker! Happy Birthday Parker and special wishes for a perfect day!

Ashes said...

Caro, A beautiful birthday blog for our dear little "nephew"! I sure hope his Mommy & Daddy see all the heartfelt greetings for him :)

Love all the 'cards' for Parker, and montages too. Both Daddy and son are adorable :)

anaturegirl said...

What a way for us to celebrate Parker Aiken's 1st Birthday. Today's blog is fantastic with wonderful graphics and Yollie's montage.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Parker. Clay and Jaymes must be so excited today.

Caro, I love your blog. I know when I come here there will always be something special to see. A big THANK YOU for all your efforts.

T said...

Great blog! A very special day for a very cute, sweet & adorable little boy, Parker.

The opening montage by Yollie with the poem & all the other graphics are beautiful. I remember how excited I was seeing photos of Parker especially his precious smile. His parents are beaming with joy as we are too. Happy 1st Birthday dear Parker!

Thanks so much Caro for your beautiful blog.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, caro! Happy Birthday, Parker and congratulations Jaymes Foster and Clay Aiken on a very special year.

jbc4clay said...

I have always loved that song.......
Happy Birthday Sweet Parker!

Anonymous said...

Love that you took time for Happy Birthday to Parker. Wonder if a brother or sister is on the way? He sure is cute. Hope him the best and wonder what his bday is like? Loved your blog.Good job. ~ Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog, full of happiness and cheer. It's always a treat to visit here.

PaulaBear said...

Parker Foster Aiken is on his way to the "terrible twos"! Watch out Clay!

chel4clay said...

Great Blog about Parkers 1st birthday. I sure would like to have been "invisible" fly on the wall to see all the festivities. Enjoyed all the beautiful pictures of that sweet, sweet boy (both of them).

Sandy said...

I loved Yollie's montage and poem! You also did a great job on this blog in celebration of Parker's first birthday. It almost seemed like it was just yesterday that Parker was born.

Wish me luck as I try for tickets tomorrow for the Gala. Anita and I made a decision that we just cannot go by this year without seeing him at least once. She has thousands of Air Miles (all her government trips)that she can use to get us there.

Have a great week!