Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clay Aiken: Fun-Filled SRHP Finale

ORLANDO 2007 -- AmazingCA graphic, photo by Invisible926.

A LAP and LACIE Collaboration

Recollections of Orlando Concert

This rewind spotlights the 8/19/07 Soft Rock Hard Place finale in Orlando with LAP and LACIE at the helm as they were in the original two years ago.

Usually a final concert is filled with trickery, playful antics that performers and audience can enjoy. The vocals in the Orlando show were magnificent treasures; but for the most part, the laughs were the epitome of subtlety.

For days, LAP (laptop) and LACIE (external hard drive) have been reviewing highlights of the final show of Clay Aiken's Summer Symphony Tour. Here are their recollections ...

LAP: I wonder if Caro realizes this is the third day of her blogging routine. She seems rather involved with real life -- a new nephew, enrolling fall students, and whatnot.

LACIE: She did write the lead, but methinks we should take a look at her notes and see what we can assemble.

LAP: To be honest, we caught the blogging bug a few months ago, and we really would like another spin.

LACIE: It's not as if we don't know what's going on in Clay Land. If we're not watching clack, we're reading about it.

LAP: After Claystruck created this beautiful clickable calendar, we had the tour schedule down pat.

Orlando Clackapalooza Time

LAP: These past few days have been a regular Orlando Clackapalooza, so that might be a good subject for our blog entry.

LACIE: To be fair, we caught Leroy1704's post at Clayversity and "borrowed" that term from her.

LAP: Last night, we both needed smelling salts when Caro stopped the clack long enough to watch a couple of movies, meaning LACIE went to bed early while I turned into a DVD player.

LACIE: LOL, I had about an hour's snooze before she checked on the vault alerts at intermission. "Right-click and Save" zapped me from a deep sleep to download mode in a skinny minute.

LAP: One of our favorite songs, "I Want To Know What Love Is," evolved from a gorgeous duet into a magnificent, classic trio in Orlando. Quiana [Parler]and Angela [Fisher] were very clever teasing and tricking Clay as to which would be his singing partner on this song. Each night in Orlando the poor guy had to guess, and in Orlando they both were!

LACIE: How about that ending? Be still, my heart! Clay improvised low register riffs with Quiana and soared into the higher altitudes with Angela. We need to stop talking and roll IWTKWLI.

LAP: Click on Irishbookgal's photo to link to IWTKWLI, posted at YouTube by kb0326 ... and watch for "Heartache" and "Pain." My partner goes by either name, LOL!

Photo by Irishbookgal links to IWTKWLI

LACIE: (fanning self) Lawd Jesus, I just can't get enough of that one. And you'd better watch it, LAP before I start dishing on you!

LAP: Next up are three Not.Just.Us stories, two from the tour and one from real life. Hope you like these as much as we do.

Clay Impresses Theater Owner

DEEPSOUTHGURRL: In West Palm, a man in his late 30s sat next to me. He had treated a young couple to the show for her birthday, and they were sitting in front of us.He saw Clay on AI, thought he should have won; but that was it -- no concerts, no CD's, nothing since.

As the concert progressed, he was really enjoying it; but he never stood for anything. At intermission, I learned he is the owner of a theater in Delray Beach down the road from West Palm. He named some of the performers he has had and they were all names we know.

He was really into the second part, too. Then came The Classics segment; we all stood up and there he sat. I told him, "I'm sorry, but you have got to stand up now. You are going to miss it all sitting in that chair. Trust me." He said, "Yes, 'mam" and stood up. He clapped, he laughed, he danced.

By the time Clay did his "support your local theaters and arts" speech, this man was absolutely in the palm of his hand. He said "Wow, I have never heard a performer so supportive. I think this man is more outstanding than I could have imagined."

I really enjoyed his company, and he really enjoyed Clay Aiken!

Teacher Becomes 'One of Those'

MARGARET5828: At the Asheville concert, I sat next to a 30-year-old teacher who had been a fan since "Take" but had never been to a concert. She acted just like a teenager, jumping up, clapping, cheering, and having a ball.

She asked me where I was from, I told her northern Indiana, and she said, "Oh, you're one of those." I assume she meant "crazy fan." I didn't say anything, just loaned her my binoculars on "Measure of a Man" and "Lover All Alone" ... and she was a goner. HEEE!!!

GAMBIE: The woman whose cubicle is next to mine knows I am a Clay fan and asks me questions every once in awhile. Yesterday I brought in my "A Thousand Different Ways" CD to listen to, and she wanted to see it.

I opened the notes so that she could see the poster on the back side. She grabbed it from my hands and said rather loudly, "MY, GOD! NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE FOLLOW HIM AROUND THE COUNTRY! WOW, THIS GUY IS JUST WOW!"

One by one they fall under the power of the Aiken.

Photos Highlight Special Moments

LACIE: We know the drill. It's time for a clickable photo interlude.

LAP: These are all from the Orlando concert. The fourth photo is when the "switcheroos" took place on "A Thousand Days." Sean [McDaniel] played piano, Jesse [Vargas] became the drummer, and Quiana did a fantastic imitation of Clay as he stepped into her backup role.

LACIE: The final picture was taken after Clay sang his special thank you to the fans, "Because You Love Me." What a guy! Oh, where's my hankie?

PHOTO INTERLUDE: These five clickables are snapshots of special moments during the tour's finale in Orlando. Included are photos by Okie4Clay, 1; Invisible926, 2 and 4; toni7babe, 3; and Brightstar, 5.

Orlando MOAM Vocals Outstanding

LAP: Getting back to the music, we thought the VOX was amazing during Clay's performance of "Measure of a Man," title track of his first album.

LACIE: Clay really outdid himself on the Orlando rendition, and the audience showed their appreciation with an extended standing ovation.

LAP: You can link to Spotlightlover's video of MOAM by clicking on this photo by toni7babe:

Photo by toni7babe links to MOAM

LAP: That's how we remember Orlando. Hope Caro appreciates that we wrote, coded, and uploaded an anniversary blog for her.

LACIE: In two places, no less! As always, our pleasure celebrating Clay. (sigh) LAP, it's getting warm in here again. Where is my "Lawd Jesus" fan?

LAP: Below is a clickable of AmazingCA's opening graphic:

LAP and LACIE: Before we leave, here's a little breaking news -- Clay Aiken is now listed on the Decca Record Artists page!

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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PalpatatinClay said...

I love this!

' I told him, "I'm sorry, but you have got to stand up now. You are going to miss it all sitting in that chair. Trust me.' He said, "Yes, 'mam" and
stood up. He clapped, he laughed, he danced."

WTG on Clayverting him! You never know who you are going to sit next to at a concert. I loved the calendar that Claystruck made, brings back some wonderful memories.

Love the photo interlude as always!

Your blog is too hysterical...thank you for making my morning!

"Soon" and "Yet" said...

THANK YOU for the clickables!
I'm so happy for Clay and also the Clan fans that he decided not to re-up with RCA and go with the biggest label in the industry.

What a funny and great blog.
Made my day!

SueReu said...

Caro, fun blog!!! I always love it when LAP and LACIE take over *hee hee*

I had a similar experience with a first time Clay concert goer in Pala. He was SOLD by the end of the show LOL!!!

Clay Aiken is a master performer because he connects with the audience. He doesn't just go through the motions, but watches and listens to everything going on around him.

I really miss him on the road and hope he gets out there again soon!!!

That is my favorite Measure of a Man performance, absolute perfection.

Thanks again and have a good week!

Ashes said...

Great surprise to see this! I've been out most of the morning, just came over to see you & wheee, Lap & Lacie with the amazing Clay Aiken Orlando concert!!

I forgot all about how hungry I am (for lunch) while I devoured the Clay Aiken SRHP finale!

Thank you!!!

VoxLvr said...

WOW. The Youtube of Clay Aiken's MOAM at Ft Myers is incredible. Ending the last notes with his fists clenched, such emotion. He's truly a talent, an awesome performer and someone I hope with his new CD coming out will tour again next summer.

[I'm glad you clarified who LAP and LACIE were]

Popsicle Toes said...

I love the youtubes!!
Thank you for the photo interlude too. I wasn't at the Orlando concert, but I have friends who went who said it was completely

Thanks for funnies about the man from the Delray Beach new West Palm, too hysterical! Thanks again, great blog.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, pics are nice but was looking for a video,so I could have a excuse for not working..:)...love the blogs U do with no doubt! Thanks for the smiles! Donna in Wi.

Chez Clay said...

Donna in Wi.

You can click on the photo for any of these performances, they are connected to videos (great - stunning videos) from youtube.
Hopefully that will help you feed your clack addiction for the day!

Anonymous said...

Silly me ~found those videos ,thank you!
~Donna in Wi.

PaulaBear said...

Amazing blog, as always, caro!
I especially loved your story about the theater owner in Delray Beach. I don't think I've ever heard of any concertgoer leaving a Clay Aiken concert disappointed. He amazes even the skeptics and converts them all! Can't wait until he's back out on the road again next year with his new CD!!

fgs said...

The two videos from Orlando were wonderful. I loved it when Quiana and Angela kept teasing Clay and he didn't know who would sing next. That MOAM performance was one of his best.

Anonymous said...

LOL, "LACIE: It's not as if we don't know what's going on in Clay Land. If we're not watching clack, we're reading about it."
That's me for sure!

Yeah, didn't know Decca had Clay Aiken on there artist listing now!!

Thanks for a super blog :)

Tripster said...

LOL. Too funny, love your blog; always upbeat. I love the phrase Clackapalooza ~ that's really a hoot! Thanks for all the videos, and the photo interlude. Loved your conversation between LAP and Lacie!

Eyequeue said...

LOL. Funny blog. You have a comedic sense of humor, thanks for the laughs this morning !

Chris said...

Really fun Blog today! Thanks for the memories!!

musicfan said...

Caro......what a creative blog. You had all sorts of great information and it was all presented in a very fun way!!

I always enjoy your great blogs!!

anaturegirl said...

Caro, love Lap and Lacie. Orlando was the best!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Lap & Lacie!;)
Clay Aiken is the best!!

MisBehaving said...

LOL - enjoyed this blog! So much information. I'm so glad that Clay changed labels. You definitely have a flare for comedy,
I truly LOL when I read this.
Thanks again.

From the Heart said...

How funny! LAP & LACIE are hysterical! I really appreciate the pix & the video!!

Sheila said...

How FUNNY~~! Thank you for the blog that made my day! Clay Aiken
is a talent that hasn't been appreciated yet. It appears that he will be with the BMG label. You are hysterical, again, this blog made my DAY !!

cloaniac24 said...

Superb blog. Loved everything about it, particularly the clickable pics. Thanks for bringing us these wonderful memories.

clayam said...

This is a fun blog as usual! I love every picture and performances of Clay Aiken.

PaulaBear said...

It's getting so hard to wait!! Knowing that Clay Aiken has signed a new record deal and will be putting a new CD out in 2010 has got me just wishing for Xmas and New Year's to come SOON!!

Sydney said...

LOL !~! thanks for the memories, Clay was so revved up for the SRHP tour and so funny...appreciate the photo interlude and the videos too.
He's hysterical!

Beam me up Clay said...

YAY !! Clay Aiken has signed a contract with Universal - Decca. It's the largest label in the industry ** Good for him, I love his music and now I will hear more of him on the radio hopefully.
WTG Clay !!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love it all, especially the wonderful quotes from fans and the theatre man.

Clay Aiken is truly a man who impresses anyone that bothers to see and hear him ♥

Wallace said...

Your blog is very funny. I also like the pictures of Clay Aiken. Thank you very much. =)

Cousin It said...

LOL !! "where is my Lawd Jesus fan" had me rolling on the floor; you are insanely funny!! Thanks for the great, humorous blog as well as the photos and video!

mel!ss@ said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what wonderful memories !!!!! I can't wait for concert clack again !!!!!


LovesClaysVoice said...

Fantastic blog Caro! I loved the SRHP tour and the Orlando concert was amazing! Clay's MOAM was out of this world! I hope we get to see Clay on tour very soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quoting from your fan's comments: "I opened the notes so that she could see the poster on the back side. She grabbed it from my hands and said rather loudly, "MY, GOD! NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE FOLLOW HIM AROUND THE COUNTRY! WOW, THIS GUY IS JUST WOW!"

One by one they fall under the power of the Aiken."

The only problem is that when you are in attendance of one of Clay Aiken
concerts, you get in this "zone" - fans call it the "Aiken fog" -- I've been there so I know! I have to go back and clack out to see what I REALLY saw in order to get beyond my "brain fart" of the evening! It sounds weird, but it's so true!

Moving On Up said...

Well hecky darn ! Anonymous at 1:34pm said exactly the same thing I was going to say!! LOL.

Tricky that those fingers just fly faster than the 'puter !! hee.