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Clay Aiken Logs Global Fan Base

CITY LIGHTS -- Ashes featured a photo by PermaSwooned in this handsome graphic.

Fans Anticipate 2010 Album

Clay Aiken a Worldwide Success

Press on Clay Aiken's Nov. 30 birthday was especially positive, one article even going so far as to hint that Singer Man is contemplating trying his hand at a rap album.

This is from the MTV story about celebrity birthdays on Nov. 30:

Even if he didn't win "American Idol," there's no question that Clay Aiken is one of the most successful talents to emerge from Fox's musical phenomenon. From a number of widely acclaimed albums to a hilarious run on Broadway as Sir Robin in "Monty Python's Spamalot," Clay has deservedly earned attention and adoration from fans all around the world.

Honestly, there isn't much that Clay hasn't accomplished already in his relatively short career, though I'd personally love to see him try his hand at a rap album. Not only would it be hilarious, but I bet it'd be surprisingly good, too!

THE BEST IS YET TO COME! -- Graphic by cindilu2

An outstanding overview of Clay's entertainment career and humanitarian work was posted with birthday greetings on the American Idol News site:

Clay Aiken, the popular Season 2 runner-up, has done everything from releasing albums to touring to performing on Broadway to acting on TV. The 31-year-old Raleigh native's more recent debut is becoming a father to son Parker.

After a successful run on American Idol's second season, Clay was signed to RCA Records. He released five albums on the label, the multi-platinum debut album Measure of a Man in 2003, Merry Christmas with Love in 2004, A Thousand Different Ways in 2006, the 2006 EP All Is Well, and On My Way Here in 2008.

On March 31, 2009, Clay released Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken, a compilation of some of his greatest hits which included "Solitaire" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water," songs that Clay sang as a contestant on American Idol.

Clay has launched eight tours and authored a New York Times best-selling book called Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life. He's also had a number of television appearances including the 2004 televised Christmas special A Clay Aiken Christmas which he also executive produced, Scrubs, Saturday Night Live, and 30 Rock.

In January of 2008, Clay made his Broadway debut as Sir Robin in Monty Python's Spamalot. We caught up exclusively with Clay in 2008 to learn more about his role in Spamalot. Read the 1/15/08 interview.

Before becoming an American Idol superstar, Clay tutored a child with autism. Due to his passion to help children with autism, Clay co-founded the National Inclusion Project in 2003 with the mother of the boy he tutored.

In 2004, Clay was appointed to National Ambassador for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and in 2006 he was appointed for a two-year term to the Presidential Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. UNICEF has sent Clay to countries around the world.

This month, Clay posted a blog that revealed he's been traveling to record music for his new album. "I am quite happy with what we are doing this time, and extremely satisfied with the direction we are headed in on this album," Clay said.

A great read with much promise for an awesome new Clay Aiken album with the Decca label in 2010 -- probably minus the rap angle, however!

WORLDWIDE STAR - Clay Aiken fans span the globe. (Carolina ClustrMap)

134 Countries Dot 'Carolina' Map

Thought unscientific, indicators of Clay's worldwide popularity appear daily in the Carolina blog's ClustrMap and Feedjit Live Feed, which register home countries of this site's visitors. Since December 2007, residents of 134 nations have dropped by this corner of the Internet for the latest Clay Aiken news.

In the past 24 hours, due in part to a link at
Clay Aiken - The Ideal Idol, a whopping 438 fans came to the Carolina site to read and wish Singer Man a Happy Birthday.

New countries this month's list include Nepal, Yemen (Asia); Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Congo (Africa); and Kazakhstan (Europe). The 134 countries representing every continent except Antarctica suggest Clay's fanbase is definitely global:

ASIA: Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Micronesia, Oman, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Taipei, Taiwan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Azerbaijan (Baku), Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, China, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Maldives, Palestinian Territory, Brunei Darussalam, Asia/Pacific Region, Jordan, Nepal, Yemen

AFRICA: South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Madagascar, Seychelles, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Algeria, Uganda, Mauritius, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, United Republic of Tanzania, Djibouti, Angola, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Congo

EUROPE: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Russian Federation, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey, Malta, Georgia, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sicilia, Andorra, Latvia, Europe, Moldova, Albania, Kazakhstan

Thumbnail Carolina ClustrMap
Click to view larger version.

NORTH AMERICA: Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, United States, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bermuda, Saint Lucia, Guatemala, Nassau, The Bahamas, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Anguilla, Honduras

SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia

AUSTRALIA: Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Solomon Islands

Right Here Waiting - Graphic by AmazingCA

The ClustrMap will be archived on Thursday, Dec. 3, and a new blank slate open to receive another year's worth of visitors. Hopefully, your red dot will show in an upcoming issue ... SOON!

This "Idol Found, Game Over" CA fandom excitedly anticipates the singer's upcoming chapter with Decca Records. For Clay and his Nation, the best is yet to come!

Below are clickables of the graphics by Ashes, cindilu2, and AmazingCA:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



copingincalifornia said...

So wonderful to know that your blog is being read around the world!

Rhode Island Fan said...

Loved the map showing where his fans are--Clay Aiken really is an international superstar!! Let's all hope that Decca realizes that and promotes him that way

Those clickable grahpics are gorgeous!!!

Thanks so much for this great blog--love that it is being read by so many around the world.

CCOL4HIM said...

Great blog! Things look up for Clay! Hopefully he will do a tour nationally or internationally sometimes in the next 12 months! Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

Ashes said...

Wonderful blog Caro. There's nothing better than reading about all the super things Clay Aiken has accomplished...so far!
The Best is Yet to Come!

Thank you for featuring my graphic, Clay is so handsome :)

Musicfan said...

Another wonderful blog. The graphics are wonderful and I love seeing all the countries that have visited your blog. Its very exciting!!!

Thank you for sharing this with us!!

SueReu said...

I LOVE THIS!! You go Clay Aiken!!

Love the graphics - he's beautiful, inside and out

PaulaBear said...

Clay Aiken rapping!!! That would be something to hear! I would love to hear the imaginative lyrics he could come up with!

clayitagain said...

It's great to see a map showing where Clay Aiken's fans are around the world....

This is great. Thanks for the article...


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, nice pics. I am waiting with you for 2010, for Clay to sing to Us!! Round the world we will all enjoy his music....Thanks for the blog. Have a nice wk. Donna in Wi.

deyabird said...

Another amazing blog. I have never understood why Clay hasn't toured worldwide. I think he would do very well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,
So glad to see others are acknowledging Clay wonderful talents.
Clay rap, that is a possibility! lol
I would pay to see that.

How amazing to see how you have been able to track fans all around the world. I have no idea her was so popular outside the U.S.

I am so excited to see what Clay and Decca have planned for us in 2010. I am putting Clay on my Christmas list this year. Maybe a chance to see him live, a meet and greet, a photo. Oh and a hug, I think that about covers my Christmas wish this year.
Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family.
Hugs Sharrie

MissSally said...

Your Cluster Map reminds me of that old paint company slogan, "We Cover the World", congratulations Caro!

I really enjoyed Aspie's montage in the blog before this one; her talent and artistry are a special gift to Clay and his fans.

Thanks for another great blog.



Hi Caro. I've been very happy with the positive articles that we could find lately about Clay Aiken.

I am also happy to see like the quantity of international fans of Clay Aiken has been enlarged. Perhaps now we have some opportunity to see Clay in some of our countries.

As always thaks for your Blog


chel4clay said...

I just had to comment on that first picture, daaaaauuuuuummm that is hot. I've never seen it b4.

ImGranny said...

Another great blog. It was fascinating to see the map where Clay Aiken fans are located. I can't wait for his next CD and tour!!!

LovesClaysVoice said...

Wonderful blog Caro! I thought I had already commented, but I think I was in a daze after seeing that first graphic! Good Lord! That is a stunning pic!

Pat said...

Wow! Didn't know folks in so many countries are fans of Clay Aiken!

Hope he gets to tour overseas one of these days - everyone should be able to enjoy one of his spectacular concerts.

katy said...

Just what the world needs, Clay Aiken. He is a wonderful representative.

lulu said...

That is a gorgeous picture of Clay. I understand it is from Ashes blog.

anaturegirl said...

Wow, Caro glad that so many Clay fans have found your wonderful site. We are all looking forward to 2010 and all that Clay has in store for us. It is going going to be a wonderful year for him and us.

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is a world-class celebrity with an amazing voice!

Cindy said...

I'm a little late, but still want to add my wishes for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Clay Aiken. If the gifts he gets are a fraction as wonderful as the gift he gives, he's a lucky, lucky man.

World Wide Clay - now there's another wonderful thought. Great blog, Caro.

Ashes said...

Caro, a wonderful Clay Aiken blog in every way.
Thank you for your visits and comments to my new blog.

have a great day!

hugs, Ashes

MAE said...

Love your blog and all the great pictures of Clay! Wonderful seeing where all his fans are located. I'm so looking forward to his new music in 2010, know it will be wonderful as always! Thank you!!