Thursday, April 08, 2010

Clay Aiken's TNT Promo Takes Off

Decca reveals new TNT cover. (High resolution edit by cindilu2)

Label Requests Fan Opinions

'Tried & True' Train Leaves Station

The "Clay Aiken: Tried & True" promo train is leaving the station!

In the past two days, Decca Records has replaced the CD's cover photo and begun constructing the singer's page at the label website.

Decca has even asked @ClayAiken fans their opinion about the new TNT cover art via Twitter. As expected, the CA fandom's responses are running the gamut. One person asked what happened to Clay's green eyes; others offered additional editing suggestions; and another hinted for a single soon!

At the New Music Tipsheet, there are three specific "Tried & True" listings for June 1: a CD, a CD-DVD combo (deluxe edition), and a DVD.

The Clay Aiken page at Decca's website currently includes the cover shot and several fan "reviews." Biographical info and news will be added, along with media, photos, and a player that stands ready to help promote selected tracks of the new TNT album.

Cindilu2, Kareneh, ClaySTO, Cotton, and SueReu are among the visual artists who expanded and/or edited the new cover. Their clickables/double clickables are posted below:

Inclusion Project Goes International

It won't be long before the National Inclusion Project might have to change the first word of its name to "International." According to an includingkids tweet on Thursday morning, the Project met with with visitors from Oman's Ministry of Education to talk about Let's All Play.

A couple of hours later, the word was:

How about this? Let's ALL Play and Together We Make a Difference in Arabic? Yep! Possible training in Oman? Yep!

Timeless Tour Tickets on Sale

Word of the three-week, 17-city summer tour of Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard has spread like wildfire and not a minute too soon. Five sites are already selling tickets with more set to start next week.

All 17 concert sites are linked below. For up-to-date information on ticket sales, see Clayonline News, Ticketmaster, and the concert sites. The Hampton Beach site is featuring a video of the AI2 finale duet by Clay and Ruben, "Ain't No Stopping Us Now."

One of the most attractive advertisements for the "Timeless Tour" appears on the Lancaster, PA, website:

Clay and Ruben are coming to the American Music Theatre in central PA (Aug. 8, 7 p.m.)!

Timeless Tour at Lancaster, PA, site.

Summer 2010 Tour: Concert List

Jul-23 - Asheville, NC - Biltmore Estate (Tickets on sale NOW)
Jul-24 - Jacksonville, FL - The Florida Theater (Tickets on sale April 9)
Jul-25 - Melbourne, FL - King Center For Arts (Ticket sale: TBA)
Jul-26 - Clearwater, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall (Tickets: TBA)
Jul-29 - Snoqualmie WA - Casino- Mountain View Plaza (Tickets: May 8)
Jul-31 - Reno, NV - Silver Legacy Casino (Tickets: NOW)
Aug-01 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia (Tickets: May 7)
Aug-03 - Milwaukee, WI - Potawatomi Casino (Tickets: TBA)
Aug-05 - Windsor, ON - Caesars Windsor (Tickets: TBA)
Aug-06 - Chautauqua, NY - Chautauqua Institution Amphitheatre (Tickets: NOW)
Aug-07 - Mashantucket, CT - MGM Grand Foxwoods (Tickets: April 23)
Aug-08 - Lancaster, PA - American Music Theatre (Tickets: TBA)
Aug-10 - Hampton Beach, NH - Hampton Beach Casino (Tickets: April 14)
Aug-11 - New York, NY - The Hammerstein (Tickets: April 23)
Aug-12 - Verona, NY - Turning Stone Casino (Tickets: April 9)
Aug-13 - Hammond, IN - Horseshoe Casino (Tickets: TBA)
Aug-14 - Biloxi, MS - Beau Rivage (Tickets: TBA)

Clickable by Fountaindawg

Tornado Talk Starts Music Lessons

When music students returned for piano/violin lessons after Spring Break, several who had been in the path of the Triad's Palm Sunday tornadoes first had to to share their storm stories. Having lived in West Texas for several years, their teacher has a few of her own.

In 2008, I included recollections of the Lubbock Tornado of 1970 in a Carolina blog. Warnings that I should get to the storm cellar went unheeded, and I unwisely rode out the center of the F-5 storm in a mobile home.

One of the most interesting twists of the this tornado occurred at the Lubbock Club where my husband, a Texas Tech student at Texas Tech, worked as maitre d' part-time.

Betty, keyboardist in a duo performing at the Lubbock Club, was using a wonderful old fake book that my husband had discovered in a long-forgotten pile in a symphony rehearsal hall.

Patrons and employees alike had evacuated the Lubbock Club in haste the night of the tornado.

A month later when the musicians returned for the club's reopening, Betty apologized for just leaving that wonderful old book of tunes on the organ.

She was flabbergasted when Mr. Caro explained that the tornado had apparently closed the book and placed it safely beside the organ pedals.

I still own the infamous fake book, which this week served as a great segway from tornadoes to the music at hand.

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!



anberwa said...

I can not wait to see this concert.

SueReu said...

LOVING all the artwork!!! Clay has some mighty talented fans :D

Cannot WAIT for the tour to start, it's gonna be fun (and I'm expecting LOTS of videos and photos)

I'm so proud of National Inclusion Project - good for them!

Thanks Caro!

Anonymous said...

It is a exciting time with Clay Aiken in the spot lights....can not wait for all the good stuff! Music, music!!! + Good for NIP ! Thanks! for your great blogs! Love, love, U do a awesome job keeping Us up to date! Donna in WI.

Anonymous said...

I the new pic on the TNT cd. He is just gorgeous..and those eyes do something to me.

Looks like the National Inclusion Project is moving up. Very proud of all the good work they do.

MissSally said...

I'm in love with the TNT cover and would not change a's perfect! Special thanks to Cindilu2 for providing the high-res version.

Love the tornado story.

Thanks for another awesome blog.

clayam said...

Thanks caro for your wonderful and informative blogs. I love the Clay Aiken CD cover.

Anonymous said...

Storms can do strange things, eh?
I remember seeing some amazing sights after Hurricane Hazel in 57(? I think).
One image burned in my memory is marsh and sand and sea creating it's own little island and in the middle of it, askew and all alone, sat a beautiful full Grand Piano.
What an odd sight. Wish I could paint so I could capture the image for others to see.


katy said...

Anxiously waiting for Clay Aiken's album, the PBS special and the concerts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

ANOTHER amazing blog never cease to amaze me.

Is it June Yet??????

Have a great weekend.


cathie said...

thanx, caro. as always, enjoyed your blog very much.

ImGranny said...

Another great blog! Thank you! It won't be long till Clay Aiken is in concert and the boards will really be hopping!

That's wonderful news about the National Inclusion Project!

musicfan123 said...

Well, I have tickets to two shows now. I can't wait!!!

I love the album cover. I think it fits the music so well. I am amazed at the amount of thought that is going into the entire album.

Caro......another wonderful blog. I leave again with a big smile!!

Thank you!!

Sandy said...

Great picture on the TNT CD! It definitely is of that era. I have never seen a face change so much with just a flick of the comb! I remember when he surprised us with that BOTW perfomance on AI5 and to this day still try and convince myself it was Clay!

Am a very happy girl today as Anita was up at the crack of dawn and got us our tickets to Verona. Am so very excited!!!

Some very good things happening with the National Inclusion Project! It would be wonderful to get worldwide recognition.

Have a wonderful weekend Caro!


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro
Thanks for all the updates. I finally know for sure the tickets for Hammond are on sale through ticketmaster.It is only 35 miles from us. It looks like it has Jumbotrons,so ticket stress shouldn't be too bad on that one Great blog.

And we have another 1st BC of Clay -Passports! We are going to Windsor,Ot, it is only 5 hr.from us wow this summer is going to be fun.
I tried to write this comment on OFC, but it was to long and I didn't have the energy to cut it down. I think next blog I'll just hi and say see COMM site. That happens all the time. I guest I just talk too much.
Have a great weekend.

Hugs Margaret

I wish the album cover had Clay with just a little smile.


Hi Caro.
As soon as I handed over my laptop, I came running to see your blog. I have to catch up.
I'm so excited about the CD, DVD, concerts ... everything new is going on with Clay