Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clay Aiken Frisco Finale 'Fan-Flippin-Tastic'!

Final Tried & True show begins with a twist!

Magical Vocals, Lots of Laughs

San Francisco Finale a Treasure

Closing concerts are generally sprinkled with playful antics, but Saturday's Tried & True finale in San Francisco's Warfield Theatre will also be treasured for the magical vocals, quick-witted banter, and intimate dialogue.

SueReu's "Fan-Flippin-Tastic" description is not only perfect but headline worthy.

The concert opened with Clay singing "Theme from Love Story" offstage, but the spotlight that normally propels him into view surprisingly revealed burly Jerome Bell lip-syncing the song.

A few minutes into the personable bodyguard's pantomime, Clay strolled onto the stage, dismissed Jerome, and completed another powerful performance of "Theme from Love Story."

Glow Sticks Applaud Clay & Co.

Backed by five talented musicians -- Ben Cohn, Adam Fallen, Del Atkins, Felix Pollard, and Quiana Parler -- the singer presented a memorable final concert that audience members are still praising.

In a special "thank you" gesture, Internet fans organized a glow stick salute for Clay & Co. during "In My Life," final selection of the Tried & True Tour.

SueReu: That was FAN FLIPPIN TASTIC!!! I think Clay was genuinely touched when the glow sticks were lit.
As I was leaving, I looked at the security guard and had to do a double take. Sure enough, the woman had tears streaming down her face - our man had moved her to tears. She said he was fantastic.

Copingincali: It was like the closing night of "Spamalot." Clay was shown the love tonight with lots of Standing O's and hoots and hollers ALL NIGHT LONG!
I sat next to a lovely 20-something gal on one side who was having a great time and the other 20-something gal on the other side was from Japan. She literally left the day the tsunami hit. She knows all his songs, but this was her first concert.

We had a great time being 12 together!
In one of the most entertaining segments of the show, "Who's Sorry Now" was performed in five genres: psychedelic, bollywood, Sesame Street, hip hop, and Disney.

Video of the Disney style is below. View all of
Scarlett's videos at the Wowzers4Clay YouTube Channel. You can download them from the San Francisco doc.

Clay & Co. perform'Who's Sorry Now' in Disney style.

susandavis: The show was wonderful, and Clay was in great voice. "Unchained Melody" was flawless, and Clay wore the mic stand out.
He was so cute talking to Blaine, who was four and had a front row seat. He complimented Blaine on his behavior and was so funny about how four must be a good age.

Jerome standing behind the mic lip syncing was unbelievably funny. He is a good sport.

Clay sings signature version of 'Unchained Melody.'

IML banter: 'It's like a Radio Shack [here] tonight.'

Singer dedicates 'In My Life' to his fans everywhere.

artquest: When Clay began to sing "In My Life," the glow sticks appeared. Looking back from the front row, I was really impressed.
Hundreds and hundreds of beautiful lights, moving in the darkness, saying, in their own way, "We love you." He kept looking around at them. You could tell he liked it very much.

I'm still blown away by "Unchained Melody." I can't even figure out how he finds his note to begin with. Hits it every time, though.

What a great night. Thanks to my friends and, most of all, to Clay, I had the time of my life.

Below are four expandable photos by nickiwiki accompanying an image of the Warfield Theatre. View more photos on at Niki's Facebook wall.

Fond memories from the 21-city Tried & True Tour are plentiful and show little sign of fading in the near future.

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



Anonymous said...

Best concert ever!!! I mean of any concert I have ever been too!! Sue is right, he was "Fan Flippin Tastic". I knew he was great but when I looked over to a security guard and she was clapping and singing, every word!! Every flippin word! That made me cry!

Thanks to all the claymates that have worked so hard to get the videos and photos posted so we could relish in the Clayfog!

Thanks Caro, another amazing blog! Now I can go back to work!! I miss him already!

anaturegirl said...

Wow, this concert tour sure went fast, but oh the memories will live on with all the Clack that was gathered.

It always seems that with each tour Clay gets better and better. And gathers more and more NJU. I love hearing about the audience reactions and how the NJU responds to, not only Clay the singer, but Clay the man.

Thanks Caro, for another string of great concert blogs. Love how you keep us all informed.

T said...

Thanks so much Caro for all your blogs. All the videos brought so much joy especially "All My Life". That song says it all.

Many thanks to all who have been so kind in bringing their videos, photos, etc. We don't get to go to the concert but felt like we were there. Appreciate it so much.

The last show gave me goosebumps and so grateful for all your blogs.
Clay still stands out. That voice is captivating.

All smiles and again, thank you.


Anonymous said...

He had to smile and knows he is loved more! Sad ,,concerts are over but hope for more to come! Thanks for the blogs always!!

katy said...

San Francisco was the best for recaps, videos, and pics. Thanks to all and to you Caro for blogging it.

kta said...

Thank you for a wonderful blog. Sounds like SF was so much fun! Glad everyone showed Clay the love with the glow sticks so he knows we are excited to see what he has next! C'mon Clay :)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Caro,

A bittersweet way to start my morning.....LOVE ALL the clack, oh that voice singing TFLS and UM, and the banter was awesome! But the sad reality that this tour is over. Now to wait and see what Clay has up his sleeve for us.

I am now off to Wowzers4Clay YouTube Channel.....

Have a GREAT week Caro.


IamMesmerized said...

Thank you for this fantastic blog. I wish I had been able to go but it was just too far away. I'm glad everyone showed Clay the love and I know he knew it came from all of us.

Caro, we are now all going to be waiting for the next time. 8 years to 10 to 20. We'll all be right here waiting.

Anonymous said...

The San Francisco Concert was just awesome. Nice to know that one of the Security Guard's was having so much fun. Even they can't resist him...Lol! The Glow Sticks were great and glad we got that in a video. I'll always remember that smile on his face when he first saw them. He was feeling the Love!

Sandy said...

Can't believe this tour is over already! Now to wait for the next chapter of life with Clay Aiken! I'll be here waiting as usual!

Thanks Caro for the best coverage of this tour! Your blogs were always amazing!


MissSally said...

This was hands-down my favorite Clay concert ever.

Thank you so much Caro and Scarlett for the hard work it took to bring each one to us. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

dear Caro,
thank you for your blog... no way without your blog I can update myself on Clay.
Sad that his concert is finish.. can not wait & very anxious for the next thing he does. Wishing he will always sing for the next 10-20 years ...have more records (eventhough he said he doesn't like it...but I wish he will have opportunities to do more) I can always listen to his voice.
Wish he can have concerts outside the US, like Asia or I can see him in alive.

Thank you to all godess & goedessess of clacks & videos... it's really more than words... a lot more than just a simple thankyou words... I just can not find the right words to express my gratitudes.. I love you all..

greetings from Indonesia - Puteri

Anonymous said...

dear Caro..
my fault... I should have included this in my comment, but I forgot.
So I just write it anyway ...

I also need to thank Clay to allow us having clacks... In Indonesia, bring camera (simple digital camera) a big no no in concert. let alone video taping ...I know it was also prohibited in the US ..but still we have these clacks...if not because Clay allow this things happen we wont have clacks...

So Clay ..thank you verymuch to let me/us watch you through you tube or by downloading it...hope you know that we love you even more because of it...

Ok Caro.. I am done with my comments :) thanks a lot.