Saturday, March 05, 2011

Clay Aiken, Tried & True Troupe Wow Waukegan

Expandable photo by toni7babe from the Waukegan T&T Concert.

Audience Scores Creativity Points

Clay & Co. Wow Waukegan Crowd

Clay Aiken & Co. wowed the Waukegan audience at the Genesse Theatre Friday night, and the audience returned the favor with its creativity during the "Who's Sorry Now" genre suggestions.

From early reports, there were many highlights, one of which was drummer Felix Pollard and his wife dancing on stage while Clay serenaded them with their wedding song, "Something About Us."

By necessity, this has been a progressive blog because I had a date with Best Buy the minute the store opened. In this part of the country, tonight marks the ultimate in Tobacco Road basketball rivalries, and my TV heaved its final breath in the middle of a movie Friday night.

TV Death Ushers in Techno 2000's

Apparently, the picture tube of my dinosaur-aged set gave up the fight and, in a last gasp, the screen shrank to 1/3 its original size. In Carolina country, the Tar Heel-Blue Devil match-up is a must-see game, plus I was way overdue to enter the new century.

My good friend Chris, who accompanied me to Best Buy, remarked that with my new iPhone and now an LED TV, I have finally fallen off the fence onto the techno side and am no longer teetering on the 1900/2000 edge. LOL, bring on the Carolina-Duke game AND the Minneapolis Concert!

But back to the Waukegan story. Below are expandable photos from Friday's concert by toni7babe from the concert. The final two are a preview of the pole dancing in the burlesque version of "Who's Sorry Now."

Jazzy Medley Features Aiken Hits

Videos by Scarlett help rewind the Waukegan Concert. In the first, Clay & Co. perform a jazzy arrangement of some of his earlier hits: "The Way," "This Is the Night," "Measure of a Man," "Invisible" from the Measure Of A Man album; "On My Way Here" from On My Way Here; and "A Thousand Days" from the A Thousand Different Ways CD.

Jazzy medley is a hit with audience.
View video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

One of the special moments of the Waukegan Concert was the singer's intro and performance of "Something About Us."

Drummer Felix Pollard and his wife celebrated their second anniversary on Feb. 28. Serenaded by Clay, they reenacted their wedding's first dance on stage Friday night.

Clay serenades Pollards with 'Something About Us.'

According to Clay, Waukegan concert goers were the most creative yet, suggesting four new styles for "Who's Sorry Now": burlesque, Disney, New Age, and Russian folk. Below is the burlesque version, complete with pole dancing by Clay and Quiana.

All uploaded videos by Scarlett can be viewed at the Wowzers4Clay YouTube Channel and downloaded at the Waukegan doc. Check both sites for new additions throughout the day.

'Who's Sorry Now' burlesque style.

Having sung "Unchained Melody" since his teen years, Clay is most pleased to have his signature version, arranged for the Tried & True album by his keyboardist Ben Cohn. The Waukegan performance was incredible.

Yaknelle's recap at the Clayversity message board covered several aspects of the Waukegan concert. With her permission, here are excerpts that touch on Clay's humor, his friendship and duet with Quiana, and the singer's amazing rendition of "Unchained Melody."
The man is funny and, of course, he knows it and controls it. He throws barbs out to the audience, but it's his facial antics that makes it funny. He rolls his eyes. He drops his head. He pauses and zing, bang boom he connects. The audience roars. Quiana is the perfect foil and she gives him the grief we wish we could. She is his accomplice.

Clay adores Quiana, and no place does it show as much as when they sing "Crying." The wailing of their voices mingle and the sound is other-worldly. This is their masterpiece together.

The sensuality of "Unchained Melody" overwhelms me. He sings it with his entire body. He forces the notes, the lyrics, and the emotions through his body and soul and out of his lips.

I don't think I listen to this song as much as my total being is en wrapped by it. I feel it like a waves hitting the shore. Over and over the sound hits me until I finally soar out of my body with that amazing note. A tour d' force or is it a force of nature?

The songs and antics fly by, and I find my self wanting to slow the man down. Talk a little longer, sing another song. ...and another. Please don't stop.

But he does...

"In my life I love you more."

...and then I breathe.

An amazing 'Unchained Melody' performance.

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation! Don't forget the Minneapolis Concert -- 8 pm CT at the State Theatre. See you after that ...



Ginger Scarlett said...

Thanks for posting this in front of your all-important trip to Best Buy this morning! What a show we had last night! My only wish was that the night would go on forever. There are several more must-see clips from this last the show including one very memorable one, "Something About Us" with a very special couple. Hope you can add it to the blog before the big game. Go Heels!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Congratulations on the new TV, just in time for the "Big Game!!" Go Tar Heels!!!!

Another wonderful blog and Scarlett did a awesome job as always. I loved Clay wails on 'Unchained Melody and the special "Something About Us" for the very special couple.....that was so nice of Clay.

Enjoy the game tonight....Till Later.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why he changed so many of the tunes on his medley. I loved the way they were originally done. Maybe he was bored singing them so often the old way. Who knows.

The sound and power coming out of him last night was just awesome. As usual,I want more, but alas, my special night is over with. (sigh)

Hugs, Lois

Anonymous said...

That show in Waukegan was just wow! Clay just keeps getting better and better. How sweet to have Felix's wife come up on stage and dance while Clay sang SAU. My favorite song..ever since I first heard it on the OMWH album. Always enjoy your blogs and video's.

Rhode Island Fan said...

Love your blog.
Just watched the "Jazzy Medley". Love that we are getting such great videos from this tour. Nothing beats seeing Clay Aiken live, but the videos are a close second.

Sandy said...

I think your TV finally said "Caro, you definitely need a new TV"! Now that you have your new LED TV aren't you happy that it finally conked out on you! I saw iPhone on your list too, wow you are sure going 21st century on us.

Loved the burlesque video! Is there anything Clay CAN'T do!!!

So sad for all the fans who had tickets and M & G's with Clay in Memphis. Hopefully all those that are on the road can be reached in time.

Hope your Tarheels win!

Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been, but sure seems like a awesome time for sure! Happy it all went great! Thanks for the videos and all!! Love that Clay!!! Wi.

claysweetea said...

This was a great concert. We were lucky enough to have front row seats next to toni7 and Scarlett. Clay's voice was perfection. The burlesque routine was a riot!

Thanks for the video and photos.

T said...

Bravo Caro! Another great blog and Scarlett videos are awesome. So good to watch them. I really am very thankful that she brings all these videos to us especially for those who are unable to attend.

I am very grateful for all your blogs. Go Heels!

Keep smiling and have a nice weekened.


Kerry Murry said...

My daughter and I drove to Waukegan from Kansas City, MO to see Clay. We've been to Des Moines, Cincinnati, KCMO, and in Kansas to see him over the years, but March 4th, we had front row seats! My daughter had a rose she wanted to give Clay....he would NOT take it from her. Then she stood outside, after the concert, in the freezing rain...just for a chance to say Hi after all the years she's been a loyal fan....and he would NOT come out! She stood out there for 2 1/2 hours....but to Clay, I guess she was "Invisible" No more road trips to see Clay - her tears broke my heart