Friday, March 11, 2011

Clay Aiken Thrills Crowd at Mesa Tried & True Concert

Clay & Co. open Tried & True show with 'Theme from Love Story.'

Powerful Vocals, Humor, Charm

There Is Nothing Like Clay 'Live'

In Thursday night's Tried & True Concert in Mesa, AZ, Clay Aiken proved once again he is a consummate performer, charming the audience with his powerful vocals and quick wit.

In the next to the last show of a two-month tour that has freely allowed video sharing of concerts on YouTube and other outlets, there were very few surprises for die-hard CA fans.

Recaps, however, read as if they are describing the tour opener. An underlying theme is that clack serves its purpose, but there is nothing like experiencing Clay Aiken in a "live" performance.

Copingincali: Clay Aiken was born to be on the stage! Clack is helpful to get a feel for a show and certainly to capture the tours he does. However, he has to be seen live. He is so much more than an album, a YouTube video or an interview.
Clay was really upset about the review that said he was pitchy. Call this man anything you want, but pitchy he is not. His voice was top notch and filled the venue.

It's hard to describe what it is like to see him sing live. The voice broke in a couple of songs, but the power with a capital "P" of his voice makes you forget that.

I got the whole package tonight, and I am spent. Waow!

Singer calls out Dallas reviewer over pitchy label.

'Pitchy' Review Becomes Shtick

A Dallas review labeling Clay's Tuesday Grand Prairie performance "pitchy" was discussed by the singer during Mesa concert banter and later on fan boards. For a replay, be sure to watch the above video by Scarlett.

skybar22: This was a great show! Clay, the consummate performer, gives his all. He has a gift I have seldom been privileged to see. His humor, charm, and wit were all on display.
His voice was beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the nuances of his facial expressions. The sensuality of this man's performance coupled with the glorious vocals took me somewhere I have never been before.

UM was divine. He carries the audience with him, and we all soared together.

The pitchy shtick was great. Never tell Mr. Aiken he is pitchy when it is so far from reality. Pitchy he is not. He may crack on a note once in a while, but he is so good and covers it up well. His minor imperfections are nothing compared to most performers.

Quiana is a classy gal. I thoroughly enjoyed her too. She is pure joy on that stage, a friend and a gift to Clay. They are so comfortable with one another.

The Klezmer shtick was hilarious with Clay doing the Yiddish accent and Quiana "oying" and "mazel toving." This Jewish gal loved it!

Clay is so gracious to all of the performers on stage with him. He gave each their props. I really loved watching Felix do his thing. They are all a talented bunch and Clay appreciates each one of them. It shows.

Throughout the Tried & True Tour, Clay & Co. have performed "Who's Sorry Now" in a wide array of audience-suggested genres. At the Mesa concert, the musicians performed the song in boogie woogie, Klezmer, Gregorian Chant, mariachi, lullaby, and beat box styles. The first two are shown in Scarlett's videos below.

'Who's Sorry Now' a la Klezmer genre.

Who's Sorry Now' in boogie woogie style.

NJU Fans Reconnect with Clay

According to Internet message board reports, a large contingent of Not.Just.Us fans was reunited with Clay at the Mesa Arts Center.

: I talked to several NJU tonight and, though they have loved Clay since Idol, they have not seen him much since.
Needless to say, they were blown away tonight. Two of the older couples had seen PBS special and then and ad in the paper so they were very excited about seeing him again.

Two of the ushers a man and a woman were anxious to hear him as they had never heard him sing. One lady said she had a whole new respect for him.

I saw people asking the ushers if there was anything for sale after the concert, and they were disappointed there was not a merch table. I have a feeling a few CD's will be selling on Amazon.

"Unchained Melody" was unworldly. WOW! WOW! WOW!

Clay sings signature version of 'Unchained Melody.'

Kool Radio Applauds Clay & Co.

Kool Radio posted an excellent review and photo slide show -- Clay Aiken in Concert -- on the station's website. Below is the opening paragraph of a story fans won't want to miss:
Tonight’s show was just more than a concert; it was a performance like no other!

Combining soulful music and personal story telling, Clay Aiken displayed his matured voice and why he’s been successful so many years since he made his national debut on American Idol.

View concert videos by Scarlett at the Wowzers4Clay YouTube Channel, and download them at her Mesa link. In addition to these expandable photos by SmartyPantsSuz, you can view the complete set in her Mesa gallery.

Thoughts and prayers are with Japan and all who have loved ones affected by today's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Final concert of the Tried & True Tour is slated for 8 pm PT Saturday at The Warfield in San Francisco, CA. Saturday's show will mark the one-year anniversary of the OMG Concert in Raleigh recorded for the singer's PBS Special, Clay Aiken: Tried & True ~ LIVE!

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation! Catch you after San Francisco!


Carolina Combacks: I was on target to have this blog up at 11:30 a.m. in time to watch the Carolina Tar Heels in their noon ACC Tournament game. During a final edit, the entry disappeared into thin air, and I spent the afternoon
"listening" to the game, recreating the blog, and teaching lessons.

Carolina was behind the whole way until the buzzer-beater winning basket. Thankfully, I taped the game and plan to watch the comeback. Let's go, Heels -- maybe with a little less stress!!! *g*


Anonymous said...

What a guy that Clay Aiken ! He is so wonderful and such a joy to listen to, gotta love his compassion alone . And the voice is beyond great ! U sing Clay ! :)
Caro, thanks love all u show US !! :) D. in Wi.

claysweetea said...

Last night's banter was hilarious! I think it is one of the best if not the best of the concerts. Clay was on! Thanks for the videos and photos.

Sandy said...

Love when Clay gets riled up! He was hilarious with his "pitchy" banter!

What a great review from KOOL FM. There have been great reviews this tour and rightfully deserving!

Listening and watching him sing today were soothing to the soul as the drama from Japan unfolded. Terrible tragedy!


Have a great weekend Caro!


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I was here this morning, but did not have time to listen to all the, I love the "pitchy" banter, that Clay is just too funny, but surely not "pitchy." lol

I love reading the NJU stories and what a great review from KOOL FM.

Too sad this concert is almost over.....Thanks to You, Scarlett and all the clack gathers, this was such a fun concert for all of us that were not able to attend.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Big Hugs,

claysweetea said...


MissSally said...

Pitchy as defined in the Urban Dictionary:

"It means black or covered in pitch. Really, thats it. If you are a fan of a certain reality TV show in the good old US of A, you may think it is some cool insider term of the music biz that means something like "singing off key".

But not really. It is a made up word coined by a couple of doofuses that couldn't think of a more professional-sounding way to say, "You didn't sound particularly good to me when you sang that song."
Yo dog...blah blah blah...not my favorite song selection...blah blah blah...kinda pitchy, but it was a'right.

I rest my case!

clayam said...

I absolutely adored the Tried and True concert in Mesa Az. Clay Aiken was in such a good voice and so wonderfully funny!