Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aiken Promotes Gift of Life

USE YOUR VOICE - Clay Aiken, UNICEF Ambassador, uses his voice to help defeat malaria deaths around the world. Graphic by Amazing_CA.

Global Fight Against Malaria

Aiken Aids 'Gift of Growing Up'

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken is this week spreading the message that malaria, which kills one child every 30 seconds "doesn't have to be this way."

Malaria No More and UNICEF are teaming to defeat this preventable disease worldwide. In the video below, Clay shows how insecticide-treated bed nets provided by UNICEF are being used to protect children from malaria in Somalia, a country he visited in June.

'It doesn't have to be this way.'

For a limited time, "Malaria No More" will match your donation in the fight against malaria, helping UNICEF to save twice as many lives.

This fall, Malaria No More has presented the U.S. Fund for UNICEF with a Challenge Match Grant of $1 million dollars to support the purchase of bed nets, their delivery, and education on their proper use in malaria-endemic countries in Africa.

The grant will match each donation made to battle this childhood killer, dollar for dollar, thus working twice as hard to support UNICEF's malaria prevention and treatment programs.

A child dies of malaria every 30 seconds in Africa. At least one million infants and children under five in sub-Saharan Africa die each year from the mosquito-borne disease. While it is one of the greatest threats to human and economic welfare on earth, malaria is both preventable and treatable if addressed properly and quickly.

To learn more, read the complete article at the UNICEF website. Donations can be made here.

As Long As We're Here - Aspiegirl

Montages Spotlight Charities

Since its May release, tracks from Clay's On My Way Here CD have accompanied montages about the Summer Olympics, US presidential candidates, tragic and triumphant real life events, scenes from movies and TV shows, as well as the singer's ongoing charitable endeavors.

Clay, who co-founded The Bubel/Aiken Foundation in 2003, was named a UNICEF Ambassador in 2004. Listed by song, the OMWH montages below underline his projects with these organizations, as well as other global issues, including a new 9/11 tribute.


As Long as We're Here by Aspiegirl (shown above)

As Long As We're Here (TBAF) by LovesClaysVoice

UNICEF - As Long As We're Here by SueReu


Rising from the Ashes by IUGurls

Rise up from the Ashes -- UNICEF by SueRue


9-11-01 Tribute (Grace of God/It's in Everyone of Us) by Yollie950

UNICEF Survival Project by Gerwhisp

Earthquake in China by Renegade79

Somalia by Brolio42

Somalia Awareness by Yollie950


Cancer Tribute (On My Way Here/I Survived You) by Yollie950


UNICEF Finds a 'Heart of Gold' by Emerson032

It's in Everyone of Us, (UNICEF/TBAF) by Iampmstar

PHOTO INTERLUDE: This clickable interlude features OMWH and UNICEF graphics by Amazing_CA, 1 and 3; Ashes, 2; Claystruck, 4; and DangHesHot, 5.

'Music Choice' Cites OMWH

Last week, OMWH was added to the Music Choice index.

The singer's link takes a viewer one to with these options: news, appearances, music, video (webisodes, videos for INVS, My Way, ATDW, OMWH), ringtones, forum, photos, extras, clay online). The "OMWH" single plays in a pop-up box.

AOL Sessions cap by ClayIzzaQT

Streaming Without a Net

Always on board in supporting their favorite singer, the resolve and craftiness of CA fans is quite evident in the continued success of OMWH tracks at AOL Music. For awhile, most of the album's singles have been listed as "unavailable"; yet many continue to ride the first page, with the title track holding down the #1 slot day after day.

AOL Songs: "On My Way Here" perseveres as the "most played" track on AOL. Even though other songs from the CD are listed as unavailable, they remain on the front page because fans are either listening to the 30-second samplers or have discovered playlists still allowing the tracks.

For example, click on
ClayAiken1, a playlist created by tugger123456. At first, only the lead single seems to be available. Once you pull up the queue, scroll to #13 ("OMWH"), and the other tracks will be playable.

AOL Sessions: Determined fans continue to stream Clay's five video performances of OMWH songs, including "Ashes," "Everything I Don't Need," "Where I Draw the Line," "On My Way Here," and "Something About Us."

AOL Top 11 Music Video Countdown: Thanks to the above Sessions streaming, "Where I Draw the Line" and "On My Way Here" are currently in the site's countdown.

My Space/Clay Aiken features OMWH tracks: "On My Way Here," "Everything I Don't Need," and "Ashes."

Clay Blogs Feature UNICEF Video

Internet journals currently highlighting the UNICEF video and information for eradicating malaria deaths include:

The ConCLAYve

Clay Aiken Ruminations

Clay Aiken Journey


Chexxxy's Pearls

Below is a clickable of the lead graphic by Amazing_CA:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome Caro. He truly is a wonderful man. Wish everyone could see in him what his fans do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so a wonderful blog and presenting the information in such an appealing and informative way. Especially the links to all the wonderful video montages. Those were great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the montage links. Clay Aiken fans are so creative!

Ashes said...

A prize winning blog Caro, Thank You. The awesome list of links to the related montages is right on.
Some of them are calling me right now. ♥

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Caro. Thanks for all the links.

Deb said...

Clay is such a blessing for so many.
Unrelentless in his work for others.
thanks for the montages

Anonymous said...

Clay is such a giving person. As busy as he is, Clay always makes time to help those less fortunate. He is a real inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the links to Clay Aiken music used in montages highlighting his humanitarian efforts and others. Nice blends!

redca40 said...

Caro, you have the coolest blog! I love the Clay Aiken montages and the fact that Clay is again teaming up with UNICEF.

Kim said...


this blog is both inspirational, heartwarming and informative. Clay sends a message we could all follow. Its easy to get wrapped up in our own little worlds and feel self pity for things we cant have and yet, looking at the videos you posted, we should be humble enough to realise we have so much when others are crying out for some of the most basic human needs.

Touching and beautiful Caro. Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Caro, AWESEOME BLOG!!! The YouTube "Tribute to 9/11" was wonderful, Sad, but wonderful! I remember the day so well, as we all do! Living only two hours from NYC, many from this area worked in the twin towers....We will never forget!
On one of the links, I was watching the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon....Clay singing BOTW, AWESOME!! IS ALL I CAN SAY!
Thank You for Everything Caro.

Anonymous said...

So many of Clay Aiken's songs are inspirational and lend themselves to wonderful montages made lovingly by his fans. Thanks for spotlighting so many of them.


Traveler on Life's Path said...

Caro, your blog is so wonderfully put together. Clay Aiken is lucky to have your support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro! Awesome blog, full of great info and beautiful pictures.
I watched the UNICEF promo and loved it!
Thanks for all the work you do to chronicle all things CA.


Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is always thinking of others. He is such an amazing man!

PaulaBear said...

No matter how busy Clay Aiken gets in his real life, he always takes the time to get involved and encourage others to get involved in helping others!

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Thank you for another wonderful blog. I can always count on you for the best.

katy said...

This is an awesome blog and the Clay Aiken montages are so creative.

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Thank you for all the links, Caro. We just can't get too much Clay Aiken

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UNICEF ambassador Clay Aiken is presenting an excellent message. Save a child from malaria

Shyeyewitness said...

I love your Blog, Caro!!

and I love Clay Aiken

hugs, shy

doric said...

Thanks for the blog showcasing the UNICEF video plea for donations to fight malaria with gifts of sleeping nets. Even a small donation makes a difference here.
Save a child.

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This is the Clay Aiken I wish everyone could come to know. Wonderful blog and thanks for the links.