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OMWH Still Elates Aiken Fans

SOMETHING ABOUT US - The romantic classic "Something About Us" has become a favorite at weddings and anniversary celebrations. Graphic by Amazing_CA.

Love Song a Classic

OMWH Still Elates Aiken Fans

The beautiful "Something About Us" track on Clay Aiken's On My Way Here album became one of my favorites back when I first listened to CD preview "snippets." Four months later, it still is.

The LALATE website recently featured SAU in its new "eLATEd" series. As the narrator says, "LALATE is especially elated about SAU."

eLATEd About Clay Aiken

Co-written by Michael O'Brien, Scotty Wilbanks, and Regie Hamm, "Something About Us" is one of five OMWH songs performed by Clay on AOL Sessions. Others include "Ashes," "Everything I Don't Need," "Where I Draw the Line," and "On My Way Here."

Although the romantic lyrics, melody, and harmonies of SAU are reminiscent of another era, the classic ballad appeals to fans of many generations. Since its release on On My Way Here, the song has become a staple for
weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations of romantic love.

Something About Us

Stop the music, play the song
We'll dance together all night long
The spotlight glows, somehow it knows,
That there's something about us
Something about us

People smile when they walk by
There's too much magic to deny
A fool can see we're meant to be
'cause there's something about us,
something about us

The words on every poet's tongue
Every love song ever sung
about us, it's about us
From Romeo and Juliet,
to plays they haven't written yet
It's old and new, it's a classic tale of two
of our perfectly perfect love

You can see it in our ways
in how we spend our nights and days
A crazy laugh, a photograph
There's just something about
something about us

The words on every poet's tongue
Every love song ever sung
about us, it's about us
From Romeo and Juliet,
to plays they haven't written yet
It's old and new, it's a classic tale of two
of our perfectly perfect love

So stop the music, play the song
And we'll dance together all night long
We'll reminisce of moments like this
Cause there's something about us
Something about us
Yes, there's something about us ...

Something About Us - Montage by Luluasst

Since OMWH was released in May, CA fans have created many montages featuring SAU like the one above, Clay and Jaymes: Something About Us is by Luluasst.

This is just a partial listing of other SAU montages at YouTube:

"Legends" - Something About Us by Yollie950

Something About Us - Mick and Beth ("Moonlight") by Shereeltb

An OBAMA Love Story by Hotshortie

Something About Us - Jammy by kamaly3

Jack and Kate - Something About Us ("Lost") by LovesClaysvoice

Caitlin and Travis - Something About Us by SueReu

Apolo and Julianne: The Reunion by sallyboo8892

Something by arthurb

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Featured in this clickable interlude are graphics by cindilu2, Amazing_CA, and Ambassador of Love.

Figures Signal Worldwide Sales

Sales estimated at Worldwide Albums seem to indicate that foreign sales surpass US sales again. According to WWA, the first data indicates a "minimun," while the second a "maximum," reached by adding 4% to the first data. The disclaimer is that no one knows the accuracy of the numbers quoted.

According to Playbiller, who regularly tracks this site, sales last week were estimated between 172,000 and 178,880. This week they are estimated at 174,000 and 180,960, indicating OMWH sales of about 2K.

Click on the TOTAL BY ARTIST link and scroll to Clay Aiken to see these figures:

A Thousand Different Ways: 644,500 and 670,282

On My Way Here: 174,000 and 180,960

In this week's USA Idol Chatter blog about American Idol sales, US totals for OMWH were reported as 600 down from 800 for a total of 150k while ATDW notched another week of 100 album sales for a total of 528,000.

Websites, Blogs Mirror Global Interest

Clay Aiken message boards abound in countries around the world, and North America sites have amassed large international communities. Since tracking means were added through Feedjit and ClustrMap, the Carolina blog has been visited by citizens of 86 countries. Other Clay journals with tracking devices sport similar numbers.

Time will tell, but CA fans believe OMWH is a much better CD than sale numbers indicate. When people are exposed to the incredible tracks sung by Clay's amazing pipes -- as they have been through countless YouTube montages, webisode/Sessions links, albums shared -- agreement is almost a given. That he has a very engaging personality comes through, too.

Typical is this recent Not.Just.Us encounter posted by demeter at Clayversity:

I made a quick trip to my local 7-11 yesterday. I was wearing my OFC OMWH Clay shirt. The clerk looked closely and said, "On My Way Here -- what is that?" I told her it was the name of Clay's most recent CD.

She said, "Why does his name sound so familiar? Wasn't he on that American Idol show?" ... Yep, second season.

"Oh, didn't I just see him on 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?' last week? But he didn't look like that!"

I told her he has changed his hairdo several times, and the clerk kept saying, "But he didn't look like that. Maybe I'll have to check out his CD."

Even repeat TV appearances can put Clay in people's minds. This person clearly was not even exposed to him before AYSTAFG?

An anonymous comment in this blog entry beautifully summarizes fan sentiment for OMWH:
OMWH still elates this Clay Aiken fan; I listen to it every day. It is the kind of album that gets better each time you hear it, and the depth and emotions of the lyrics touch my heart every time.

Below is a clickable of Amazing_CA 's opening graphic:

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!


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Ashes said...

One at a time--people are discovering or re-discovering the magic of Clay. I think it is great that he's appearing on TV, even if it is reruns, seems to be a lot of different audiences now.
SAU, is the most romantic song for many a decade, love it and all the various interpretations by the wonderful montage makers.

A most enjoyable blog Caro!

Anonymous said...

I have had a lot of my customers this past week tell me about seeing Clay Aiken on AYSTAFG. I even had one of them call me to tell me he was on. So new are discovering what we already know.

I love your blog, Caro!!

jbc4clay said...

I love the lalate video and all of the others. There is not a day that goes by that I do not play that album alllll of the way thru.
Love it!

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Caro, what a wonderful blog...I love LALATE and the YouTube SAU is so romantic, it was awesome!
Little by little so many are finding Clay and discovering what WE KNEW ALL THE TIME!!!
I've been thinking of you, hope you are not too wind blown by HANNA.
Have a wonderful week.

SueReu said...

absolutely wonderful!!!

Loved looking at the album sales especially!!!

Way to go CLAY!!!!

clayam said...

I absolutely love Something About Us by Clay Aiken... it reminds me of the classic love songs, but yet it has a new feel and edge to it.

Anonymous said...

OMWH still elates THIS Clay Aiken fan, I listen to it every day. It is the kind of album that gets better each time you hear it, and the depth and emotions of the lyrics touch my heart every time.

Anonymous said...

Something About Us is now one of my favorite Clay Aiken songs. It is sooooo romantic! Great wedding song for sure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring Clay Aiken's exquisite song Something About Us! It needs to be used in a movie!!!

Congratulations in having people from 86 countries visit your blog!Terrific!

Medusa said...

"Something About Us" may be my all time favorite Clay Aiken song. I just LOVE it. The melody is beautiful and Clay puts so much emotion and sensitivity into singing it.

As usual, thanks for a wonderful blog, Caro.

China Pattern said...

Thanks for dropping by. I have long suspected that Clay would do very well in over seas markets. I am glad to see that album promotion continues. I wish him success on his return to "Spamalot".

Anonymous said...

Something About Us is a gorgeous song, and I'm happy to see that so many people have chosen it as an accompaniment to their montages. Clay Aiken always elates me when he sings!

katy said...

Something About Us sung by Clay Aiken is the most hauntingly beautiful song on OMWH. It's goosebump inducing. ;-)

Deona said...

"Something About Us" is a beautiful song. Thank you for posting the video montages and pictures!

ceecee said...

OMWH is Clay's best work ever! I knew it was going to be good, but I never expected every song to be a winner. I still can't pick my favorite song. It changes every day.

redca40 said...

I listen to Clay Aiken's CD On My Way Here every day. I love it. No matter what kind of mood I'm in, there is at least one song to match my mood.

Anonymous said...

He will continue to get new fans when they see/hear him.

Anonymous said...

LaLate's video for Clay Aiken is what should have been all over the TV. These guys know how to promote!

musicfan said...

Caro.......I always enjoy reading your blog. It always has so much great information about Clay Aiken and is always done with so much creativity.

Deb said...

SAU is a beautiful song.
I gave it to a local wedding DJ and he has played it 3 times at weddings.
He said it's so nice to have something fresh and new to offer new couples. And he loves it because the older folks love it and love waltzing to it. It has such a timeless appeal.

You have so much amazing information in your blog.
Just love it!

BichonLover said...

I love Clay Aiken's "Something About Us." The entire album still elates me every day. :-)