Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aiken Set To Take Manhattan

HE'S BACK -- Clay Aiken returns to "Spamalot" Friday, reprising his role as Sir Robin in the Broadway hit musical. Graphic by Cindilu2.

Clay Nation, Too!

Aiken To Take Manhattan Again

Steadily ticking off final days, hours, and minutes until Clay Aiken's triumphant return as Sir Robin in Monty Python's "Spamalot" Friday, message board widgets nonchalantly keep the beat as fans euphorically make plans for opening night at the Shubert Theatre.

Not everyone is packing a weekend bag for New York City, however. Fans who will enjoy Clay's four-month Sir Robin reprise via recaps and clack also have the opening curtain circled on their calendars.

Helping to "raise silliness to an art form," the Spamalot website keeps Python afficionados abreast of the show's latest news, cast, story, media, and souvenirs.

For those who can't wait, there are multiple page listings of montages from Clay's first Spamalot run at You Tube. A popular example is SueReu's Clay, Find Your Grail, a photo montage celebrating the Broadway show and other moments from the past five years.

Clay, Find Your Grail

Echoing the excitement level are reader comments from two September "Spamalot" entries in the Carolina journal. The second remark implies the blog might even have inspired a ticket sale. *g*

Spamalot is going to be revved up for Clay Aiken's return!

OK, you sold me. I'm going to NYC on business anyway. Might as well see the funniest show on Broadway.

Thank you for posting the fantastic photo blends in honor of Clay Aiken as he returns to Spamalot.

Countdown to Clay Aiken - The Star Returns to Broadway!

Three more days to go! Clay Aiken will soon be back on Broadway. Shubert Alley hasn't been the same since he left, nor has Broadway!

I am so ready for Spam 2. Even though I can't go back to NYC this time, I love all the reports and pictures. Clay Aiken fans know how to feed the rest of us who can't get to the man in person.

Counting down the seconds till Clay Aiken appears in Spamalot again!

Three more days before the sun shines brighter, the stars twinkle faster, and the earth spins a bit faster! Clay Aiken is returning to Spamalot!!!

I am going for Opening Weekend, and I am thrilled beyond - thrilled. You just took me over the top with those teasers. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

New York Times ad this week.

Watch out, Manhattan! International superstar Clay Aiken's return to "the funniest show in the world" is just ticks away!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Featured are graphics from Clay's original Spamalot run. Visual artists include Amazing_CA, photos by Joan Marcus, 1; Amazing_CA, photos by Toni7babe, 2; Claystruck, 3; Amazing_CA, photo by Scrpkym, 4; and MNmeesh, photo by Joan Marcus, 5.

Voting for Claymmy Awards Begins

Sponsored by It's All About Love, the Sixth Annual Claymmy Awards are off and running. People's Choice voting opened Sept. 11 and will close on Oct. 9. Winners will be announced on Oct. 14.

There are 10 categories in the
2008 Claymmy Awards: Avatar, Banners, Blends, Concert Pics, Fan Art, Miscellaneous, Montage, Poetry, Wallpapers, and Websites.

Monday I learned that Carolina On My Mind is among five entries in the
websites division.

Besides supporting the specialties of other CA fans, following the Claymmy link is a great way to explore the many talents of the Clay Aiken Internet community.

A special thank you to the person who nominated the Carolina blog. Readers from 86 countries have stopped by this corner of Cyberspace during the past year. Your faithful visits and comments are most appreciated and the real reward.

Still, it is quite an honor to be among the 2008 Claymmy nominees!

Happy Birthday, Grandson!

Kai Celebrates First Candle

One year ago today, Sept. 17, the dearest, most precocious little fellow came into our family's life. Although we live several states apart, our Carolina clan first met Kai through the photos and videos his mother sent.

Thanks to talented CA fans, many of the photos also received graphic design status. The Picture Trail cube above includes selections from throughout Kai's first year.

In May, I finally met my grandson when he and his mother flew to NC for a one-month visit. Immediate pals, we quickly made up for lost time; but, of course, our month together flew by. I still remember the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse slogan and occasionally have to switch channels for a "monkey mail" fix.

While here, Kai learned to crawl and enjoyed playing my grand piano. He routinely "inspected" the piano books on the bottom shelf of a music rack along his route to watch morning TV shows with his grandmother.

Kai now stands alone and is on the verge of walking and talking. He is intrigued with buttons and keys on remote controls, cell phones, and computers. In fact, he even wrote a blog entry while visiting his grandmother.

As some of the pictures indicate, Kai is a very curious little guy, exploring everything in sight -- just like his mother did.

Happy Birthday, Kai! Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


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constant said...

What a cutie your grandson is. I love that picture cube.

I am really excited for Clay Aiken's return to Spamalot. Just two more days!

claniac24 said...

WOW! What a wonderful blog about Clay Aiken's exciting return to Spamalot. Can't wait!

Medusa said...

Your grandson is adorable, Caro.

Hurray for Clay's return to Broadway. I can't wait to see him in Spamalot!!!

Anonymous said...

The Spam2 buzz is great! I'm so thrilled just by reading about Clay's return. Thanks.
Kai is super cute and you are super talented. Looking forward to your next beautiful blog.

Martigyrl said...

Hi CarolinaClay,
I love your blog articles, and congrats to your 1 year old g.son.
I tried to become a follower, but got an error instead. I'll try it again from my desktop computer.
I don't think I'll be able to see Spamalot either. I didn't get to see it the first time either. Being on the West Coast, it is too costly for me.
Thanks for sharing your blog. I loved it,a nd all of the blends too.

Ashes said...

Congratulations--Time three!!

- a wonderful and exciting entry of Clay Aiken's return to Spamalot!

- Yeah for the Claymmy nomination!

- Special Congratulations on your darling grandson Kai's first birthday.

Anonymous said...

It's almost here! Clay Aiken's return to Spamalot. I hope he has a fabulous time there at the Shubert again!

Anonymous said...


musicfan said...

I love that you are sharing your grandson with us. Those of us who are grandmas understand that nothing compares to that role.

Clay Aiken is only days away from Spamalot. I am really excited!!

pandarose said...

Love your blog! So many goodies about Clay. And Kai is adorable!

lee said...

Kai is beautiful !

That Clay Aiken guy is a looker too . Can't wait for Friday .

Deb said...

wonderful blog
what a cutie -
Clay back on broadway

Anonymous said...

Kai is so cute!

I can't wait for Spamalot part 2. Clay Aiken is back!

Anonymous said...

Oh my look at that adorable little guy. Happy Birthday Kai. Thanks for the photo update & the special blog.

MissSally said...

Happy Birthday Kai!!!!!!

From your Fairy-God-Mother

katy said...

Can hardly wait for Spamalot Part Deux with Clay Aiken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,
Congratulations on the nomination for the Claymmy award...You deserve to win!!

Happy Birthday to Kai! I love the revolving cube...too cute!!

Spamalot....WooHoo, how exciting.


Anonymous said...

Cute grandson, Caro!! Can hardly wait til Friday.

sbleu9 said...

Can't attend Spamalot this time, but wishing everyone a great time. Clay Aiken will be great.

Anonymous said...

AWwww Caro all of the pictures are just adorable! I just love the Easter one with the sombrero, that's just tooo cute!
I hope his 1st B Day is a very happy one, despite the shots.
I can't believe how big he has gotten. Is he still a sports fan?

I can't wait to see some pics and get some details about Clay's opening night! It's getting exciting around here again! I haven't gotten my tix yet but I'm going at some point at the end of Oct or beginning of Nov. I can't wait! WhooooHoooo
Congrats on your Clammy nomination!!! Very well deserved!
Have a great day
Take Care,
BTW I work in Bpt. so in case you don't know ..... Lisa1068 lol

redca40 said...

I'm so excited about Clay Aiken returning to Manhattan and Spamalot. He'll be such an asset to Broadway Cares Auction and to Spamalot ticket sales!

Anonymous said...

Kai is a doll. You must be sooo proud.
Tomorrow is the day when Clay Aiken returns to Broadway. How exciting!!

marhaven said...

Can't wait to start hearing the recaps again. Will be attending the last couple of performances. Woo Hoo.

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is on the town tonight attending a Broadway opening and on the red carpet, and tomorrow he be starring in Spamalot again!!

mar_claydevota said...

Hi caro!

Fantastic blog about Clay Aiken.
the countdown is finished! This is the night of his return! i'm so exciting