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Clay Aiken-Ruben Studdard Tour Plays Final Dates

Timeless Tour 80s Medley from Chautauqua Concert
View full screen video by Scarlett at

Timeless Tour Winds Down

Vocals, Banter Shine in Shows

Despite the chaos of a last-minute venue change that created nightmarish seating snafus at the Hammerstein, the New York City Timeless Tour concert of Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard was still packed with spectacular vocals, rocking backup renditions, and quick-witted banter that mirrors the close friendship and chemistry between the show's headliners.

Audiences at this final week of concerts have been enthusiastic, loudly appreciative, and up on their feet dancing to the music.

With slight adjustments for a smaller stage and temperature readings as hot as the band, the performers presented a memorable show at Hampton Beach, NH, Tuesday. Next came the Hammerstein on Wednesday and Thursday's 8 p.m. concert is set for the Turning Point Resort in Verona, NY. (Check back for updates.)

Fans Note Script Changes

More than one fan attending these concerts for the first time since the tour's July 23 opener in Asheville, NC, noted the structure of the show's script remains intact, though parts have changed over time.

"Even the lines I recognized seemed fresh and genuine. They are really good actors!" Brightstar commented in her Hampton Beach recap at Clayversity.

Below are two clickables from the Hampton Beach concert by cameocat:

80s Medley Moves, Shakes

"Footloose," which closes the 80s medley, especially shook the Hammerstein show. Below, concert goers provide highlights of Wednesday's concert:

Dancermom2: "Footloose" was amazing. That’s when we blew the roof off the place. And this place, by the way, is old. It smells old, feels old, and is musty. And there were times I felt the floor move and shake and not from an earthquake.

"Pastor Ruben, don’t pray to cure Clay of "lack-of-rythmnitis" but to save us from a collapsing floor!"

The opening video clip by Scarlett features Clay, Ruben, and backup singers Quiana Parler and Casey Thompson performing the 80s medley from the Chautauqua Concert.

Included are "Eye Of The Tiger," "Rhythm Of The Night," "Glory Of Love," "Shout," "Africa," "Can't Fight This Feeling," "Through The Fire," "All Night Long," "If This Is It," "Alone," "Caribbean Queen," "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us," and "Footloose."

Brightstar: Terrific show! Full of energy and the place rocked, literally at times. The guys seemed to be in great moods and clearly loved it when the audience cheered and clapped and danced. They were funnier than ever, too.

momo: The energy at both shows [Lancaster and Hammerstein] was truly incredible. Had my uncle with me who has never seen a Clay concert and he loved it. Danced and screamed so much his voice was gone after the show. First thing he asked me was, "Do they have a CD of this?"

Marilyn: They still delivered the script like it was fresh, but added bits and pieces here and there. Like Tom Deckman, my absolute favorite medley was the 80s. Clay absolutely KILLS on these songs. The very top favorite is always "More Than A Feeling," and I want to hear this whole song coming out of those golden lungs.
The Footloose segment is just the very best. The audience went wild, and they did it again. This is the most joyful, lively segment of the show, and I just love it.

A DVD highlighting the best of the shows would be great, and it would be a sin not to be able to keep it for posterity. I could watch it umpteen times and never be tired of it. The energy in that show was just fantastic.

libra1014: My 20-year-old daughter and I both thought the concert was terrific. She came to the concert for me; she left wanting to go to another one and wanting a CD of the show.
I cannot say enough about the excellent vocals and incredible band on stage last night. Clay has never looked or sounded better. I think that goes for everyone on stage.

Featured in this collection of clickables are photos from the Hammerstein concert by Toni, 1 and 5; mustbeeme, 2 and 4; Asolo, 3.

Concert Wows 'Spamalot' Friend

After the Hammerstein show, Tom Deckman, Clay's friend and former "Spamalot" cast mate, talked to fans on the Clackhouse stream. The NYC venue was his first Clay Aiken concert, and he termed the show "fantastic." His favorite part was the 80s medley.

Excited about the Hampton Beach performance, keepingfaith emailed Clack Unlimited links to her sister and a couple of friends, one inadvertently. Previously a "non-believer," the accidental recipient responded, "I watched every one of the clips on that page you linked and am beginning to be a big fan. You've recruited me!"

As it turns out, the new fan downloaded every link on the Hampton Beach page!

Below are clickables by Cotton from Thursday's Verona concert:

MTV Review Lauds Music, Humor

In his review of the New York performance, Jim Cantiello of MTV, praised the exceptional vocals and hilarious stand-up humor. Ruben's "Superstar" and Clay's "Mandy" left him with goosebumps. In answer to a comment, he added:

They have fantastic chemistry and seem to be having the time of their lives on this tour. It was a fun night.

I think this sentence from Rhodeislandfan's recap sums up the 2010 Timeless Tour best:

Honestly, the show is so good a person could go to every single one and never once be tired of it.

The final two Timeless Tour performances are slated for 7:30 Friday, Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, IN, and 8 p.m. Saturday, Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MS.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!


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jbc4clay said...

This is such a fantastic show! Sad it has to end.

MissSally said...

A great review from MTV???? Holy Cow!! I had to read that part of your blog 3 times. LOL

This is truly an exceptional show, and hopefully it will open even more doors for our amazing Mr Clay Aiken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Awesome Blog, as always! Sad that this Clay/Ruben Concert is coming to an end, it seems like it just started. I hope Clay and Ruben make this a tradition, and as "MissSally" said "hopefully it will open even more doors for our amazing Mr Clay Aiken."

Scarlett's YouTube and everyone's graphics are wonderful! The MTV review was great.

Have a wonderful weekend Caro....


Anonymous said...

I'm Back!!!!! Had to watch that medley AGAIN!!!


Anonymous said...

Always love your blogs and sure am sorry when this fun ends. But I suppose all good things end sometime. I sure hope Clay doesn't disappear later, but not yet . He has more concerts...yeah!!!!!!!!!! pbs and all...that 's a good thing...!!!!!!!!D. in Wi.

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for commenting in the Carolina blog. The 17-city Timeless Tour has made this summer very special.

jbc4clay, thnx for inspiring the compliment from Mr. MTV. *g*

Sally -- WORD to the exceptional show and possible new doors for Clay Aiken!

Marlyne, I'm glad you enjoyed Scarlett's "80s Medley" video ... repeatedly!

Donna, with all the wonderful clack we have, this tour can just go on forever. *g*

Thnx again, and have a great weekend!


Sandy said...

Wow - what can I say about the concert that hasn't already been said here! It was truly an experience and one I will never forget. Anita and I had the "time of our lives" and wish we could relive it over and over. I have never laughed so hard and went to bed with a big smile on my face just thinking of Clay and Ruben on stage and how they interacted with each other. One of the girls who went to the Hammerstein and hitched a ride with us back home from Verona confirmed what was said here about literally feeling the floor shake beneath them. Libra1014 summed it up quite nicely when she said that "Clay has never looked so good and or sounded better". Anita and I both made that comment many times throughout the concert. Like fine wine, he gets better with age. Love that man to death! Hate to see it all come to an end tonight as I am sure they could have sold out many more venues!
Have a wonderful weekend!