Friday, November 12, 2010

Clay Aiken Talks Career, Family, Charities with WKNO

WKNO: A Conversation with Clay Aiken
View Pierre Kimsey's interview full screen at YouTube.

Fans Campaign for $50k NIP Grant

Memphis PBS Chat Covers Bases

Uploaded to YouTube Thursday, WKNO's interview with Clay Aiken covers all the bases -- performing, sudden fame, the National Inclusion Project, UNICEF, family, fans, connection with former teachers, the Tried & True PBS Special, Broadway -- and much more.

Here is a portion of the promo or overview of Clay's chat with Pierre Kimsey, WKNO producer:
WKNO Producer Pierre Kimsey talks with singer Clay Aiken. The North Carolina native was beginning a career as an educator working with special-needs children when he took an opportunity to audition for the TV show American Idol, then in its second season.

His life was transformed as a finalist, and he has emerged as one of the most successful singers to have been launched by the show.

Aiken has used his celebrity on behalf of the international charity UNICEF and has traveled to Somalia, Afghanistan, and other countries where children have been impacted by war.

Check PBS programming in your area, as some stations prepare to re-air Clay Aiken: Tried & True ~ LIVE! leading into the 2011 Winter Tour supporting the singer's latest release with Decca Records.

Graphics depicting scenes from the singer's PBS Special include Fountaindawg, 1, 2, 3, and AmazingCA, 4, 5, 6, with photos by Jim R. Bounds:

NIP Needs More Pepsi Voters
While coming home from camp, my son asked if I knew that everyone's brain was different. He explained that some kids at camp are different from other kids because they have certain disabilities.

When asked what he thought about that, he replied, "It's all good, Mom. We're all special and unique in our own way." - Profound statement from a 7-year-old participant in a Let's ALL Play Camp.

The National Inclusion Project is competing in the $50,000 category of November's Pepsi Refresh Challenge and needs the creativity of its supporters to recruit more daily voters. The foundation is currently #15 and needs to climb into to top 10 to win the grant.

Dedicated backers maintain a daily voting schedule that includes the National Inclusion Project, official alliances, and partnerships formed with other charities.

Help spread the word so the Inclusion Project can bring Let's ALL Play training to more programs across the nation and open doors for ALL children to participate in all that life has to offer!

Vote 3 ways daily to expand inclusive programs for all children.

NIP Voting Simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Go to the National Inclusion Project page on the Pepsi site.
2. Click the "Vote for This Idea" tab.
3. You will be prompted to sign-in. Log-in with your email address. (If you haven't already, you can register very easily.)
4. Click "Vote for This Idea" again. (This is very important!)
5. You will know you have voted when you see the "Votes Left Today" change from 10 to 9.
6. If you are a member of Facebook, log out and back in. Select the Facebook option in the pop-up window, and vote for the NIP again.
7. You can also text the numbers 102308 to Pepsi (73774).
8. Share your vote on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, message boards, asking others to do the same.
9. Download the full page PDF version of the new NIP flier shown in a clickable screen cap below. Print and share the flier with prospective voters -- at ball games, fall festivals, malls, the zoo, the gym, church, school/business meets. Ask recipients to text the same vote everyday in November.

Click to enlarge screen cap of new NIP flier.

Partners Vote, Pull for Each Other

Inclusion Project supporters are not only voting for the NIP but also alliances and partners formed with other charities in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. A good example is Crown Pointe Academy's strategy this weekend:
Crown Pointe Academy is still voting for you. Over the weekend we are going to be recruiting for you, Hawthorne, Crone's, Colorado Solar, Monte Vista, and a few other favorites. Hope it helps you! - Sherri R.

Be sure to leave a comment on each organization's page that the NIP has voted for their charity. Here is an example:
The National Inclusion Project just voted for you. Thank you for your reciprocal support. Please leave a comment, as we re-evaluate daily. ...Text 102308.

The foundation's current alliances and partners are listed on the NIP Voting Widget that Scarlett created and updates according to nightly reports.

To put these charities in your circle of support, locate their link and/or text number on the widget in the Carolina blog's sidebar or link to the handy tool's home page with the screen cap below.

Click to link to NIP Widget
Vote and add to websites.

Below are the Top 21 charities posting daily reciprocal votes for the National Inclusion Project. The groups refer to their placement on the NIP Voting Widget. This is where I'm using my extra votes -- three for the NIP and 27 for other charities. Hopefully, you -- and every eligible account in your family -- are, too!
Top 21 NIP Supporters

RETT Syndrome Clinic - Group A
She Shall Go Free - Group A
Hawthorne Elementary School - Group A
Weaver Bored of Education - Group C
RATCO - Group A
Spoede - Alliance
Karo Grillo Golf - Group A
INRS - Group A
Libby Tennis - Group A
Pandora's Project - Group A
Blue Shadows - Group A
Cure AHC - Alliance
Cystic Fibrosis - Group B
Granara-Skerry - Group B
Cedar Park HS Band - Group B
HUGS Adirondack - Group B
HVCPA Opportunity League - Group B
Girl Scouts Eastern SC - Group B
Earl Crowe SUV - Group B
Alleghany Wellness - Group B
The Bag Ladies - Group B

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!



jbc4clay said...

Thank you for your graphics!
I love that interview - Great minds! - I have it on my blog also!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, U always help me somehow...thanks and love the pics too . Have a great wk. end D. in Wi.

LovesClaysVoice said...

Caro, I love that interview! I could listen to Clay talk all day! Thanks for the graphics and all your tireless work on the Pepsi Challenge!

katy said...

You work so tirelessly promoting Clay Aiken. Thank you, Caro.

T said...

Great blog Caro! That interview is one of the best that I've ever seen. It highlighted the real Clay Aiken. I'm so happy to see that.

I'm am always blessed to have you in keeping me posted always with what's going on with Clay. I really appreciate your blogs.

I hope you continue bringing us joy in every blog that you do. You're the BEST!


MissSally said...

I loved the interview! Clay was relaxed and Mr Kimsey is very good at what he does.

Thanks Caro.

ImGranny said...

I love that interview. I've seen it posted numerous times recently and I have to stop and watch the whole thing every time. What a great interviewer Mr. Kimsey is. He really did his homework. How refreshing! I think Clay must be an interviewer's dream too because he is so interesting and articulate.

I hope everyone that can vote is voting in the Pepsi challenge. It would be wonderful if the NIP wins. It would help so many children!

Sandy said...

What a great interview! Pierre sure knew how to ask the right questions and it was very obvious that he did a lot of research beforehand! It was nice to see footage that we had never seen before and hear Clay say things that he had never said before!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I thought I was going to watch a short video of Clay's interview, and it went on and on. I loved it. clay was perfect as usual. If you hadn't put it on here, I would have missed it, so thank you so much.