Friday, July 16, 2010

Clay Aiken Fans Honor Scarlett

SINGER JOINS CLACK GATHERERS - Borrowing Scarlett's camera during the 2007 Ft. Myers SRHP Concert, Clay Aiken took some of his own clack. Graphic by cindilu2 links to the video. Photos by toni7babe, scrpkym.

Greetings for a Clack Goddess

Scarlett Celebrates Special Day

With the start of the Clay Aiken-Ruben Studdard Timeless Tour less than a week away, there is no better way to honor Scarlett, one the CA fandom's beloved "clack goddesses," on her birthday than to spotlight some of the classic video highlights she has provided during the past seven years.

Every self-respecting Aiken fan knows that Aug. 16, 2007, was the night Clay imitated the tiny videographer's gyrations in an effort to obtain the best possible angle, reached down from the stage, borrowed her front row camera, and gathered footage of his backup musicians.

Scarlett didn't miss a beat, however, and pulled a backup camera out of her bag to continue filming the show. "She's got a whole Radio Shack in her purse!" Clay exclaimed to the audience.

To this day, fans agree the circumstances of 8/16/07 evolved into one of the funniest concerts ever in the annals of Clay.

Scrpkym's photo links to YouTube video by Scarlett and Clay.

Cameras Chronicle Clay Events

Name a Clay Aiken tour (Independent, Joyful Noise, Jukebox, Soft Rock Hard Place) or special appearance by the singer (Golfing for Inclusion, David Foster & Friends, Bringing Broadway Home), and you generally will find Scarlett front and center with her camera(s).

In no particular order, a search for "Clay Aiken AND Scarlett" videos on YouTube runs the gamut showcasing Clay's incredible vocals, skilled comedic timing, and articulate speeches for various causes. Those not on YouTube can be downloaded from Clack Unlimited.

Before writing this blog, I asked for any special Scarlett experiences fans recall. One of my favorites came in a PM from Rainlover:

Sitting next to Scarlett at a concert and having her hand me a memory card to keep till after the concert in case she got busted. I felt so important!

Cotton elaborated on Clay's "Radio Shack" reference:
She really does carry a Radio Shack with her right down to the surge suppressor packed in her suitcase because hotels never have enough outlets, LOL!

Clay banters with camera personnel at Clio, MI, Jukebox Concert.
Who will ever forget, "God forbid the clack skip around!"

View full screen at

Scarlett Shares Travels on Facebook

For the past several weeks, Scarlett has been posting on Facebook from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a city on Sakhalin Island, Russia, where she has shared the language, customs, exotic food, scenery, various experiences, and -- much to her chagrin -- her plight with uber slow downloads.

Due to the latter, she has vowed "to bring broadband access to every person on earth no matter where they live." Now that would be quite an accomplishment!

Scarlett and my grandson Kai still hope to hook up on Facebook where he enjoys playing "Family Feud." Chances of that happening will be much greater when she returns to US time zones.

In the past week, we discovered that we are not only fellow "moon kids" but July 17 carries the same significance for both of us. Currently 17 hours ahead of EDT, Scarlett is well into celebrating our special day.

Happy Birthday to a very special lady who, hopefully, will enjoy many greetings at the Carolina site, on Facebook, and throughout Clay Cyberspace!

Scarlett celebrates birthday in Russia.

Rest assured, the birthday gal will be home on the 20th in time to do laundry and make it to the July 23 Timeless Tour bow in Asheville.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!


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anaturegirl said...

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Scarlet. Travel safely home so you can bring us more of your wonderful Clack.

queenmama247 said...

Happy Birthday Scarlett

clayam said...

Happy Birthday to Scarlet!
Love your clack, and hope to see your T&T clack.

SueReu said...


Hoping our paths cross again *soon*

Safe travels, and we're looking forward to your reunion with Clay Aiken!!!

goldarngirl said...

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday. Travel safely home. See you soon.

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Scarlett. I hope to meet you in Snoqualmie.

billie said...

a b-day with my son. Love your Clay
video, thanks for all you do for CN.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Scarlet! Nice blog ! Thanks!! D. in Wi.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Scarlet, but I certainly know her name. I've been watching and downloading her wonderful videos of clay for the past few years. So glad you are honoring her, and I certainly wish her a happy birthday. Lois

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, to you! ♫♪♪ Happy Birthday, to you!  ♫♪♪  Happy Birthday, Dear Scarlett!!!  ♫♪♪        
♫♪♪Happy Birthday, to YOU!!!

Luv ya, Chickie!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Scarlett. Hope to see you at a concert or two.


Desertrose said...

Happy Birthday Lynette,

Hope you are having a great time in Russia. I hope I see you in Asheville.

Thanks for all you do for us.

claysweetea said...

Happy Birthday, Scarlett!! Thanks for so much wonderful Clack over the years. Safe travels home.

Anonymous said...

Happy Bithday my dear friend!!

I am counting down the hours untill we are traveling together again.

I can't imagine you being so far away without me keep you on time with everything:):)

I hope your day is as special as you are!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Scarlett! Whenever there is a Clay event that I can't attend, I always check to see if you are going to be there. Once I know that you are, I can relax cause then I know there will be awesome Clack!
Hope to see you on the road! Safe travels.


Micky7149 said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, Scarlett! It was such a treat to share phone duty and fish & chips with you in Chicago, LOL! Thank you so much for the countless hours of joy you've provided the Clay nation. Wishing you very safe travels back to Clay tour land.


Sandy said...

I sometimes wonder what we would do without our "Scarlett"! Come rain, sleet or snow, she would never fail to deliver us the most wonderful clack!

Happy Birthday Scarlett and also to you Caro and hope that your special day brings you both an abundance of happiness!


treenuts said...

What a fun and sweet blog!

*~*HAPPIEST of Birthday's
ms Scarlett*~* aka Clack goddess extraordinaire!!

Hope you have a safe trip back and enjoy your special day. As well as you also, Caro! HAPPY Birthday :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Scarlett! Thank you for all the Clack you've given us. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog Caro and how sweet of you honor Scarlett for her birthday. She is very funny and I do enjoy her clack!!!

Now who is going to write a blog for you on your birthday??? I sure hope you have a great day and take some time off and have some me time! Maybe we can get Clay to sing Happy Birthday to you!!!

Hugs!!! on your BIRTHDAY!!!!

ymarie said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Scarlett, and thank you for so many wonderful videos over the years. They are a lifesaver for those of us who couldn't attend every concert or event. Have a safe trip home.

Idle-wandering said...

A Happy Birthday to Scarlet and Caro. Moon people rule. Even my word verification letters say so [preign].

MissSally said...

Happy Birthday, Scarlett, and thank you for capturing & sharing so many special Clay moments!


Desertrose said...


Desertrose said...


T said...

2 special people celebrating their birthdays.

Happy Birthday dear Caro and Scarlett. Wishing you the very best! We thank you both for all the Clay joy that you bring to us.

Have a wonderful day!


musicfan said...

Happy Birthday to 2 wonderful ladies!! You are both talented and give so much to the ClayNation.

Caro....another fun blog!!

ImGranny said...

Happy Birthday Scarlett! Thank you so much for all the wonderful clack!

Happy Birthday Caro! Thank you so much for all your wonderful, informative blogs!

barb 55 said...

Happy Birthday, to you and Scarlett! Hope you both had a GREAT day!

Thanks for the wonderful blogs, Caro, and thanks to Scarlett for the wonderful clack. We're so fortunate to have people like you in the Claynation. You both are an asset.

Love and hugs,

Lenette said...

Thank you very much for the birthday blog, Caro! It's so nice to hear from people we've met through the years in the fandom -- your gift just kept giving this whole day through.

And thank you to everyone for your greetings and notes. I'm alone in my hotel room 7,000 miles away from you all but I feel like I'm walking around, chatting with friends at a pre-concert dinner! ...and speaking of pre-concert dinners, it's so fun to know that we'll all be doing this for real over the next few weeks! soon! our soon! :) Eeeee!!!

...before the day closes, I just want to greet you one more time (it's still the 17th for you, isn't it?)

Happy Birthday, Caro!!!

Anonymous said...

Scarlett and Caro... the bestest clackgather/renderer and the bestest blogger IN the world celebrating their b'day's and getting primed for the next Clay Aiken tour! YAY for all of the above!!!


Anonymous said...

Puteri from Indonesia,
Dear Caro & Scarlett,
happy birthday for you all & thank you for all the blogs & the clacks you've made. Being so far away from Clay land, yours are my source of happiness everyday :)
thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hello Caro. Stopping by to wish 2 wonderful ladies a Happy Birthday. :)

I remember the clack of Clay getting clack. That is one of my favorite clack moments. So glad we have Scarlett as a videographer. She has contributed so much to the fandom and so have you with your wonderful blogs.

Sending you both ((A BIG HUG))


LovesClaysVoice said...

Happy Birthday to Scarlett! Thank you for all the wonderful clack over the years!

Caro, I hope you had a great birthday too! Thank you for everything you do for Clay!

katy said...

Happy birthday Scarlett and have a wonderful clack filled day!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Scarlet. Hoping you are having a wonderful day! Thanks for your friendship and once again great Clack!!
Hope you are enjoying you day too Caro!!! Hugs to both of you....Cookie