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Clay Aiken on 'The View' = Hot Topic

EXIT INTERVIEW - Clay Aiken and Bret Michaels talk about their experience as guest co-host and performer on 'The View' Tuesday.

Singer Gets Bleeped on 'The View'

Aiken Creates Buzz as Co-Host

Even with a touch of laryngitis, Clay Aiken's stint as guest co-host on "The View" Tuesday was a smash with several segments -- before, during, and after the show -- still garnering water cooler honors the day after.

Despite the hoarseness, Clay was friendly, funny, articulate, snarky, and unafraid to say what he thinks. According to Zap2 News & Buzz, The View was "chock full of extra goodness with Clay as guest co-host and Bret Michaels the performing guest."

Disagreeing with the premise that only children are more self-centered and badly-behaved, Clay proposed that it doesn't necessarily matter what kind of environment kids are raised in; some are just naturally **bleeped** rotten.

The highlight of the episode is when Clay Aiken engages in a discussion of children being self-centered and selfish and his observation is, "Some kids are a**holes." The reactions of the other ladies is priceless, particularly Whoopi Goldberg.

HOT TOPIC - Clay's opinion about child rearing results in bleep.

Earning stern looks and nervous laughter from the other hosts, Clay added, "What? It's the truth!" According to subsequent fan board discussions, the singer has only been bleeped on national television three times in the past seven years.

Most comments at multiple media sites replaying the topic tend to agree with Clay, many from teachers. Playing the moment for all it was worth, Whoopi appeared shocked and quipped, "Can I say that?"

On a more serious subject, Clay weighed in on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. You can view the video clip at this link.

Screen cap by Cotton links to " hair roller" interview.

One of the most entertaining videos from Tuesday's show happened when the singer proved how comfortable he is in his own skin in a pre-show interview with executive producer Bill Geddie while a stylist put rollers in his hair. Below are highlights from their conversation:

Bill: Co-hosting on the show today is Clay Aiken, a very nice man. However, what is going on?

Clay explains that the stylist is trying to give his hair body with rollers.

Bill: This is how secure you are with yourself. You're fine with me shooting this.

Clay: As long as they come out before we go on the air, I'm fine.

Bill: You got like cooler. On Idol, you were kind of nerdy, and that was part of the appeal. And then you filled out and got cooler.

Clay: It was completely unintentional.

Bill: What are you doing? What's up in your life?

Clay: Well, I'm here today. This is what my life has built to.

Bill: You know just to get in there, don't wait for them to call your name, say what you need to say, fight your way in.

Clay: "Or I'll put my hand over someone's mouth if necessary."

You can watch various segments of Tuesday's show at The VIEWer's Choice and see photos at Getty Images. "Honest Aiken" is #1 at People's They Said What!

Below are clickable screen caps from Clay's Tuesday appearance on The View. Nos. 1 and 3 are Getty images:

Inclusion Project To Receive $20,000

Thanks to the votes of an all-out effort in the final hours of the
Chase Community Giving Summer 2010 challenge, the National Inclusion Project will receive $20,000, enough to fund two more "Let's All Play" camps.

With 1,632 votes, the Inclusion Project landed in position #129, safely within the top 200 organizations receiving $5 million. The Harry Potter Alliance won $250k while four other charities -- Kristin Brooks Hope Center, North American Bear Center, A Spring of Hope, and Sarvodaya USA -- will be awarded $100k each.

Congratulations to all the participating charities and to Chase and Facebook for sponsoring this worthwhile cause!

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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Anonymous said...

So happy that the Inclusion Project will relieve $20K from Chase Community Giving. Every dollar helps.

Thanks for your blog Caro!

Deborah Brand said...

Carolina thank you for recap yesterday show. Because I mess up the clock on my VCR and didn't tape it. So I had to look for Video to watch Yesterday and last night.

Gina (ClaytoRican) said...

It was so good to see Clay on The View and he left me mouth agaped with his bleep. Too funny! As far as Clay with rollers...heck yes! Wonderful blog Caro. I so enjoyed it!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog -- love it! Clay did a fine job on The View and the Exit Interview & the clip with the curlers is so funny! Thank you.

I'm so happy about the foundation getting the $20K for summer camps for children with special needs.

musicfan said... have given us lots of fun news. Thank you!!

Clay Aiken was an amazing co-host. He looked at ease and when he had a chance to talk, his comments were well-thought out!!

I am also so happy that The National Inclusion Project won the $20,000. Many people, including you, worked very hard.

Thank you again for the wonderful blog. I always enjoy visiting here.

SueReu said...

First things first - I'm so thrilled that National Inclusion Project ended up being awarded $20,000 from Chase! That's two summer camps and equates to hundreds of children having doors opened to them. Bravo National Inclusion Project and all who worked until midnight to get 'er done :)

Clay Aiken was wonderful on The View yesterday. You could tell he was having issues with his throat (that had BETTER clear up before July 23rd!). Loved what he had to say about Don't Ask, Don't Tell - he was spot on. The ****hole comment was hilarious - leave it to Clay to put into words what many people think (myself included). I also loved the segment of Clay with the food (I can't remember the lady's name). The Buffalo Wing Dip was probably my favorite (SPICY!!! Hot hot hot!) followed very closely by the tasting of the alcoholic beverages. My only regret is they didn't zoom in on Clay's face - you could see him wiping the tears from his eyes, as a true non drinker would LOL!!!

and what can I say about the curlers? I've been, well, never mind... Let's just say I really like those curlers LOL!!!

Thanks for the blog Caro!

Anonymous said...

The curlers are the best! Love it. Only Clay!
He was ok on the view. And I enjoy seeing him no matter what. Like his music too:) Thanks for the blog, enjoyed it! D. in Wi.

barb 55 said...

Caro, thanks for another amazing blog. I really enjoyed the videos. The hair curler one is so funny and cute. Clay is natural comedian. He was great at co-hosting.

Glad that the NIP will be getting $20k. It's for such a wonderful cause.

How precious is the comments Kai made about his great grandmother going home. Bless is heart!

Love and hugs,

barb 55 said...

Oops! Meant to type "are" in the last sentence. It bugs me when I make grammatical errors. lol


MissSally said...

Clay certainly made an impact on "The View" with his @$$hole comment! Another unforgettable moment from this articulate, funny man.

So happy to hear about NIP and the 20K, loyal fans are to be congratulated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,
Thanks for the great news on the Inclusion Project's win :) Love The View although I felt that Clay was a little too polite not to budge in and say more. LOL! I can't get enough of his voice :D Oh and thanks for the screencaps too. He's looking mighty fine. Thanks a million Caro for keeping us updated. Love ya!


ImGranny said...

I loved Clay Aiken on "The View." It's hard to get a word in edgewise there, but he did good in expressing his views when he did speak. Loved the video with the curlers. Clay has a fantastic sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously.

I'm thrilled that the National Inclusion Project won $20,00 from Chase Community Giving. Congratulations to them and everyone who made it possible!