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Clay Aiken Promos Album, Tour

Clay discusses Tried & True, Timeless Tour with BetterTV.
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'Decades of Favorites' on Tour

Singer Talks About Classic CD

Clay Aiken appeared on Better TV Monday talking about his new Tried & True CD and the 17-city Timeless Tour planned with Ruben Studdard from July 23 - August 14.

Double click on the above photo and you can watch Clay's Better TV interview. It's amazing to me how the singer breathes new life into each appearance he makes discussing the same topics.

His host takes viewers through the highlights of Clay's roller coaster ride since his American Idol days seven years ago. Below is a paraphrase of the interview:

He's written a book, starred on Broadway, and was even an executive producer for a TV show. Back to his first love, music, we talked to the singer about his latest album.

It's been seven years since Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken stood on that American Idol stage. Now Season 2's top 2 are reuniting for a tour through decades of their favorite music.

Clay's fifth CD, Tried & True, is filled with classics that he has always wanted to record. "More than anything else I've every done, this album is true to me. It is exactly what I have wanted to do for seven years."

At the conclusion, the interviewer encouraged everyone to give a listen to Clay's Tried & True album and to look for the singer and his pal Ruben Studdard on tour this summer.

Among the best ways for newcomers to "give a listen" to T&T are through the official Clay Aiken and International Media channels at YouTube. In addition to the preview of Clay Aiken: Tried & True ~ LIVE! below, there are also promo videos of the CD songs, as well as Clay's performances from Good Morning America and The View.

Clay Aiken: Tried & True - LIVE!
View full screen at YouTube

Clay's PBS Special, slated in several markets as early as July 31, will reach a vast new audience. Master lists of PBS stations that have scheduled Clay Aiken: Tried & True ~ LIVE! are updated regularly at The Clayboard, Clay Aiken Fans, and Clay Aiken News Network.

The 90-minuted DVD of the special, which will be released July 27, can be purchased during PBS fundraising drives, at Amazon and other online outlets. You can read about the DVD at Decca where the 18 tracks are listed.

CA fans are making sure they stream "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" at Universal Music's Playlist on MySpace. Spins passed 10,000 Sunday night.

Meanwhile, I have friends and relatives in my email list who would enjoy Clay's album of jazzy, big band classics. Bet you do, too!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Featured in this clickable collection are graphic designs from the Tried & True CD cover/liner photos, PBS special, and Popeater's "Day in the Life" by AmazingCA, 1 and 3; SueReu, 2; and Fountaindawg, 4 and 5.

Family Bids Farewell to Matriarch

In failing health for many months, my mother-in-law passed away peacefully Friday afternoon. In better times, she was a dedicated octogenarian fan of Clay Aiken and would have loved his new Tried & True CD. I'm sorry she was never able to enjoy the album.

Nina loved her family, state, and country; but she also enjoyed her NJU status in the Clay Nation. I kept her informed about the latest; and for a long time, she passed along Kai and Lia updates. She was especially proud of what a good mother her granddaughter is.

Until she became too ill to watch television, MIL relied on me for the exact times of Clay's appearances. I bookmarked her cable company so I could keep her viewing schedule straight. I think the only time she missed a show was when the West Texas winds were so strong that nobody received the feed.

Clay Fans Light Candles

Admitted to her hospital's critical care unit with heart failure in 2007, she was very moved when she graduated to a room with a telephone and I read her the encouraging messages posted at the Gratefulness Candle site by CA fans from around the world.

Nina had a talent for summarizing a situation in a few brief words. A perfect example was in August 2007 when I read to her Spotlightlover's account of meeting the Japanese Clay fans during the Summer Symphony Tour in San Diego. This was also one of my MIL's favorite Clay Nation stories.

Clicakble by mel ladi

MIL Provides Fitting Postscipt

The Japanese contingent not only attended the tour's four California concerts, but they also flew to North Carolina for the homecoming performances in Cary and Asheville.

As fans who connect from afar, the group was well acquainted with downloads at
Clack Unlimited. In San Diego, they met one of the revered videographers who make it possible for fans around the world to enjoy concerts and other appearances. In a message board post, Spotlightlover described her chance meeting with these fans.

As we were preparing to leave the venue, I noticed that 20 or so Japanese ladies had gathered at the front of the stage in their kimonos. They had taken the set lists from the stage and were "oohing" and "aahing" over them.

I took a little footage of them and then asked if anyone spoke English. A couple of tentative nods; then the woman who was serving as translator introduced herself.

I told her I had a big souvenir of the entire concert, and there were a few gasps. We exchanged cards and I said I would be in touch. Then I talked a little more with a few of the women who spoke English. I asked if they were on the Internet.

One of them replied, “Clack Unlimited?” So I told them my board name. And the eyes of these wonderful women from a far country widened with recognition because they knew who I was.

For me, meeting these women was the most magical moment of the night. No, not because they knew who I was, but because across the vast Pacific Ocean, culture differences, and a language barrier, we have all become a part of this awesome phenomenon. I had shared something with them, not even knowing it; and that made us comrades from half a world away.

I think now, for me, that’s what this is really all about. It’s no longer just about a skinny kid from North Carolina with an incredible voice who got the chance of a lifetime. It’s how his effect on us has brought us together into a big family, and every concert is like a family reunion.

I read paragraphs from three August 2007 blogs to Nina. Her one-sentence response in the distinctive West Texas drawl struck me as a most insightful postscript:
The Clay Nation is doing things that poor ole missionaries can't get done.

Nina, 87 and weary at the end. will be laid to rest Wednesday morning. Good times together and on the telephone will be missed and remembered. Rest in peace, MIL.

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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LoriF said...

Caro, thanks for the insightful comment from your dear MIL regarding the "outreach" :-) program the Claynation operates.
It is, to me as well, one of the most amazing by-products of our love for this talented man.
My sympathies on your loss.

SueReu said...

Caro, what a lovely story about Nina. I guess in a way we are missionaries - not just spreading the word of Clay Aiken, but of inclusion and acceptance of all.

I cannot wait until July 23rd, but I'm enjoying all the little snippets and surprise appearances until we get to CONCERT CLAY!!!!

Great blends by Fountaindawg and AmazingCA. and thanks for using my blend too :)

Have a wonderful week

reneti said...

Wonderful blog as usual. Im catching up on my blog reading after working 4 twelve hr. shifts over the July 4 weekend.
Sorry to here about your MIL. sounds like she had a good life.
UNC-TV is my local PBS station here so keep me posted if they come up with a date.Im looking forward to Clay on the view on the 13th and Ashville, July 23rd. Love all your info. Take care of that ankle.

SueReu said...

:-/ Okay, I swear I commented but now I don't see my comment so if it shows up twice, sorry :)

Thank you for the lovely tribute to Nina, she sounds like she was an amazing woman. I think she summed up the Clay Nation quite nicely - we have become missionaries of sorts. Not just spreading the word of an amazingly talented man, but also spreading the word of the things he holds close to his heart - inclusion, acceptance, all children getting a chance at life.

I'm really enjoying the tid bits we're getting leading up to the main course - TOUR BABY!!!!

Gorgeous blends by AmazingCA and Fountaindawg - and thanks for using mine too :)

Have a great day and week! Hope that ankle is feeling better every day.

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for your comments. Currently, there seems to be a problem with Blogger RE the posing of comments.

I have received emails about your remarks, but none are showing. Hopefully, the problem will be cleared up soon. It will be interesting to see if mine goes through. *g*

Again, many thnx!


katy said...

Thank you for your timely blogs. I loved hearing about your MIL, too.

Sandy said...

Thanks for this very informative blog! Especially the links to PBS stations that have confirmed that they will be viewing Clay's concert.

Am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear Mother In-Law Nina. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Like you say she is now at peace. You will always have the sweet memories of her and her love for Clay that you both shared.

Back to work, as it's now past my lunch hour!

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

My goodness nothing good around for U lately. I sure hope things start to get better. I am so sorry for your loss of a sightful lady!
:( When it rains it pours......thank U for still through it all writing your blog! :) Donna in WI.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I am so sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law, Nina, I know how close you were to her. My Thoughts and Prayers go out to You and Your Family.

The ClayNation is having a wonderful summer and "the best is yet to come!" I am so looking forward to the Clay/Ruben Concert.

Caro, Thanks again for a wonderful informative blog.

Keep Cool.......


Lenette said...

I've always enjoyed your blog but since I can't view the clips of his appearances right now, your recaps and descriptions of his appearances are my only connection to them. Thank you for all of these and for keeping us all up to date on the fandom, wherever we are!

I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. I think she was one amazing lady and I wish I had been able to meet her. While I'm sad for you and your family on your loss, I can't help but think Nina will now be able to see every single one of the concerts this summer and that Clay will have more strong, loving person keeping watch over him from above. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blogs and admire your talent for putting it all together. Love the story about your MIL. Prayers and good thoughts for your family.

It always amazes me, too, when I think of how far-reaching Clay's fans extend -- hands of friendship the world over. I hope he knows the joy he has brought to so many.

Won't be long now to see him again!

(can't get my password to work -- ) --macmom

ImGranny said...

Another wonderful Clay Aiken blog. Thank you! Your blogs are always interesting and informative.

So sorry about your MIL. She sounds like she was a special lady!

Cindy said...

Condolences on the loss of your MIL, Caro. I hope she is still enjoying beautiful music wherever she is.

The summer of Clay v.2010 is almost upon us! I am so looking forward to it all.

Anonymous said...

Caro this blog is by far your best. Your talent for keeping us informed on "All that is Clay", is outstanding. From the videos to the beautiful blends and your amazing way of coordinating it all together.

You can tell by your loving words that Nina was a very special person. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers.

We all appreciate your diligence in continuing to inform us on all the up to date news on Clay!

Hoping that you are getting around better.
God Bless you and your family!

MissSally said...

The PBS special is not yet scheduled for Atlanta, I'll be making some phone calls today. Thanks for posting the links!

lulu said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog. I like hearing about Clay, but also your lovely stories and memories.

chel4clay said...

I always enjoy coming here and reading your blog. I know I don't comment enough, sorry. Everyone says what I want to say only better. Sorry to hear about your MIL, sounds like she was a great lady. Enjoyed the video interview of Clay, he's so damn cute.