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Clay Aiken PBS Special Airs This Weekend

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Clay Aiken: Tried & True LIVE!

PBS Special Opens in 30 Markets

The Clay Aiken: Tried & True ~ LIVE! PBS special kicks off coast to coast in 30 markets, 12 on Saturday, July 31, and 18 more on Sunday, Aug. 1.

In many cases, the telecast coincides with the public television's fall pledge drives. Supporters will be able to donate to their local station and receive the Tried & True CD, Tried & True LIVE DVD, or both.

Released commercially on July 27, the DVD is already the talk of Clay Cyberspace. As soon as the DVD of Clay's special March concert of Tried & True songs arrived in mailboxes, fans shared screen caps and scans of the DVD art. They are included below.

July 31 Tried & True ~ LIVE Telecasts

WTVI - Charlotte, NC: 4:30 pm (also 8/1, 8/2, 8/4, 8/7)
Rocky Mountain PBS, CO
: Denver: 4 pm (also 8/1)

NET - Lincoln, NE: 6:30 pm (also 8/4)
WPBT - Miami, FL: 7:30 and 11 pm (also 8/1, 8/5, 8/8, 8/12)
WLIT - Martin, TN: 7 p.m. (also 8/3, 8/7)
WYES - New Orleans, LA: 9 pm
WOSU - Columbus, OH: 10 pm (also 8/1, 8/8)
WUSF - Tampa, FL: 6:30 pm (Also 8/1, 8/3, 8/6)
WDSE - Duluth, MN: 7 pm
WNIN - Evansville, IN: 7 pm (also 8/1)
WPBA - Atlanta, GA: 8 and 9:30 pm (also 8/2)
WQED - Pittsburgh, PA: 8 pm (also 8/1, 8/2, 8/13)

Aug 1 Tried & True ~ LIVE Telecasts

WNMU - Marquette, MI - 10 pm
KOCE - Huntington Beach, CA - 6:30 pm (Also 8/2, 10 pm; 8/4, 5 pm; 8/6, 7 pm)
WCFE - Plattsburgh, NY - 7:30 p.m.
WQPT - Moline, IL (QUAD CITIES PBS) - 7:30 pm (Also 8/2 1 pm, 8/7 7:30 pm)
KLVX - Las Vegas, NV - 7:30 pm (Also 8/5 12 am, 8/7 3 pm)
WJCT - Jacksonville, FL - 7 pm (Also 8/4 8 pm)
WGCU - Fort Myers, FL - 8 pm (Also 8/2 2 am, 8/5 9:30 pm)
NPT - Nashville, TN - 8 pm (Also 8/3 11 pm)
KVPT - Fresno, CA - 8 pm (Also 8/4 8 pm)
WTCI - Chattanooga, TN - 8 pm (Also 8/4 8 pm)
WITF - Harrisburg, PA - 8 pm (Also 8/5 1 pm)
Georgia PB - Atlanta, GA - 9:30 pm (Also 8/3 7 pm)
WNIT - South Bend, IN - 9:30 pm (Also 8/5 and 8/7, 8 pm
KMOS - Columbia, MO - 9 pm (Also 8/8 12 am)
WVPT - Harrisburg & Staunton, VA -3 pm
WLRN - Miami, FL - 4:30 am & 8:30 pm (Also 8/2 12 am)
Maryland PT - Owings Mills, MD - 7:30 pm (Also 8/2 1 pm, 8/7 11 pm)
KCTS - Seattle, WA - 8 pm (Also 8/5 12:30 am, 8/7 11 pm)

Stations (with links), cities, dates, and telecast times of the PBS special are available on the searchable
CANN PBS Database.

Fountaindawg's T&T LIVE graphic, 3, is surrounded by double clickable DVD screen caps posted by adrienne1954.

'Tried & True' Tour Dates Surface

As the Clay Aiken-Ruben Studdard Timeless Tour starts the West Coast leg (in Snoqualmie, WA, 7 p.m. PT Thursday), CA fans continued locating Tried & True Tour dates/locations for February and March 2011.

The unofficial 2011 Tried & True Tour information has been gathered by various means -- Ticketmaster, PBS stations, announcements by the singer during Timeless Meet & Greets with fans this week. An official announcement will no doubt be made at soon.

Premium tickets/M&G passes for some concerts are being sold in conjunction with the current PBS pledge drives/Tried & True LIVE telecasts. Not every PBS station is paired with the 2011 winter tour. Early August general ticket sales have be reported by some venues.

Tentative 2011 T&T Tour Sites

Miami, FL - Feb 10, The Adrienne Arsht Center
Orlando, FL - Feb 11, The Hard Rock Cafe
Atlanta, GA - Feb 16, The Cobb Energy Centre
Pittsburgh, PA - Feb 18, Carnegie Library Music Hall at Homestead
Cleveland, OH - Feb 19, Palace Theatre
Towson, MD - Feb 22, Kraushaar Auditorium
Charlotte, NC - Feb 23, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Greenville, SC - Feb 24, The Peace Center
Long Island, NY - Feb 26, Capital One Bank Theater at Westbury
Glenside, PA - Feb 27, Keswick Theater - PBS39 is pre-selling concert/VIP M&G tickets now!
Mesa, AZ - Mar 10, Mesa Arts Center
San Francisco - Mar 12 or 13

Other possible concert sites include Memphis, TN; Sarasota FL; Waukegan, IL; St. Louis, MO; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; and Dallas/Grand Prairie, TX.

Check with your local PBS station to see if (a) a Feb-March concert is part of the pledge package and (b) if the tickets are on sale prior to the telecast.

DVD Art EEEEE-Worthy!

Fans who pre-ordered the Tried & True: LIVE DVD or pledged donations during the special June 12 preview by Chicago's WTTW-11 PBS station have been receiving some EEEEE-worthy mail this week.

The Clay Aiken: Tried and True LIVE DVD is available as a 60-minute core version, released commercially two days ago, and as a 90-minute pledge event version to be distributed by PBS. The concert special, filmed in Raleigh, NC, in March was produced by International Media.

Decca Records lists the tracks of the core DVD as Mack the Knife, It's Impossible, It's Only Make Believe, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Crying, Eso Beso, Who's Sorry Now, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Suspicious Minds, What Kind of Fool Am I, Build Me Up Buttercup, Misty, There's a Kind of Hush, Moon River, Unchained Melody, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Tried & True.

Dancermom2 scanned the front and back covers, booklet, and special photo accompanying the DVD. Below are double clickables of her scans:

Anyone have friends or relatives who live in the 7/31 and 8/1 cities? I know a ton of folks in Nashville who will be receiving an email with info about Clay's PBS Special and a link to the above promo video. I wouldn't doubt you know people who need the same kind of email!

The next three Timeless Tour performances are Thursday, July 29, 7 p.m. PT, Mountain View Plaza, Snoqualmie, WA; Saturday, July 31, 8 p.m. PT, Silver Legacy Casino, Reno, NV; and Sunday, Aug. 1, 7 p.m. PT, Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA.

A complete listing appears in Tour, TV Jam Clay Aiken Calendar, the 7/18 Carolina blog entry.

Below is a double clickable of the special photo that comes with the Tried & True ~ LIVE! DVD:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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ohhh my God!!!! Caro. I want this DVD - I loved - ... thanks for your blog

Deborah Brand said...

I don't think my PBS station will have the concert is not on the list. But that ok I got the DVD Yesterday and I sold one in 2 mins on facebook

claysweetea said...

My station isnt on this list, but it is showing it, so dont give up. OFC is finally showing my station WGVU after I sent them my email from the station and they checked directly with the station. Thanks for this blog!

LovesClaysVoice said...

My station is not on the list yet, but I received my DVD and it is fantastic! It brought me right back to the OMG concert! So it really did happen! I thought it was all a wonderful dream!

Thanks for all the graphics! There were a couple that I didn't have! They are to die for!

Anonymous said...

Just back from concert in Snoqualmie. Lovely outdoor venue and great entertainment. We thought of Joan (Ashes) often but I know she was watching over us!!! Have the PBS show set up to tape. What a week. Bonnie

LoriF said...

Thank you SO much for the list of PBS viewings by DATE, which I hadn't found anywhere else...and I don't have time to scroll through it state by state!
I would LOVE to be able to pledge as it airs, in support and thanks for that phenomenal concert in Raleigh...but I guess, unfortunately, I still will need to eat on occasion this month. :(
Please, please, please folks....pledge your city and any others you can!


katy said...

Lots of pbs airings and tour dates are showing up. I hope to see Clay soon.

fgs said...

Wonderful blog and pictures. Looking forward to the concert special coming up soon in our area.

tree ~ said...

EEEEEEEEEEE and YUM!! Thank you caro ad thank you Clay!

Anonymous said...

U rock, Caro, love the info and all U have in your blog ...sure like that Clay's voice! :) D. in Wi.

Cindy said...

Try to imagine my frustration: I have not one, but two Tried and True DVD's somewhere in the world on their way to Canada (one from pledging the debut airing in Chicago, one from Amazon). I want it nowwwwww, darnit!

On the bright side, our cable company carries a PBS the Seattle, Washington PBS station so we can see it on Sunday night. So that will kick off what I hope (and believe) will be an awesome week of Clay Aiken for me. So, YAY!!

Great blog, Caro. Have a happy weekend!

Sandy said...

Great pictures that came with the TNT DVD!!! I am waiting patiently for confirmation from our PBS station in Watertown. They have only said that they are looking at adding it! If not, I am sure there will be copies being sold SOMEWHERE!!
I am so far behind in looking at all the concert videos. Vacation starts next Wednesday, so hope to get caught up then!
Have a great weekend!


MissSally said...

Like fine wine, Clay just gets better with age. One look at those smoldering, sexy pics makes my old heart skip a beat or two.

I've already set my DVR for both Atlanta performances tonight and the one tomorrow night too!
Of course, I'll be front and center watching as it airs as swell!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro
I'm in Rochester MN. for DH family reunion. It is wonderful to read your updates about OMC. I needed a new picture for my lap and the last one was a perfect replacement.

Only 3 more days to Clay EEE.


T said...

Great blog Caro! You always keep us updated and appreciate that. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get PBS here in Canada.

The photos are stunning and couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks so much!

Have a nice weekend. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,
Phew!!!! I think I am finally caught up on what is going on in the ClayNation (after three weeks!!!!) Thanks goes ALL to YOU!!!

What can I say....I love everything this summer is bring to us. The CD, DVD, Clay & Ruben Concert, Phineas & Ferb Video, & news about a Winter Concert! Yeah, I think I got tickets to the Keswick.

Thank You agai and again for all you do for the ClayNation.

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

My DVD is waiting for me over at the Post Office. Can't wait to see it. Thank goodness I have off today.

Just got back from Reno, last night. It was wonderful. I think Clay and Reuben were surprised at the large crowd.

No PBS concert listed for my state yet. Lois