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Aiken's 2007 SRHP Finale Special

ORLANDO 2007 -- Amazing_CA graphic, photo by Invisible926.

2007 Summer Tour Finale

Recollections of Orlando Concert

A beautiful duet that evolved into a magnificent trio, the moving Measure of a Man reaching emotional pinnacles, and the predictable, playful antics of a final show marked Clay & Company's closing bow of the 2007 Summer Tour in Orlando on Aug. 19 of last year.

The venue, Hard Rock - Orlando, was packed with faithful fans and newcomers alike, while thousands around the globe listened via cellstream to an entertaining but emotional Soft Rock in a Hard Place Tour finale.

Throughout the tour, Quiana [Parler] and Angela [Fisher] had cleverly teased Clay as to which of the two would be his singing partner on the "I Want To Know What Love Is" duet. Each night of the tour Clay had to guess which backup vocalist would answer his opening phrase.

In Orlando, they both did! As soon as he committed to singing to one, the other picked up the next phrase. In the end, Clay improvised low register riffs with Quiana and soared higher altitudes with Angela.

Photo by Irishbookgal links to Orlando IWTKWLI.

Irishbookgal's photo links to IWTKWLI, posted at YouTube by kb0326. In this rendition, Singerman renamd his backup singers "Heartache" and "Pain."

The photo below links to Spotlightlover's Orlando video of the memorable "Measure of a Man" performance.

Toni7babe's photo links to Orlando MOAM video.

Goose Bumps in Any Language

In the long line waiting to get into Hard Rock-Orlando, Platinum spoke with a Jamaican foreign exchange student who had attended the concert alone. He had seen Clay on American Idol, thought he had a fantastic voice, and wanted to see him in concert.

Later in the handshake line, she met fans from Venezuela who had come to the US specifically to see Clay. The wife didn't understand English, so her husband translated.

He told me his wife downloads all of Clay's videos off the Internet and watches him on YouTube, too.

Through her husband, the wife told me she loves Clay and thinks he is beautiful. I asked what she thought of the concert, and she grabbed at her arm in an up and down motion. This must be the universal sign for goose bumps.

She only has "A Thousand Different Ways," so I got her e-mail address and will send her some of the extras I have at home. I can't tell you how thrilled she was to get a handshake!

Photos Highlight Special Moments

The clickables of this photo interlude are snapshots of special moments during the tour's finale in Orlando. Included are photos by Okie4Clay, 1; Invisible926, 2 and 4; Claysmelody graphic, photo by Toni7babe, 3; and Brightstar, 5.

The fourth photo captured the "switcheroos" on "A Thousand Days." Sean [McDaniel] played piano, Jesse [Vargas] became the drummer, and Quiana did a fantastic imitation of Clay as he stepped into her backup role. The final picture was taken after Clay sang "Because You Love Me," his special thank you to the fans.

NC Fans Fly Home with Clay

Icing on the FOURIDA for three North Carolinians arrived seconds before take-off when Singer Man bounded onto their Delta flight home. This is the story of three fans -- Cindydoe, NCClayfan, and MAL -- who politely allowed Clay much-needed space but still managed to express their appreciation for the summer tour.

Back home, Cindydoe and NCClayfan told their tale in back-to-back posts at Clayversity. Minus the emoticons, here is their commentary:

CINDYDOE: Clay was on our flight home!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

As we sat on the plane, NCClayfan had just said to me, "As long as that door is open, there is still hope." Ten seconds later, there he was! Of course, we didn't say anything, but he had to notice the difference in cabin pressure as the three of us gasped for breath at the same time.

I'm sure I'll have a bruise on my arm and leg tomorrow from the two Mary Ann's. He sat four rows behind us and across the aisle with Jamie. He was in the window seat. We did not turn around to stare; and that was hard

Trio Sends 'Off the Chain' Note

When the stewardess arrived with drinks, the excited fans quietly asked if they could have Clay Aiken's cup. She said, "So that was him? I thought it looked like him!"

We wondered if he would be at baggage check, what should we say to him, if anything. We decided we would get off the plane as usual and give him his privacy. But,we did write a note on our Delta napkin:

"Thanks for the tour. It was Off the Chain!"

We got off the plane and asked the stewardess if she would give the note to Clay; she said she would. We got to where he couldn't see us, and peeped though a tiny window and watched as he stood in the door of the plane and read "our" note.

Yes, we are 12 years old!!! That was certainly the icing on our sweet cake of a weekend!!!

NCCLAYFAN: He was on our plane, he was on our plane!!! We breathed the same air for two hours!!!

One ticket to see Clay Aiken -- $100.00
Four days of Clay in Florida -- Over $1000.00
CLAY AIKEN on your return flight home -- PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking out the tiny peep hole giving a play by play, "He's in the doorway. She handed it him. He's reading it!"

After Clay read the note, he looked up, and I am pretty sure I saw a smile. He held the note in his hand as he went over to claim his bag on a rolling cart beside the plane. As he headed to the awaiting car, he still held our note in his hand!

Photo by Invisible926 links to Orlando Slide Show.

The Orlando Slide Show features photos from Sunday's closing concert. Photographers represented include Invisible926, ClayGlo, Toni7babe, and Brightstar. Invisible's photo links to a show with a choice between gallery and fading views.

Below is a clickable of Amazing_CA's lead graphic:

Orlando provided a perfect ending for the Clay Train's amazing ride during the Summer of 2007.

CALENDAR NOTE: The Rachael Ray Show (syndicated) of May 16 will rerun Thursday, Aug. 21. Check your local listings.

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Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


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Ashes said...

Tears are dripping into my coffee after going back to this awesome Orlando SRHP finale show. Goosebumps from MOAM, and grins from IWTKWLI.
The whole blog is a treat for the eyes and ears, Thank you Caro!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blogs and great pictures. These have especially been fun remembering the marvelous SRHP Tour of '07!!

Cindy said...

Great recap, Caro! Clay always manages something special for the 'last show', and Orlando was no exception. Hee - whenever I need a grin, I watch 'Heartache' and 'Pain' do IWTKWLI with him. Brilliant! But then that inevitably leads to watching him set the mic down on the stage and walking off triumphantly, and that grin gets a little watery :../ But I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the memories, again!

Deb said...

You always give such a wonderful journey down memory lane.
I loved reading it ALL and watching it ALL.
I'm not ashamed to admit it I got a bit weepy.
He just gives so much of himself on tour and in everything he does.
Now I got to go and dig those DVD's out of my stash. LOL

Melanie said...

Thank you Caro! I absolutely enjoyed this Rewind of SRHP that you have taken in each of your blogs. They are just fantastic.

SueReu said...

Gosh, I'm a little sad the the SRHP tour is over (again - sigh)

BUT we get more Spamalot and we can remember the Christmas in the Heartland tour!!!!!

Have a wonderful rest of your week and THANKS for these wonderful blogs!!

MissSally said...

I love your trips down memory lane. Clay has given us so much, and it's impossible to remember all of the special moments like Orlando's IWTKWLI.

Thanks for another great blog from the best of Clay's bloggers...he should put you on his payroll.

Kim said...

The end of the SHRP and so emotional for me. It was my first ever concerts as a Clay Fan and they hold very special places in my heart.

Thanks for the memories Clay and thanks for the memories Caro - you done an amazing job honey!

Ashes said...

Wow - Kewl new gadgets on the page!
The player sounds great, and woo-hoo the Nielson chart has Clay up to #2 in the music one! I like the new blog list too, even figured out to click the arrow that said to show more, LOL.
Have a good day!

Barnett said...

Thanks, Caro for a very interesting blog. You are so good at this!! Wonderful photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Maaaaannnn, I miss him in concert!! Hope we get a tour next summer - in the meantime, I'm sure going to enjoy his second stint in Spamalot!!

Clay Aiken/Sir Robin - break a leg!!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like seeing Clay Aiken in concert.....the man NEVER disappoints, and he has the voice of an angel!

Anonymous said...

This is great reading! I love how much activity there is for Clay Aiken on the web - you can always keep up with what he's doing just with a quick search. I hear he will be back on Broadway this fall.
Sounds like he's really good in concert too - anybody know if he'll be playing in Michigan soon?

Anonymous said...

I just love Clay Aiken! I was at that concert, and Clay Rocked!