Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clay Aiken: Celebrating a Decade of Performance

TRIED & TRUE - Fans celebrate the many hats Clay Aiken wears -- singer, actor, humanitarian. Graphic by cindilu2 with photos by Diana Levine.

Round-the-Clock YouTube Rewind

Fans Document Clay Train Ride

The next best thing to Clay Aiken "live" is clack from past concerts; so while the Carolina singer is not on tour, performances from the past decade are in round-the-clock replay in a smorgasbord of clack at YouTube.

For the novice, the term "clack," a play on the words Clay and another highly addictive substance, has been a part of the CA fandom since its inception in 2003. Clack quickly became the byword for video, audio, photos, etc., from the singer's concerts and other appearances.

Featured in this blog are montages by Hope (Wowzers4Clay) and SueRue that celebrate Clay past, present, and future. Some even incorporate pre-American Idol performances with the more familiar events of the past eight years.

At the Wowzers4Clay YouTube Channel, fans can view 15 montages separately or in a non-stop loop by clicking on the current

Clay Aiken Still the One 1999 - 2010
View montage by Hope at YouTube.

'Clay Aiken Still the One 1999 - 2010' spotlights the singer's performances at the JCC Country Music Show (1999), the Solo/NAT Tour Raleigh Concert (2004), and the Timeless Tour show in Lancaster, PA (2010).

The montage incorporates video/audio clips by Shellyfish, Scarlett, Solo, SecretlyLovesClay, Deemer and Canfly172 and photos by MBLovesClay, Tasapio, Suzieq977, VO5Clay, and PatriciaLuvsClay.

Decade of Unchained Melody - Clay Aiken
View montage by Hope full screen at YouTube.

Personally, I think 10 years of Clay Aiken singing "Unchained Melody" is pretty hard to beat.

In the UM montage, Hope highlights the decade with clips from the singer's Redefined demo, American Idol (2003), the Jukebox Tour (ImAllEars, 2005), Starch Search with David Foster (Scarlett, 2006), and the 2010 performance on the
The View promoting the Tried & True CD.

The Real Me - Clay Aiken
New montage by Hope can be viewed at YouTube.

"The Real Me," a fan favorite from the singer's On My Way Here album, received a one-time only performance on March 1 in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the 2011 Tried & True Tour.

Hope's montage features clips and screen caps by videographers
LauraQ, ClayIzzaQT, Goldarngirl, Lissical, and Scarlett. The audio is from ClayIzzaQT's video.

Clay Aiken - A Simple Thank You (Finale)
View montage by SueReu full screen at YouTube.

The final video in SueReu's "Thank You" series, this montage, like its predecessors, rewinds many memorable vocals and humorous moments from Clay Aiken tours.

Be sure to also see
Clay Aiken: A Simple Thank You and Clay Aiken - A Simple Thank You (Part Deux) on her YT channel.

To download videos and montages, visit Clack Unlimited where you can also donate to support the site. In addition to searching for Clay Aiken clips on YouTube, you can link to many at Unlimited Clack on Facebook.

Visual Artists Chronicle Clay

Also documenting the eight-year Clay Train ride are the talented visual artists who photograph and create graphic designs from an array of images.

The handsome graphics below are a sampling of the countless designs that have graced Clay Aiken message boards since 2003 and the Carolina blog since 2006.

To locate visuals by a particular photographer or graphic artist at this site, type the person's screen name in the top left search box beside the orange B just above the Carolina masthead.

Featured below are graphics by
AmazingCA, 1, 2, 3; cindilu2, 4; ABeautifulMind, 5, 6; Sally, 7, 8; and Fountaindawg, 9, 10. Photographers represented include PermaSwooned, 2; Scrykym, 5; Tasapio, 8; and Jim R. Bounds, 9, 10.

Designs capsule CA concerts, interviews, the singer's activities as a UNICEF Ambassador, and his charity work with the National Inclusion Project. Some are double clickable, and some are not.

Join this celebration of clack by linking your favorite montage, video, photograph, or graphic design in the comments below. A special thank you to all artists who share their talent with the Clay Nation!

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



SueReu said...

How fun is this? So many wonderful memories, so many fantastic performances. We're very very very fortunate to have all of these memories caught on tape and for that a HUGE thank you needs to go out to our lovely and talented clack gatherers!!!

Wowzer's videos are always a treat, thank you sooo much for sharing them. The graphics are to die for, gorgeous.

Thanks Caro, hope you're having a great week - the weekend is almost upon us!

ymarie said...

Wow, this was wonderful. Thanks to you for putting it together, and to all the talented people who take the clack, and the ones who create these marvelous montages and graphics. Of course the subject matter isn't bad either. Here's to another 10 years, and counting.

chel4clay said...

I just loved coming here and watching all the great video and the pictures of our guy. Great memories and performances. I don't know what I would do without all the talented people we have in the fandom. A big thank you to all of you.

Sandy said...

I am at work so cannot take advantage of viewing the montages, but am off tomorrow so will have a feast! Love the visuals though, some beautiful graphic art work created by our wonderful fans!

Thanks for providing so many memories!

Have a wonderful day Caro!


Anonymous said...

Love, love all the pics and videos . The clack ppl are so precious and the talented ppl that do all they do for Us to enjoy, thanks U! Thanks Caro for always keeping Us up to date. U all are so kind and talented and appreciate it ALl!! D. in wi.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, caro and all who make/provide us with these wonderful memories to enjoy over and over again! Especially our muse, Clay Aiken <3

Anonymous said...

Caro: Thank you for this Treasure Trove of Video's, pictures, and everything that is so Clay. Really enjoyed them and all the people who always get all the clack.


Sally said...

I can envision Parker and perhaps Clay's grandchildren viewing the clack. What an amazing legacy Clay's fans have preserved for the generations to come!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Wow!!! Thanks for the memories, and yes, Clay Aiken is Still the One.......What wonderful grapics and videos. Thank You clack gathers! and...Thank You Caro for putting this wonderful blog together.

I now see you have a new do you do it??

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Big Hugs.