Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clay Aiken Hits Anthem Out of the Park in DAP Festivities

STAR-SPANGLED: Clay Aiken sings the national anthem at the Second Annual Return to the DAP Monday night. Graphic by Fountaindawg expands to wallpaper size.

Vintage Evening in Durham

Clay Aiken Nails Anthem at DAP

DURHAM, NC - Clay Aiken hit a home run as the Triangle's own pop singer performed the National Anthem to the accompaniment of a ballpark flyover by vintage World War II bi-planes, opening the second annual "Back to the DAP" game Monday night.

Bill Evers, all-time winningest manager of the Bulls, tossed the ceremonial first pitch at the historic Durham Athletic Park, home of the Durham Bulls from 1938 - 1994.

Both teams, the Durham Bulls and the Indianapolis Indians, wore vintage uniforms from the 1960s. Sadly (from a North Carolinian's point of view), the visitors won 7-5; but that didn't dampen the spirits of the SRO crowd of 2,638.

And that's not counting the multitude of Clay Aiken fans who tuned into the radio stream and board cellcerts to hear the singer knock the anthem out of the park.

If you missed it, here is a video of Clay's performance posted by NBC17. Cindilu2 capped the radio stream and provided this audio download of the Star Spangled Banner.

Clay Aiken performs during opening festivities of the Durham Bulls' second annual 'Back to the DAP' game.

Monday's game marked the second straight season the Bulls have played in the remodeled park, the team's home from 1938 - 1994. Bull Durham, iconic baseball film, was shot at the DAP.

Below are clickables of photos posted on the NBC17 Facebook wall and by the News & Observer. The final two images are wallpapers by Fountaindawg, the last a wide screen version of the opening graphic.

Cellserts Connect Fans to Game

In addition to cellcerts along the Claycyberspace network, Twitter was a treasure trove of information and reactions during the pre-game festivities:
IndyweekSports Triangle Offense (Potter) Local hero Clay Aiken does the National Anthem and we're ready for first pitch, folks.

Listening to Clay Aiken sing the national anthem on 620 The Buzz @DurhamBulls

Clay Aiken, the "international pop sensation" opened the Bulls game. He's really gone far!

Ooh, Clay Aiken on the mic with a WWII biplane fly over. Not bad not bad.

My favorite remark occurred during the Clayversity cellcert provided by claygalsal and her son Will. Mom handled a video camera while her son transmitted the anthem via cellphone.

Those tuning in heard Will's astonishment as his mother asked some of the baseball players to please move over so she could get a better shot. "Did y'all hear my mom?" an incredulous Will asked the stream.

CA fans are fearless when it comes to securing clack!

Durham bulls fall in return game to historic DAP for the sports recap.

Have a winning week, Clay Nation!



chel4clay said...

This deserves a tweet. Great pictures of a great man.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

WooHoo....THANK YOU for keeping us up to date!!! They are ALL awesome photos of OMC.

Fountaindawg's opening graphicsare wonderful and now to go check out the video.

Have a great day...

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Awesome! how U all take care of Us and get Us the latest. We all appreciate your time and efforts and are so happy we have such nice clack gatherers! U r all, and Caro, are so loved for doing such a fantastic job always!! Thanks so much!! D.in Wi.

Sandy said...

His voice was so beautiful to listen to! That's all he needs, no props, no dancers, no big band...just Clay! What a performer!
We are all so thankful to you Caro to getting all the latest updates to us "hot off the press".

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

What a great night last night was. I was so happy to get all the coverage. Just want to say thanks to Claygalsal and NBC17 for the video and also the pictures. I think I have watched that video a hundred times. Clay did a most spectacular job on the SSB.

SueReu said...

Absolutely stunning rendition of the National Anthem - I think this is probably his personal best (and there have been many wonderful performances by Mr. Clay Aiken).

He looked great and sounded wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Great graphic be Fountaindawg.
Clay sings the National Anthem like no other.