Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clay Aiken Discusses Career, Fatherhood, Idol, Charities

Clay Aiken talks about his career, future plans, fatherhood, American Idol. You can also watch the interview with Debra Morgan at the WRAL website. Download and view the interview with this 4 shared file.

Singer Talks Topics A-Z

WRAL Shares In-Depth Interview

In the midst of a very busy week for me personally, WRAL-TV posted an in-depth interview with Clay Aiken in which he talked about his career, future plans, fatherhood, American Idol, North Carolina's seeming edge in AI finalists, his charity work with the National Inclusion Project.

In case there are readers having a week like mine, the full 25-minute discussion is embedded above. Here are five clickable screen caps by Cotton. You can download all 150 caps with this Sendspace file.

Astaire Dances to Clay's IOMB

Performing "It's Only Make Believe" from his Tried & True album, Clay & Co. accompany Fred Astaire in SueRue's latest montage. Featured is Scarlett's video from the Atlanta T&T Concert. Enjoy!

It's Only Make Believe - Clay Aiken and Fred Astaire
View montage by SueRue full screen at YouTube.

Show Goes On Despite Power Failure

Despite the fact that Wesleyan Christian Academy called off school Monday due to a power outage, paired piano students shared examples of the semester's music with relatives and each other during afternoon classes.

Even though electricity was restored by 8 a.m., younger students enjoyed an unexpected vacation while their high school counterparts took exams on a revised schedule. For the most part, music lessons went on as planned.

My piano/violin students are in the midst of a week of performance classes with the latest installments set for Wednesday and Thursday.

So far, the groups have been an enjoyable, relaxed version of the more formal spring recitals we usually present. The best part is that everyone can play several selections versus one or two. Check back for a more detailed report following the last chord.

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!



Ginger Scarlett said...

Wowza! 150 screencaps... Probably should just take an extra vacation day!!! Thanks bunches!

Oh, and while I'd normally comment on jerky zooms, I won't this time because things worked out nicely! :)

And yay to Sue for another great new montage!

Keeping fingers crossed for electricity at your upcoming recitals! Good luck!

katy said...

Thank you, Caro. Love the screencaps and the Astaire video!!

SueReu said...

Whoa, 150 screencaps? It's manna of Clay!!!

Thanks for posting that fabulous inerview and thanks for using the video (waves to Scrlett - thank YOU so very very very much!!!!!)

I'm sure your recitals will be absolutely fabulous!!!! Lovely music by candlelight sounds like a great work around =)

Hope said...

Wowzers, 150 screencaps?? I just might not get 'stuff' done today. *g*

Wonderful interview with WRAL.

Thanks for all that you provide us, Caro; greatly appreciated.

zanyforclay said...

Wonderful blog with so much to see. Love the video, the interview, the screencaps . . . Yay to you! Yay to Suerue! Yay to Scarlett! Thanks a million!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your blog..the interview..and the video. I just can't stop watching Clay. He is just so fantastic. Also, what Clay said in his interview..where he likes to leave a little mystery in his life..keeps people from getting tired of you...well, that is what I have liked about Clay..from the beginning...the mystery. Oh, also loved the screencaps.

CCOL4HIM said...

I appreciate your comment on Claymania. I had seen the WRAL interview and enjoyed hearing from Clay and I enjoyed the IOMB montage. I had just made one with Clay and DWTS Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane> Good luck with the rest of the recitals. Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

Sandy said...

Excellent interview! Actually one of the best! Clay is one of the most humble men I have known! I totally understand his need to take some time off and be with his son. He has earned it and has given us fans so much of himself these last eight years. We are so fortunate.

Enjoy your nice long weekend Caro!


Sally said...

After 3 attempts on 2 different days, I managed to see 1/3 of the interview before it stopped playing. I'm wondering if anyone has a downloaded version available?

I am happy that Clay is taking some time off, proving once again that he's wise beyond his years.

I agree with him about Facebook and Twitter. I have a presence at both places, but rarely visit them. The one exception is retweeting your blog, Caro.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro.....Yeah! I'm finally getting caught up in Clay Land, Thanks to you!

I agree with him about Facebook and Twitter....I'm on Facebook, but rarely there.

Next blog.....