Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clay Aiken Cheers for North Carolina Idol Hopeful

ANOTHER NORTH CAROLINA WINNER - Clay Aiken offers insight for Scotty McCreery, Garner's American Idol hopeful. View video full screen at the WRAL website.

NC Pulls for Scotty McCreey

Aiken Recalls Idol Finale Week

In a news segment on WRAL-TV Wednesday night, Clay Aiken offered insight into what 17-year-old American Idol hopeful Scotty McCreery of Garner can expect during Season 10's final flurry of activities.

During the interview with Jason Deans, Clay recalled finale week activities of 2003, long-standing friendships with fellow contestants, and the strong support the Triangle of North Carolina provides its "Idols."

Five albums, millions of albums sold, a stint on Broadway, and it all started on American Idol ...

Enjoy the interview, as well as screen caps of the telecast by Cotton. You can download all her caps with this Sendspace file. The caps below are clickable.

All the best to Scotty! He's got Clay's vote, and the state of North Carolina cheering/dialing for him!

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!



claysweetea said...

Look at those eyes! It is so good to see him again. Clay is the best thing American Idol has ever had on from NC.

ymarie said...

Great blog, Caro. He looks good. All the best to Scotty, too.

Anonymous said...

I just got done listening to Clay sing the National Anthem on your last blog. Thanks for posting it. I'm with Clay when it comes to Scott Macleery. I've been voting for him every week. I love his very country voice. I sure hope he wins.

Hugs, Lois

Anonymous said...

Oooops! I spelled Scotty's name wrong. I knew Macleery didn't sound right. Lois

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Yeah......I got in this blog! I am with Clay and Lois, I am for Scotty. Sure hope he wins, Lauren is good to, but not a big fan of Haley. Her attitude isn't too good when it come to criticism, she had better get used to that in the music business.

I am missing OMC!!!

Have a good week.