Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clay Aiken Dedicates Atlanta Encore to All Fans

Photo by Robb Cohen links to 14 picture-slide Atlanta show.

Cobb Concert Intimate, Powerful

Clay Aiken & Co. Wow Atlanta

Clay Aiken's Tried & True Concert in Atlanta's Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Wednesday will be remembered for many reasons; but for the countless fans listening around the globe via cellstream, it was the night they received a shout-out from the stage.

In typical Aiken shtick, the singer inquired if someone was typing at the other end of a certain cellphone. "Oh, no," replied the flustered cellcerter, "she's broadcasting it all over the Internet."

Clay then dedicated, "In My Life," the first of two encores, to all who have been with him for eight years in the audience and/or listening via the Internet.

According to early recaps, there's still nothing like being in the hall when Clay presents a show.

Clay performs in Atlanta T&T Concert. Photo by Cohen.

Brightstar: The power and beauty of his voice is just magnificent. While a real gift, cellcerts just don't begin to communicate the rich, full, exquisite tones and nuances of his voice. Sounds nice on a cellcert, better on a video, but amazing in person. It's almost like a journey in itself.
The opening number is so beautiful it defies description. The notes and sounds just flow up and down and across and through the theater and into and around one's heart, flowing and growing ever more expressive and strong and moving until you forget anything and everything around you and just surrender yourself to the experience.

I loved the entire concert --the power ballads, the tender, soft songs, the lively ones alike. He's just so talented and versatile and has such power and beauty in his voice that he can successfully deliver almost any kind of concert.

I wish every person in the world could attend at least one show and experience his talent and versatility. He's a treasure, a gift, and he deserves to be heard. I'm glad I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to hear him.

Margaret: Clay was wonderful last night. He has never been in better voice; he just keeps getting better and better. It looks like he bought some Texas boots. On to Knoxville, then to the Grand Ole Opry, then home for a week, and then we start again for three concerts. I love being a Clay Aiken fan!

Click to expand photo of Singer Man at Atlanta Meet & Greet.

Sally: This was a Clay I've never seen before. The large nearly empty stage was the perfect backdrop for this very intimate experience; Clay, singing songs he knows and loves.
He was relaxed and; for the first time, I could feel him inside the magic bubble that he always creates. It's difficult to describe; but this was definitely Clay unmasked, lost in the songs that were coming from deep within his soul.

I left the venue thinking about his lyrics from "The Real Me" and realized that for me at least, I saw the real Clay. He enriched my life in a way that I'll never forget.

Scarlett, currently en route to Knoxville to locate an inverter and upload Atlanta clack before the next concert, summed up the evening with one line:
How does perfection get better and better every time?

Clay sings signature version of "Unchained Melody."
View Houston video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

Knoxville Media Promotes Concert

The Tennessee media has featured two interviews promoting tonight's concert in the Bijou Theatre located in historical downtown Knoxville.

Built in 1909 as an addition to the Lamar House Hotel, the theater has, at various times in its history, served as a venue for live performances of both traditional theatre and vaudeville

For tonight's Tried & True Concert, the doors open at 7, and the show starts at 8 p.m. ET. Here are links to the Knoxville interviews:
Clay Aiken keeps his feet on the ground long after American Idol from

Clay Aiken shoots true with an album drawn from the classics from
The Daily Times.

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation! See you after the Knoxville Concert!



Cindy said...

Loving all the recaps and links for the TnT tour, Caro. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

I've been twice (in Florida) and have my third and final Clay Aiken Experience this weekend in Cleveland. I can't wait, and yet I also don't want it to be over. He has never sounded better!

katy said...

Thanks for the beautiful blog and information about the Atlanta concert. Clay's voice continues to soar so beautifully. It just gets better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great blog. I went to the Orlando Show and it was so great, I would love to go again. I also loved the video from Houston of him singing UM. Very beautiful. He always gets better than the last time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Love the re-caps, comment's, video's, photo's, and the articals written about OMC......just wish I were attending one on Clay's concerts. However, I must say, your blogs are the next best thing.........and I THANK YOU so much Caro and all the clack gathers.

Have a great weekend.


ImGranny said...

Thank you so much for another great blog. Between your blog, CANN, the montage makers, picture takers, video takers, those on this end that put them in the vault for us, cell certers at the concert and those on this end streaming it to us - we are spoiled!!!!!!!!!! Thank you - all of you. I'm sure I've forgotten to list some because there are so many that provide us with goodies all the time. If I have forgotten to list anyone, I'm sorry because ALL of you are appreciated! Clay Aiken sure does have some great fans!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a guy, yah know he remembers ALL his fans and that is what makes him SPECIAL!!!!! He cares and makes it easy for Us to care about him! U sing ,Clay!! Can not thank ppl enough and Clay, to have clack for ppl that are unable to join the fun!! D. in Wi.

Jannet said...

You work WAY too hard Caro! But we love you for it! Ok, I gotta admit, though I completely hate this genre I was completely entranced by Scarlett's UM video. But still, I just wanna attack that zit, ya know? And I'm sure he's wanted to attack it really badly in the past week or so, but has thankfully resisted, because that would make it a lot worse of course. And I just love that about him, knowing that we'll be cool with it. I mean, he knows the Clackgoddesses have their videocams directed on him in high def focus.

But anyway... Wonderful blog Caro! Can't wait till Ft. Wayne. (I wonder if it'll be gone by then...) lol

Sorry... haha... still can't help but love him!

claysweetea said...

Thanks for all this great blog including the videos, recaps, comments, etc!