Monday, February 28, 2011

Clay Aiken & Co. Present Versatile Show in PA

Expandable photo by farouche from Sunday's Tried & True Concert.

Glenside Tried & True Concert

Show Spotlights Vocals, Humor

The versatility of Clay Aiken and his back-up musicians was on sparkling display at the Glenside, PA, Tried & True Concert in the Keswick Theatre Sunday night.

Magnificent vocals from the powerful to the delicately etched, the singer's humor and quick wit shared more each performance with the similar good temperament of his musicians, and a "stump the band" segment that retains a near-perfect score for the tour were all part of another entertaining show along the T&T trail.

The talented musicians accompanying Clay on the 22-city tour include Quiana Parler, vocalist; Ben Cohn, keyboards/arranger; Adam Fallen, guitar; Del Atkins, bass; and Felix Pollard, drums.

Since I have young musicians anticipating afternoon lessons, this blog will no doubt be of the progressive variety; so check back. Below are glimpses of Sunday night's performance from fan recaps, photos, and videos.

C finger: This evening was just splendid. Clay is a superstar. My husband commented on how easy and relaxed he is on stage; how quick witted he is, how beautifully he sings,; how wonderful the arrangements are; how talented Quiana is.
A woman, probably in her 80s, sat behind us; and we had a conversation with her. I don't know if she is a NJU or relative of a fan, but she was a lovely, delightful woman.

As Clay was singing I heard her say to the person she was with, "Oh, this takes me back to my youth." Then when he would start a song she was familiar with she would sigh or say "ohhhh" or gasp. She had a great time.

Clay said at one point that he was losing his voice and had a couple of problems. But he sang through it, around it and was as always, my absolutely favorite Singer Man. No one like him!

The photo interlude below contains four expandable pictures by farouche surrounding a graphic by cameocat.

casso: What an overly super-talented, a growl in the voice, caring and loving man we are following! His change up with emotions from one song or banter to another are truly outstanding.

Met two NJU men at the ticket window who won tickets for another show and asked if they had ever been to a Clay concert and they said this was their first. They said they LOVE his music and will be attending more.

I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE once again thanks to Clay and Company!

WSN Segment Yields Variety in PA

Among the genres covered in the Glenside 'Who's Sorry Now' segment were yodeling, Argentine tango, and scat singing.

The videos by farouche, canfly172, and jars9203 below also include band intros, torn pants/clack banter, and the songs 'In My Life' and 'Both Sides Now.'

'Whose Sorry Now' Tango, Scat Segments
View video by farouche full screen at YouTube.

'Who's Sorry Now' request medley, pants banter.
View video by canfly172 full screen at YouTube.

Clack banter with Scarlett and 'In My Life.'
Video by canfly172 can be viewed full screen at YouTube.

Clay performs 'Both Sides Now' in Glenside.
Video by jars9203 can be viewed full screen at YouTube.

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation! The remaining tour schedule was printed in the previous Carolina entry. See you in Cincinnati Tuesday!



Hope said...

Thanks so much for the pics, links and recaps. Can't wait for 'my' Minneapolis concert. Farouche's pics are Wonderful. So reminiscent of 'early Clay.'

And as always, Kudos to the video Clackers; there's just no stopping them. *g*

Anonymous said...

Thanks Clay U sing and we will enjoy the clack and thank U for that!! U r very nice to allow it and we appreciate yah very much....Caro,love the blog, u too never let me down, lot like Clay! D. in Wi.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the videos and recaps of the concerts. Clay always puts on the most entertaining shows.

I can only attend one show this time but would love to go to them all.


katy said...

I so love the recaps and the comments by nju's. Clay is gaining more fans with this tour. We'll add them one by one!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't been around for a few days as I developed Bronchitis and it has taken everything that I have out of me. Stopping in long enough to goo and gah at the wonderful pictures and videos. Hard to believe the concert is winding down in just 12 more days!

Thanks Caro!


claysweetea said...

Thank you for all the recaps and visuals from this concert! Clay is so much the all-around entertainer!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Clay is gracious enough to allow the fans to tape his shows. I think it's a rare thing. I loved the banter with Scarlet, just too, too funny.

I hope I don't have to worry about Clay losing his voice for the Friday night show. It's finally my turn to hear him.

Thanks for all this enjoyment, Caro. Love coming to your blog. Lois

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

All I can say is THANK YOU.....YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

I'm still sad I missed Glenside, but thanks to you and Scarlett, I was almost there.

Enjoy the rest of the week.