Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Groundhog Predicts Mild Temps for Clay Aiken Tour

T&T SAMPLER - This PBS concert promo provides an excellent sampler of the romantic classics Clay Aiken will sing on the Tried & True Tour. View full screen at YouTube.

For Spring-Like Tried & True Tour

Fans Praise Phil's Prognostication

With much of the US in the throes of a massive winter storm, Punxsutawney Phil provided a weather prediction that pleases Clay Aiken fans preparing to hit the road for the singer's Tried & True Winter Tour.

For 125 years, this country has taken note of a certain groundhog's early morning activities in Punxsutawney, PA. If Phil sees his shadow on Feb. 2, then (some believe) the forecast is for six more weeks of winter weather. If he doesn't, then spring temperatures are just two weeks away.

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow. However, according to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), the weather-prognosticating rodent is correct only 40 percent of the time. To read more about the Groundhog Day tradition, see the National Geographic News.

Prognosticating Phil on Groundhog Day.

T&T Tour Begins in Sunny Florida

The much anticipated 22-city Tried & True Tour is just single digits away from its opening curtain in Miami, Fl, on Feb. 10. With the first three dates in the Sunshine State, the tour is sure to start in spring-like weather. And, if this is a good year for ole Phil, there's also hope for the remainder of the tour.

A special surprise is planned for the Valentine's Day Concert in Houston's Jones Hall. For the T&T tour schedule, see Krule Music's Front Stage article by George Lurker. Dates, locations, and times are printed in the Jan. 11 Carolina blog entry.

In addition to Tried & True tracks in which Clay gives classics a new feel, the singer plans to incorporate favorites from previous albums, as well as the entertaining banter tour audiences enjoy so much.

Borrowing from a reader comment below, concert goers are hoping for mild temps outside; but inside they are sure to be "sizzlin' hot"!

Below are expandable screen caps by Scarlett from the PBS concert special Clay Aiken: Tried & True ~ LIVE!

2011 Calendar Nets $965.62

In her blog, Together for Inclusion, Rosaratana this week posted a final statement for the annual Clay Aiken calendar fundraiser. Featured in the calendar are Timeless Tour concert photos by toni7babe.

During the calendar drive, 147 wall and desk models were sold and 30 were donated for charity auctions at the October Gala. Less printing expenses, a check for $965.62 was mailed to the Inclusion Project on Tuesday.

Got your bags packed? Here is a video of Clay performing my favorite, his signature version of "Unchained Melody," in an appearance on The View.

View 'Unchained Melody' performance full screen at YouTube.

If the videos buffer, that's because fans are apparently camped out at YouTube enjoying a winter storm "snow day."

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!



Jannet said...

Mild temps outside... sizzlin' hot inside. Did I get that about right?

thanks Caro!

katy said...

Excellent! I wonder if Phil the Groundhog is attending any T&T concerts??

Anonymous said...

It better be mild temps on 3/2 Because I'm sick of this weather I'm in. I will see snow 4 days next week

Deborah Brand said...

I'm the Anonymous My password will not work on here. But will on my blog. I hope for 30's for the temps in Fort Wayne, IN for the concert.


Carolina Clay said...


I hope Phil the Groundhog is paying attention to your comments!

Jannet, I just may have to borrow your "sizzlin' hot inside" prediction for the blog.

Katy, I sure hope this little guy is right this year so "he" and everyone else can enjoy the concerts.

Deborah, your name probably registered when you checked Google account for the reply. I think you should aim for temps higher than the 30's in Fort Wayne though. *g*

Have an awesome week, all. Thnx for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Oh I hope Phil the Groundhog is right. I live in Florida, so I will have no problem getting to the Hard Rock in (gasp)9 days..but, I hope the weather is better in all area's so everyone can be there. So excited!

Just watched both video's. Thanks! I love UM...Clay sings it the best.

Anonymous said...

Caro, love the info and hope that ground hog is correct. Love the pics and all the videos,helped me relax from shoveling...enough~ snow for awhile~ a long while!! Thanks, D. from snowy Wi.

kta said...

So can't wait to see Clay in Dallas. EEE!!! :)

MissSally said...

Scarlett's screen caps are the best I've even seen...keep 'em coming!

On this rainy, windy, freezing February morning, I sure hope Punxsutawney Phil got 2011's prediction right.

Thanks, Caro, for this beautiful blog.

Carolina Clay said...

All the best with that shoveling, Donna. It's a good thing Clay's tour bus is not in Dallas this week, kta.

I'm glad to see there are other UM faithful present, Anonymous.

I will tell Scarlett her screen caps are appreciated, Sally.

Have a great week, all!


Sandy said...

Good thing the tour starts in Florida as it appears to be one of the only states not affected by this weather pattern! Wonder what the temps are going to be for SuperBowl Sunday!
It's going to be a great week next week!! Looking forward to reading all the recaps!

Sandy has a snow day tomorrow...WOO HOO! I had to make my own though...LOL!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I love Jannet's comment..."Mild temps outside...sizzlin' hot inside." lol

I'm a winter person, but I must say I am tired of all this snow, ice, rain and gloomy weather. Looking forward to all the great T & T recaps. woo hoo!! Sure hope Phil the groundhog is correct.

As always Caro......I love ALL your blog.

Keep Warm