Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clay Aiken T&T Concerts Continue 'One Up' Trend

Clay Aiken banters with Pittsburgh Tried & True audience.
Photo by cameocat is expandable.

Tried & True Shows

Pitt Audience Proclaims 'Best Yet'

According to concert goers, Clay Aiken's Tried & True Tour shows keep topping or one-upping themselves, as Pittsburgh fans were quick to report that Friday night's show was the "best yet."

The 22-city T&T Tour heads to Cleveland for tonight's 7:30 pm concert at PlayhouseSquare and Sunday to Waterbury, CT, for a 7:30 pm show at the Palace Theater.

In Pittsburgh, "Who's Sorry Now" was treated to not-to-be-missed do wop, mambo, and polka arrangements by Clay, Quiana Parler, and the rockin' backup musicians.

Link to the WPIX website to view a 27-photo slide show from the Pittsburgh show.

Clay Surprises with 'Both Sides Now'

"Both Sides Now," a fan favorite since Clay performed the song at the National Inclusion Project's October Gala, was the surprise closer and can be viewed in this entry.

Featured below are four videos by Scarlett and Canfly. This
Google Doc link will allow you to view and/or download all of Scarlett's videos from the Pittsburgh show.

In a microcosm of Friday's show, here are videos of "Mack the Knife," the "Crying" duet by Clay and Quiana, the singer's signature version of "Unchained Melody" arranged by Ben Cohn, band intros plus the beautiful "Both Sides Now" closing number.

Note the iPad charts being used by Ben Cohn, keyboards/arranger/conductor; guitarist Adam Fallen; Del Atkins, bass; and Felix Pollard on drums! As Clay remarked, very "21st century"!

Clay swings 'Mack the Knife' at the Pittsburgh Show.
View video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

Clay and Quiana in amazing 'Crying' duet.
View video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

Clay's signature 'Unchained Melody' (arr. Cohn).
Link to YouTube to view video by Scarlett full screen.

Clay introduces backup vocalist, instrumentalists.
View video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

Singer closes Pittsburgh show with 'Both Sides Now.'
Link to YouTube to view video by Canfly.
Download with this Megaupload file.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation! Check back after Cleveland ...



katy said...

This is superb Clack we're getting. Love ALL the pics & video. He's very photogenic, for sure.

Jannet said...

Both Sides Now is one of the most beautiful songs I think he's ever sung. Definitely a recording that needs to be considered. Thanks Caro!

Anonymous said...

This is turning out to be one of Clay's best tours ever.

MissSally said...

Beautiful music from a beautiful man!

Thanks, Caro.

Super said...

I love his outfit. He looks amazing with a sweater and shirt and tie. Oh my what a guy! Thank you for sharing the video with us especially for me becuase I won't get to see him on tour this really makes it special. Thank you!
You're the best Carolina Clay. You're always on my mind and I appreciate the time and effort for your amazing blogs.

Love Rosa

anaturegirl said...

As usual, the Clack is fantastic! Clay is so generous to allow the cellcerts and Clack gathering each tour. My guess is Clay's performances are the most documented in the industry at the present. Not only does Clay rock, but the fandom does, too.

Love Clay and Quiana singing Crying. And I love her solos, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank U! Thank U ! ppl that give Us clack and for Clay allowing ALL of Us to enjoy his wonderful tours!!!!!!!!
Love the blog, Caro, nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness "Both Sides Now"
is absolutly AWESOME!!!!

I love Clay and Quiana singing together, they are always so comfortable singing together.

I can not believe I am missing this concert....what would I ever do without you and all the clack gathers??? You are all THE BEST!!!

Off to the Link to the WPIX website.

Have a Wonderful Sunday Caro.

Big Hugs,

T said...

Wow Caro! Just WOW! All the videos are superb. Thanks so much to Scarlett for the clack. That's what's good because even if we don't get the chance to watch the concerts, we know that you're there to bring us the highlights. Many thanks to you!

Both sides now is so beautiful! I love Clay singing this song.

Appreciation for the many wonderful highlights in your blogs that's so exciting.

Have a great week.


Sandy said...

Awesome videos! The Clack just keeps on getting better and better! His voice is just so tender and sometimes hauntingly beautiful!

Thanks Caro!


Anonymous said...

thanks for all this---FANTASTIC

Patricia said...

Loved Pittsburgh. I was 4th row. Concert was fantastic. Loved the way they changed the music. Loved the duet. I loved everything. Fan from the start. Clay and Quiana are perfect together. Loved "Both Sides Now" what a beautiful song for a beautiful voice. A perfect match.