Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clay Aiken Vocals, Humor Shine in Greenville Show

Clay Aiken's vocals impressive in Greenville Tried & True Concert.
Click to expand photo by Brightstar.

One for the Books!

Greenville Concert Thrills Crowd

Clay Aiken's Tried & True tour concert at Greenville's Peace Center Thursday was another evening of unbelievable vocals and unhinged humor as the singer and his backup musicians put on a show that may just be one for the books.

The evening was adeptly summarized by always and forever in two brief sentences: Clay's voice has never been better, and his banter was priceless. He is simply and wonderfully THE BEST!

Like fans, Amy Clarke, reviewer from The Greenville News online, gave Clay & Co. props in her critique:
Aiken Gives Classics Their Due.
There are few souls in this wide world who can pull off Joni Mitchell and the Righteous Brothers back-to-back. Clay Aiken proved he was one of them Thursday night at the Peace Center.

Thanks to Aiken’s respectful and yet personal treatment of long-cherished songs, including the finale featuring The Beatles’ "In My Life," no one left the show without humming a new favorite old song. [snip]

As a nod to the fans who have followed his pop career for years, he also offered a slightly odd medley of some of his better-known songs, including "Measure of a Man" and "Invisible," arranged to sound more like the jazzy classics of the rest of the show.

But it was those classics, like Andy Williams’ "Love Story," Johnny Mathis’ "Misty" and the aforementioned "Both Sides Now" and "Unchained Melody" that allowed Aiken to really shine, showing off his range and impressive vocal power, much to the audience’s delight and amazement.

Clay sings signature version of 'Unchained Melody.'
View video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

Fans Rewind Fun-Filled Concert

Fan reports make one want to rewind the clock and join them for a replay of the Peace Center concert. Interspersed between the recaps are videos and photos from the Greenville show.

Brightstar: This was the funniest concert I've attended this tour. Clay was so animated and funny and beautiful. Quiana absolutely outdid herself -- sang fabulously and was sooooo funny.
Someone mentioned tonight how quiet and almost shy she used to be, and now she is a wonderful comedic partner for Clay. At times, she even plays the main comedic role and Clay plays the "straight man."

No matter how many times I hear Clay, I still marvel at the beauty, richness, and power of his voice, and the ease with which he goes from power ballad to tender, gentle melodies, from belting to caressing a song with tender nuance. Such talent and skill is rare indeed.

The interaction with Scarlett was hilarious, and the fact that most of us knew her seemed to blow his mind. We are quite the fandom, aren't we?

Clay 'hires' Scarlett, chats with cellcert recipient.
View video full screen at YouTube.

Longtime members of "the cult" will remember the singer's August 2007 encounter with Scarlett's camera during the Soft Rock Hard Place Fort Myers Concert when the singer took his own clack.

Newcomers can review the special SRHP tour moment that has become part of CA fandom lore in a YouTube video and in this blog.

: If you haven't seen the clack of the audience "outing" Scarlett, it is one of those priceless moments in the fandom. Clay called her out, then said, "Maybe we should just hire her to take all the videos." We responded with a resounding "yes!"
Then he asked, "Do you know her?" Again a "yes!" And again after banter with her, he asked us, "What's her name?" We all answered, "Scarlett!" His response was again priceless, as you will see.

His voice was stellar; he looked as if he was enjoying everything he sang and the banter. He and Quiana nailed each one to the max. I am loving Quiana more and more; it's like watching Laurel and Hardy up there!

The expandable photos below are by Brightstar, 1, 3; KarenEh, 2, 4; and Claythleena, 5.

luckiest1: Seeing "Crying" and "Unchained Melody" from the 5th row was amazing. And then no curtain; he just grabbed the stool and started into "Both Sides Now" (which was gorgeous, beautiful change ups).
Then the phone and camera banter which was freaking hysterical! I hope Scarlett isn't too mad at everyone for outing her to him. LOL, it was quite the thing.

And poor Lisa on the phone didn't know she was being broadcast to the whole theatre.

Clay & Co. perform 'Whose Sorry Now' Celtic style.
View video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

"Who's Sorry Now" was performed in four audience-suggested genres -- blues, Sousa march, "funkadelic," and the Celtic shown above. The auto-tune segment featured Clay "singing" Justin Bieber's "Baby."

terter4aiken: What a great show in Greenville! Clay was a riot with his lucky charms and singing Justin Bieber's "Baby"!
There were quite a few people waiting at the bus and we were rewarded very handsomely for our good behavior and patience.

He came out in jeans and the white Rutgers hoodie with his hair all tousled. He gave us all a quick "thanks for coming out guys" and a nice warm handshake.

Sceen cap of Quiana Parler links to the 'Crying' duet with Clay.

There are many excellent videos from the Greenville T&T Concert at YouTube. You can view Scarlett's clips at the Wowzers4Clay Channel.

This weekend's Tried & True tour concerts are slated for Westbury, NY, 8 pm Saturday, NYCB Theatre at Westbury, and Glenside, PA, 7:30 pm Sunday, Keswick Theatre.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you after Westbury!



Anonymous said...

Oh My what awesome clack Scarlette gets.....I love the "interaction with Scarlett." Too, too funny! I can not believe I am missing Glenside, sniff, sniff!!!!!

ALL the photos of Clay are WONDERFUL!! Thank goodness for all the Clay Fans and especially YOY Caro! Please thank Scarlett for me.

Have a great day.....till later.

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Clay is such a joy and him with Scarlett ,our clack Godess! I love her and I wish I knew her better.thanks girl!!..but anyway, Q and Clay are great. Hope they keep being singers and wowing Us !! Wi.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit after watching these video' looked like the Greenville, S.C. show was indeed a grand one. I think Clay and Quiana were destined to sing together. I think Crying was one of the most beautiful ones of them all. Have to laugh at the Scarlett banter and how surprised he was that they all knew her by name. Could not stop laughing on Clay's Celtic WSN. What an accent. Clay is just so adorable and one of a kind.

Lisa said...

Scarlett truly gets the best Clack out there! I would love for Clay to actually hire her. :-) She'd take great video of all his shows, like she already does.

This looked like a terrific show and I wish I could have been there!! I will be in Cincinnati on Tuesday though! Can't wait. :) Thanks so much for all of the blogs Caro!


always and forever said...

The Greenville show was so much fun!! Thanks for using 'my' recap. It's true - he IS the best!!

T said...

Marvelous blog! Scarlett is the best and I've enjoyed the interaction with Clay. That was awesome. Scarlett has definitely brought us a lot of clack and we are very thankful.

The photos that I've seen in your blog are beautiful. It brings a smile.

Thanks Caro for all the fantastic blogs that you do. We couldn't ask for anything more. Cheers!

Enjoy the coming week and take care.


Sandy said...

Loved the video about the clack gatherers and in particular where he calls out on Scarlett! This was priceless!
Thank goodness Clay is so great about it!
Looking forward to seeing your report on Westbury!


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! Thanks, caro!