Monday, February 14, 2011

Fans Recall Clay Aiken-Jimmy Kimmel Valentine Tradition

VALENTINES OF NOTE - Previous Clay Aiken-Jimmy Kimmel Valentine's Night shows have become rewind favorites among the singer's fans. His second mainstream album, A Thousand Different Ways, seems the perfect accompaniment. Clickable graphic by A Beautiful Mind, photos by Scrpkym.

'Valentine's Day Is Clay Aiken Day'

Aiken-Kimmel in Classic Rewind

February 14 traditions centuries old continue throughout the world, but none closer to the hearts of Clay Aiken fans than the Valentine Nights the singer appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.

Valentine's Night 2011 is destined to provide new traditions as Clay & Co. present a special Tried & True Concert in Houston's Jones Hall at 7:30 p.m. this evening.

But back to the 2010 Kimmel-Aiken rewind of Valentines past. For the most part, this blog is a reprint of the Feb. 14, 2010 entry. In the host's words, "Valentine's Day is Clay Aiken Day."

Clay and Jimmy celebrated Valentine's 2005 together, and the CA fandom literally took charge of the stage decor, sending flowers, stuffed animals, balloons in the shape of hearts, and enough pizza for the crew and half the audience.

Valentines encompass 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' set.

At the heart of the "Climmel" happenings is a special friendship, complimented by a unique chemistry that has developed through the years. In 2008, Clay was performing in Spamalot on Broadway; and in 2009, he was on vacation. With Singer Man putting final touches on an upcoming PBS Special, this Valentine's Day isn't looking very promising.

The Aiken-Kimmel reunion on Feb. 14, 2007, was a classic and worthy of a rewind. Grab your popcorn; it's almost time for Clay's introduction ...
In addition to being a multi-platinum recording artist, the author of a New York Times bestseller, and tireless UNICEF ambassador, our first guest has been my Valentine for two out of the last three years running. Please welcome Clay Aiken!

Clay Arrives Bearing Gifts

As with past appearances, pandemonium greeted Clay as he entered bearing gifts -- a giant heart of red balloons, the Clay face shirt for his host, and special "Aiken 4 Kimmel" M&Ms. Jimmy immediately whipped off his jacket and put on his new shirt.

The two friends chatted about Clay's break, his upcoming UNICEF trip, his "enthusiastic" fans" ("Do you realize you command a larger army than Fidel Castro?"), some recent dental work ("I heard that you got a visit from the tooth fairy yesterday and had some work done on your teeth"), and what not.

Jimmy's hint that Clay had promised to compose a special Valentine's Day song was met with comical and totally convincing bafflement. As a pianist quietly started playing an intro offstage, Clay relented, "Well, I can make one up."

Valentine Song Lyrics

Mischievously eying the bowl of candy beside him, Clay began picking up pastel-colored hearts, improvising a song with the Valentines and tossing them over his shoulder after their usefulness. Miraculously, a microphone appeared; and the improvisational flavor of the song and skit progressed:Here's to a very special 2011 Valentine's Day start to finish, Clay Nation!
Love me ... true love,
Fax me ... got love,
You're so sweet ... yours forever,
You're so sweet ...
I've got Stage 2 diabetes; that's not going to work!
(singing again) Angel ... dear one. (chuckles)
You're a tiger ... you're mine, Jimmy!!!

Back on the message boards came reports that, during commercial breaks, Clay picked up the bowl of candy and passed out sweets to audience members. Definitely a Valentine's Night to remember ... again and again!

Yollie950 incorporated these events into her montage Valentine's Day with Aiken & Bacon.

Valentine's Day with Aiken & Bacon
Montage by Yollie950

Throughout the many Valentines fans have shared with Clay, graphic artists have provided special visual treats. In this artistic 2/14 rewind are clickable designs by Sally, 1; A Beautiful Mind, photos by KarenEh, 2; cindilu2, 3; AmazingCA, photos by Katy4Clay, 4; and A Beautiful Mind, 5.

The most recent Aiken-Kimmel Valentine get-together was featured in the annual My Favorite Things montage by SmartyPantsSuz.

Other events highlighted in the 2007 MFT montage were the Mike and Juliet Show, Clay's UNICEF trip to Afghanistan, another JKL appearance, summer and holiday tours, and his $300,000 win for the National Inclusion Project on Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.

My Favorite Things 2007 by SmartyPantsSuz
JKL grid links to MFT montage on YouTube.

It's fun to look back. Here's to a very special Valentine's Day 2011 and a wonderful concert in Houston!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ! Clay is making it special again and that is wonderful!!!!!!!! U go Clay Aiken!! D. in Wi.

Sandy said...

Happy Valentines Day Caro!

This blog about Clay and Kimmel sure bring back a lot of great memories. I'll never forget the first time he appeared and flowers after flowers and gifts of all kinds flowed into Kimmel's studio that day!

Looking at the pictures that were taken by our Clack goddesses, it's official in my books - they are so much better than any official photographers pictures! In other words, picture perfect!

Have a wonderful day!


MissSally said...

The Valentine's candy song was brilliant and still makes me laugh.

Happy Valentine's Day !

jbc4clay said...

Happy Valentines Day, Caro!
I love the Clay and Jimmy Kimmel Valentine Day shows. They both are so great together. Seems like that just fed off of each other.
I still enjoy watching the Valentine
Candy song.

T said...

Happy Valentine's Day Caro! Another beautiful and memorable Valentine's blog. You always bring such joy in every blog you do.

Love the graphics and videos you included. It brought so much beautiful memories.

Have a nice ♥ day!


CCOL4HIM said...

Excellent Valentine's Day post! Happy Valentine's Day! Take care
& God bless. Love always, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

why is he not on Jimmy Kimmel anymore?

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Hope your Valentine's Day was good.

I miss Clay on Jimmy Kimmel on Valentine's Day........and I love reliving the memories of "The Valentine's candy song." So much fun.

I know Clay made lots of Fans have a great day last night at the concert....wish I were there.