Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clay Aiken Tour Scores New Highs in Cleveland

Where do I begin? ... Theme from Love Story.
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Tried & True Troupe Thrills

Cleveland Concert Raises the Bar

Tried & True audiences thought Clay Aiken & Co. reached the pinnacle with the Pittsburgh performance, but Cleveland reports from Saturday's show prove this concert tour just keeps getting better each night.

From the famous "Invisible" shirt tug dating back to the American Idol 2 Tour to exquisite vocals by Clay and his singing partner, Quiana Parler, to the varied "stump the band" stylings for "Who's Sorry Now" (Bhangra, Latin, and opera in Cleveland), the talented musicians are presenting an entertaining show at every stop.

Instrumentalists include Ben Cohn, conductor/arranger/keyboards; Adam Fallen, guitar; Del Atkins, bass; and Felix Pollard, drums.

Concert Recaps Fill in Blanks

Like countless fans connected to the concert via Cyberspace, I was on the receiving end of a cellcert Saturday night. Separated by expandable photos by cindilu2, these recaps from fans in the Palace Theatre house help replay the Cleveland concert.

cindilu2: Fantastic concert. By far the best of my three. "Unchained" was beyond amazing. Best I've heard him sing it since Raleigh. "Both Sides Now" was a special treat, and "In My Life" was simply sublime.

Hobbes: My favorites were "Unchained Melody," "Build Me Up Buttercup", "Mack The Knife", and "Love Story"; but the opera was my favorite moment of the evening. It was amazing. The Indian (Bhangra) version was great, too, with Quiana taking on most of it. Clay was laughing too hard at her dancing to add much.
When Clay was talking about the band members he said that Felix and his wife had an anniversary coming up on Feb. 28. Felix had told him that he and his wife had danced their first dance to "Something About Us," so he is going to have them dance to the song on stage that night.

When he did his bit jokingly complaining about cellcerters, he asked a woman who she was talking to and where she was. The certer was from Peru and the person receiving the cert (Mindy) was in Kansas. He asked if she could fly in all the way from Peru, why couldn’t Mindy show up from Kansas. Very cute!

Beagle3: The concert was awesome. There were a lot of men, the most I've ever seen at a Clay Aiken concert; and it was nice to see. This was the first of my five concerts, and I can't wait to see it again in Cincinnati.
Eight of us are in our suite reliving the concert. Unfortunately, there's a huge fraternity convention in the hotel this weekend, which does not bode well for sleeping. I think we'll be up most of the night.

all4luv: I loved the colors of the lighting they used as a backdrop for the stage. The blues were especially beautiful.
I have not seen "Solitaire" in this concert series yet as my two shows so far have been last night and tonight. I can say that "Both Sides Now" is a masterpiece, and I would not give up him performing that song for any other!

Cyn: In our Meet & Greet, Clay was asked about his choice of opening songs, "Love Story." He said the song was supposed to be on the TNT CD, but it didn’t make the final cut. He really loves the song and decided the lyrics ("Where do I begin ...?") would be a great way to start the concert.

Featured videos by Scarlett include "Who's Sorry Now," Quiana's solo ("Cry Me a River"), "Suspcious Minds," "Unchained Melody," and "Both Sides Now." To save video/audio files, see Cleveland Clack.

'Who's Sorry Now' in three genres.
See Cleveland video full screen at YouTube.

Quiana sings 'Cry Me a River.'
Link to YouTube to view Cleveland video full screen.

Clay & Co. sing 'Suspicious Minds' in Cleveland.
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Clay's signature 'Unchained Melody' closes concert.
View Cleveland video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

Cleveland encore features 'Both Sides Now.'
View video by Scarlett full screen at YouTube.

Postscripts to Scarlett's videos are her one-sentence summary of the Cleveland concert and a clickable screen cap from the show:
It's always been wonderful, but last night was way beyond that.

Click to expand Cleveland screen cap by Scarlett.

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation! Catch you after Connecticut ...



Cindy said...

Wheeee!!! My first post-worthy photos and they made your blog. Go me!!!

LOL!! Awesome recaps, Caro. Scarlett's vids are to die for. A seriously great concert. Clay was in the zone and he went for it all. Got it, too. He sure didn't leave anything on the stage in Cleveland. Gah!

Sandy said...

Another awesome concert! I loved the story about the cellcert. In typical Clay Aiken fashion, he never misses a beat with his quick wit! How can you not love him!

We have a day off tomorrow as well and like you, I am so very grateful! Another day of rest to catch up on all the concert recaps and soak up Clay's beauty on the

Have an awesome day off!


jbc4clay said...

Oh, Fun!Fun! Fun!
Thanks for the videos and the photos!

Love the play by play as well!! ;)

katy said...

It's great that so many fans and nju's are having such positive reactions to Clay's show. I keep hearing, "it's just getting better!"

Anonymous said...

Love it ,just love it!!!Clay keep singing! :)

Thanks Caro.

T said...

Wow Caro! That "Love Story" rendition of Clay was awesome. Beautiful! Couldn't be happier seeing all the other videos and the photos of Cindy -- that brought a smile. So happy to see her photos.

Thanks so much for bringing another superb blog.

Have a wonderful week.


ImGranny said...

Thank you for all the great reports, videos and pictures! Just when I think Clay Aiken can't get any better than he already is, he puts on an even better show! He's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro. Wonderful recap for the concert. I loved hearing Both Sides Now and the Opera rendition of Whos Sorry Now. Hee that was funny.

Great photo's by CindyLu2 also. He looks yummy. :) And I love Scarletts video's also. Thank you for sharing them with us all.

((HUGS)) Kathy/Aspiegirl

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Caro,

Hope you have a Great day off!!! Try and get some rest!!

I just LOVE your blogs and all the recaps. Scarlett's videos are wonderful! The Opera rendition of Whos Sorry Now...too funny.

Big Hugs,

MissSally said...

Scarlett's videos are exquisite...truly amazing.

And now Cindy, the gifted graphic artist, is adding photography to her skill set.

It's such a delight to watch so many talented individuals artistry progress and blossom.

Just another benefit as Clay continues to fill our hearts with his astonishing voice.

Anonymous said...

You keep me so busy watching all the videos, I never get time to do much else on the computer. This is a very exciting time for all of us. I loved clay singing opera....he can do anything, can't he.

Thanks for keeping us up on it all. Lois

Anonymous said...

This was a PHENOMENAL SHOW!!!!! Hearing Mack The Knife LIVE IN PERSON was AWESOME!!!!!!! THE NOTE WAS GREAT! The whole concert was AWESOME! I hope to see Clay in Cleveland again soon!!!!

pansykat said...

I wasnot able to see Clay in concert this time, so sad, but am enjoying the videos so so much. I used to go see him all the time with my daughter who had cancer, and she passed away last year, so she was my Clay buddy. We just loved going to see him and staying over in hotels, eating out etc. I missher so much, but seeing Clay in these videos is priceless Love him and you for doing this for people like me. Thank you so much

Cindy said...

Hey Caro, Do you know if there are any download links for Scarlett's Cleveland vid? WDIB in particular. I have an NJU who is in lurve with it and I want to send her a HQ version for her computer, stat!